100 thoughts on “Avicii – Heaven (Tribute Video)

  1. Tobias Lindholm Post author

    2020 and I still listening to this song, and im not gonna stop. Avicii <3

  2. ATSUSHI 。 Post author


  3. Jvyn Gaming Post author

    Thank You Levan Tsikurishvili for Making This wonderful Tribute of Tim. 😭

  4. Katri Pitkänen Post author

    Well avicii is in a better place now I'm still in tears😭😭😢😢

  5. Taiki 64 Post author

    I think he is don't died!!
    He will always live in our heart!!!

    Pardon my broken English 🙏🇯🇵

  6. Fat Fox Post author

    How could someone dislike this
    His it's a tribute to someone's death

  7. Thatbigboimarcus Mg Post author

    Son: who is avicii dad cuz I just heard he died today

  8. Alpha Squad Post author

    HOW. How could we lose this beautiful and amazingly creative mind 😔 still makes me sad to this day

  9. marinett lozada Post author

    Descansa en paz por siempre 😢😭😭💞💟💓
    Like si eres mexicano jeje

  10. TM Videography Post author

    #levantsikurishvili ძალიან დიდი მადლობა ამ სიყვარული ვიდეოსთვის!

  11. Elcin Ozer Post author

    Everytime i remember avicii is gone i just cant keep my tears . Someone who gives this much energy to live the life and make it worth is gone forever.

  12. Roberto Ardiles Post author

    I love you avicii your amazing rigth now bro always

  13. King MI Post author

    My grandad told me about Elvis Presley
    My dad told me about Michael Jackson
    I’m gonna tell my kids about Avicii

  14. Matheus Silva Post author

    It was marked in history. He made a difference in the world only with his talent

  15. Justin Beaudette Post author

    avicii inspired a lot of people his name will live for every not just for his songs but for the people he helped thank you avicii

  16. ツꀸꀤꂦꁅꂦ ꌩꀎꀭꀤツ Post author

    My grandpa told my father about Elvis Presley

    Me father told me about Michael Jackson

    And I’ll tell my son about avicii

    Legends never dies :’/

  17. Rafael Rafols Post author

    Who makes MV on Avicii's YouTube channel even tho he passed away

  18. ᳹homicide Post author

    Seeing him disappear when he went back to the island made me cry

  19. AXL Post author

    Why is there hate on the internet? Cmon everyone, can’t we just appreciate that we all are alive? ❤️

  20. Beynala Carter Post author

    I feel so sad for him.. like he's part of my family idk

  21. Debora Sterling Post author

    Ah, Avicii what have you done to us brother.Almost two years and still unforgettable.♥

  22. Edgard Gutierrez Post author

    Señor todo poderoso te quiero proponer un intercambio MALUMA , BAD BUNNY , ANUEL …. POR AVICII me parece muy justo de nuestra parte 90% de todo el planeta te lo implora

  23. Mister Crakk2.0 Post author

    El vive atraves de su bella música te extrañamos avicii

  24. Alessia Bianconi Post author

    🎵🎧music sound :❤️❤️yes gorgeous

  25. Kris Elblaus Post author

    Heaven is so lucky to have him.

    But sad to us that Tim is not with us.

  26. Cicero Leite Post author

    Esse era faz falta no cenário eletrônica 😭😭😭

  27. MAVRICK GAMING Post author

    Who was here from W2S video?

    R.I.P dude we will never forget you your a legend!

  28. Angelica Plott Post author

    My grandpa told me about Roy Orbison my dad told me about Michael Jackson I’ll tell my kids about avicii

  29. vlad games Post author

    My first ever edm start with Avicii back in 2013 n will be listening to his music till i die die❤

  30. William Segervald Post author

    i would never want to trade any generation for this one. Tim, you were my 2010-2020!

  31. Amit Paliwal Post author

    Listened this more than 50 times❣ RIP Brother!🙌

  32. Chris Jaskiewicz Post author

    Play Kobe and GiGi a great mix. Only you could make one for them😢

  33. Hector Garcia Post author

    We lost another one man, RIP Kobe Bryant, still can’t believe it😒

  34. Jason Köchli Post author

    Avicii sei stato, rimmarrai uno dei pochi ad aver creato musica che ti entra non semplicemente nella testa ma sopratutto nel cuore. Avrei voluto vederti 🕊💭

  35. Trues Post author

    Check my channel for a new leaked Avicii track. check if you don't believe me I'm dead serious 🙂

  36. lifelesswhisper - Post author

    I know people have their religions and I respect that, but can you be quiet? This is not a time to tell those still grieving that he is in hell because he killed himself. For once, please silence your urge to push your religion onto people. Negativity isn't welcome here.

  37. Syx5 Post author

    those magical vibes, melodies and literally everything is out of this world, from heaven

  38. Louise Dreyer Post author

    And how blessed I am to have THIS very same guitar they bought in Antananarivo and flew all the way to Cape Town, hanging in my house. What special memories to have been part of planning this trip back in 2016.

  39. Julius Huidrom Post author

    Why would somebody like him commit the unthinkable?I wonder. So many pple love his music

  40. The Notorious Fonzy Post author

    I know this is about Avicii….
    But today I wanna dedicate this song to Kobe Bryant.
    He's coming up to shoot some hoops with Tim, I'm sure of it 🙏🏻

  41. Alice Geisler Post author

    What did you do????? :'''((( Missing you! Hope ypu're fine!!!! ♥

  42. QyuNine Post author

    Don't be sad that he's gone..

    Be happy because he is here..

  43. Aixa Lopez Post author

    I went to be remembered for the life I lived, not the money I made -AVICII


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