Backlink Competitor Analysis – How To Build Quality Backlinks

By | August 15, 2019

Competitor backlink analysis is my favourite
link building strategy of all time and I have been using it for the last 10 years with great
success, in fact it’s the only link building strategy that has stood the test of time. The method is built around the fact that the
top 5x ranking sites for any keyword in Google, all have the same thing in common. And that
is that Google loves their backlink profile, that’s largely why they are the top 5 ranking
sites. So with that in mind, we want to find all
of the best backlinks for the top 5 ranking sites and then replicate them for ourselves,
because why waste time and money trying to figure out what works, when there’s already
a proven link building strategy laid out for you. Especially when you can pull it off without
spending any money. The first thing we need to do is get a list of the top #5 ranking
URLs for your target keyword. Just do a Google search and note them down quickly. Then you need to download my free competitor
backlink analysis spreadsheet, which will automatically analyse your competitors link
profile and spit out the best links to replicate first. It will also filter out of all the
spammy links that could hurt you and all of the weak links that aren’t worth your time. Just follow the tutorial that comes with the
spreadsheet to get it setup, it takes less than 5 minutes and then you can start working
through this filtered list of links to start replicating them. This is one of the most effective link building
strategies of all time and I love it because it saves huge amounts of time, money and effort
while being budget friendly. Plus it’s always a very educational experience to spend time
analysing other peoples link building strategies, so it’s win win all around. Just run the 5x top ranking sites for your
target keyword through my intelligent spreadsheet to get started, but before you do that subscribe
to my youtube channel now to make sure you get more great videos and resources like this

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  1. Simon Richards Post author

    Love you videos, love your site …
    … but don't love broken link above to "Backlink Analysis …"

  2. Ankit Jha Post author

    very helpful video.
    I am daily visits on your website.


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