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By | September 1, 2019

Backlink tools are crucial for your marketing
campaign and website promotion. Are you still doing all these tasks manually? Hey, good day folks, I’m André Givogue,
your friendly host here for CareerFH! Backlinks are one of the most important “off
page” search engine optimization factors measured by the search engine. In order to be at the
top of the search engines nowadays you must have high quality PR Ranked pages that points
back to your site. Essentially that works like a “third party
approval” or someone else vouching for your site. It’s like a catch 22, you need traffic,
visitors and other website owners to point to your site in order to rank high in the
search engines but you need to rank high in the search engines in order to get lots of
traffic, visitors and other website owners to point to your website. So before we get lots of visitors and other
website owners pointing back to our site naturally, we have to manually engineer authority on
the internet. The way we can achieve that is to: Post on to social sites
Post on social networks Post on social bookmarks
Create web 2.0 profiles, write and post a new unique article with a link that goes back
to our own website. Create forum profiles and engage in conversations
Send out a press release to press release sites
Create other Worpress blogs, again writing unique articles and linking them to your site
Participate in Wiki sites Create PDF documents and make them available
for other people to download Participate in Google Places
Create videos about your content and put your website in your description
Create podcast and publish audio content Submit articles in article directories with
your website in the author link box Submit your site to directories
Create your RSS Feed Ping your site By doing these techniques, you will get the
“link juice” from those high PR Ranked pages point back to you. Again in all those techniques
above, you’ll want to create new accounts with new e-mail addresses and sprinkle your
website link in the new content you’ve created. This part is the most boring, long tedious
and just sucks your time away. Yet it’s so important and crucial in your backlink strategy. Note of caution stay away from software that
wants you to install a script on your website to automate the backlink process by creating
directories on your site. This is a technique that used to work around 2005 but it’s been
abused and now the search engine will penalize you for doing something like that. It’s considered
“spam” in their eyes. Ok so what if you’re super busy and just don’t
have time to do all that? Well, again, I’ve got some pretty awesome news for you my friend.
You see, everything I just explained to you is how an amateur would go about it. They’d
read that backlinks are important, they’d figure out they have to do that and off they
go for hours upon hours of work. For us professionals, we automate that whole
process with tools that can actually do all that tedious work for us. Now there are all
kinds of tools available out there and based on experience and additional research they
all vary in services they give you. So without further due, here’s a review of some of the
best tools on the market today. By far, the best of the best in my opinion
is SEnuke XCr. SEnuke offers a 14 days free trial then for their full service the price
is $147 per month and on the low end of their service $67 per month. I personally use the
$147 per month plan as it’s the best bang for your buck. The reason I do internet marketing
and work from home is to leverage my time fully automate the process as much as I can
so I can enjoy time freedom; besides my time is worth more creating valuable informative
videos than creating accounts. SEnuke’s easy to use, user friendly wizards
and clean layout makes the whole process take 30 seconds. Enter your website, your keywords,
the tags, and it’s done. SEnuke combined with Article Builder, writes unique good quality
articles, spins them together, it goes in and creates email accounts, social accounts
and pretty much everything I mentioned above, verifies all the e-mail addresses, automatically
fills out captchas, you know those little box with an image that asks you to confirm
you’re a human being by filling out the words on the images, submit and post your fully
automated written articles everywhere. It truly is peace of mind and set and forget
technology. Their support is awesome and they have an awesome training section if you want
to go in deeper and apply different strategies. They do all that in socket mode which means
it’s all in the background and use less bandwith. If you’re in business, this is the way to
go. Now, if you’re a small business and budget is an issue, I don’t recommend the $67 version,
there are better solutions out there that I will cover so stay tuned. The next one on my list is Magic Submitter.
It’s very similar to Senuke but less automated, there’s a little bit more of work and little
greater learning curve. They offer easy to use click and drop campaign (similar SEnuke).
The price is $67 per month and you can start with a $4.95 first month trial. Remember I
was saying some are a little cheaper money wise, but you have to compensate with more
of your time. This service offers you a way to spin the articles and pretty much all services
and software offers you that however it doesn’t write it from scratch. You have to provide
an article and spin it. They do give you tons of free private label rights articles that
you can use and spin. So you don’t have to write everything articles from scratch but
still requires some times. My 3rd choice would be SERobot. It goes for
$20 per month so if you really are on a tight budget, this still offers an automated way
to create account and spin articles. It’s got good training and clean user interface.
In this one however they don’t give you private label rights articles. No turbo wizard so
a little bit more of a learning curve also. But this would be my third choice for a super
affordable solution. Requires a more time but can definitely get the job done. Here are other SEnuke XCr alternatives and
more solutions available out there. I’m giving you these additional solutions because I encourage
you to do your own research to figure out what’s best for you based on your needs and
available budget. Brute Force SEO EVO fully automated kind of
SENuke, 5 day $1 trial, then $157 per month or $87 per month on the low end. There’s not
a lot of demonstration of the software on the actual site.
Rank Builder $4.95 then $67 per month Ultimate Demon $47 per month or $397 one time
fee, no link with article builder no, little bit of a learning curve, no turbo wizard
Seo Link Robot, $27 per month Sick Submitter, 3 day free trial then 19.99
per month, uses internet explorer browser when doing the work instead of socket, which
takes more bandwith and makes it slower. You have to manually go in and create emails,
then bring back the e-mail to the profile. XRumers – Starts at $290 for their Lite, $650
for their Standard and $900 for their business. All packages you have to pay an extra $10
monthly fee. GSA SER Goes for $99 one time fee. Really
not user friendly, looks like you need to be a programmer, it’s a very powerful software
but looks busy, cluttered and hard to navigate. Way bigger learning curve, doesn’t intergrate
with content builder. Lot’s of set up and I would recommend for more advanced users
and limited to no training included. Scrapebox ($97) Looks like a powerful tool
to harvest information automatically from the internet
Licorne AIO is $150 I really don’t
like their website, it’s very slow, there’s no video tutorials on their site, hard to
navigate Article Marketing Robot is $157 aka AMR for
short, automates account creations but you have to manually click
on verify. There were tons more but lots of them when
out of business. Either they’ve had bad marketing practices, poor support, not enough paid subscribers,
etc. Remember, it’s not because a software is less
money per month that it’s cheaper. You have to consider your time, your effort, your research,
the learning curve and/or if you hire a staff to operate the software and work on that part
of your business meaning that there’s more cost associated to run the less pricey ones
them. If you don’t want to purchase any of the softwares
you can also outsource backlinking on Fiverr. This guy does SEnuke basic campaigns at $5
and the Full Monty v4 template for $25 (this is the recommended one). Finally after you chose the one that’s right
for you then I recommend you get WebFire $99 per month or $500 per year for a lot of additional
ways to get traffic to your site. This should be used as a supplement to the submitters
you’ve just learned about. What about you, how are you doing your current
backlink campaigns and will that change? Share your thoughts and comments down below
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