Aviation SEO Three Case Studies of How to Get Better Results from Google

By | October 5, 2019

(upbeat music) – Welcome to this week’s episode. We are not doing numbers anymore, but this is about 174. (laughs) – Why are we not doing numbers anymore? – Because iTunes told us not to. – Really? – We can talk about numbers, you know, but we just can’t put ’em
in our titles anymore. – Why?
– It’s one of those things. You know, if you run the show
you get to make the rules, (scoffs)
and if you start to discounting people that don’t have their keywords in the
front of their titles, then people stop putting their numbers in. So you start favoring
behavior that you want, and people have to do what they tell you, or they lose popularity on
their podcast and things. – Wow.
– I kid you not! – Whatever.
(laughs) – The nerds are calling
the shots! (laughs) Speaking of such things,
this week we’re going to talk about aviation SEO, and three case studies of getting results from
Google for aviation web sites, and you’ll notice that
“web sites” is two words, rather than one word.
– And this is because of? – And this is because of SEO? – The Associated Press
decided that journalists and other folks should
call it web sites rather than websites, all one word. – Wait a minute if we can’t put numbers in or whatever you just said then do we have to go back to the old
ones and take the numbers out? – I’m still reading all the geeky blogs to figure out if it would be an advantage to do that, and if it
is then I will do that. This is the sort of thing we
have to keep up with right! – Exactly. – So today we’re gonna talk about why we care
about all this stuff and why its important. Okay so real quick agenda, we’re gonna talk about three case studies in search engine optimization. We’ve talked about SEO before been a theoretical but now we’re going to get down to the nitty
gritty of real life for 3 companies right. – Okay. – Okay one would be an established company that is at the top and intends to stay there. – Exactly. – One that is a new SEO project in a very competitive market and the third is an established
company that just wants to emphasize a new service so they’re getting good results for a lot of
other things but they have a new service that they want
to get noticed for right. People probably know them but don’t know that they do this particular thing. Okay so the established company at the top that needs to stay there is ABCI and we’ll talk about that. – Okay good. – The new SEO project in
a very competitive market we worked with arrow
star in full disclosure many many many moons ago and then didn’t work with them for
awhile and then started again about 90 days ago
so we’re calling it a new SEO project because a lot
of things have changed since we worked with them last. – Oh they have! – Yeah. And then the last one is
special services corporation who we’ve been doing search
engine optimization with for a very long time. But they’ve added some new services that they want to be known for and we’ve gotten some cool
results for those that we want to share and share
how, some of the how that we get this done. So this episode like
several of the past ones has been brought to you by
our aviation marketing lab. Now the lab is our
distillation of the very best – That’s a $64 one. – Right, tools and
technologies and services that companies really need just
to get to the bottom of what do I need to get
started and what do I need to start getting some good
results from better marketing. And if I don’t have a ton of money what can I do that is gonna
put me competitive with some of these bigger companies that are spending a lot
more so that I can grow my company and maybe afford more marketing services in the future right. – Exactly. – So a lot of our clients have actually come from the lab you know they start with this level
of service and then they make enough money that
they decide you know what I really need to
update my website I really need some video I really
need you guys to come on site and do something
expensive and cool but I wanted to do for a
really long time I haven’t been able to afford it right. Exactly okay and this
month we do have a special with our marketing lab if you join us by April 30 of 2019 will include personal branding which
is a $979 value so if you’re thinking about
going to these networking events and things in the
summer and people ask you you know can I connect
with you on LinkedIn and things and you’re embarrassed
because you LinkedIn and profile is maybe not
what you want it to be this is a really great opportunity to spiff up your profile and
make sure that you look good and updated and and
professional online and everywhere that people can find you. All right so let’s start
with what this is not because there is a lot
of confusion out there. You know that people think well if I just pay more to Google then I
will get a better position. And usually what that is
what they call pay per click or Google adwords and they’re very good at selling their ad words. We’ve got a couple of
objections to using Google adwords as your regular
form of advertising. Because they become a lot more expensive in the last few months and they stop working as soon as you
stop paying for them so there’s a lot of folks
that are paying a lot of money to Google adwords
thinking this is the simplest and easiest way
to stay at the top of the search engines but it will
work less and less well as Google wants to make
sure that the search results are are actually
good and not just what people are paying for. – We should have taken
a picture of the one when we were doing research awhile back. We saw what I thought was really expensive adword for like $248. – Yeah. – And then we page down and found one for £2679, now give me a break folks! – Yeah almost never is a click actually worth more than $5 to
you unless you have a pretty good chance of
actually turning that click into a customer. – Immediately. – Or you know
– If not sooner. – Predictably maybe not immediately. – Predictably if not immediately. – Okay so what’s the
difference between organic SEO and ad words so we’ll just
go over this really quickly we do this in another podcast but just to as a kind of a refresher. Organic or natural SEO is what we’re talking about today and that is the results that come up when you type
something into Google. Once you get past the ads and a lot of people will skip the ads
because they know oh well this person paid to be here
so it’s not as credible right as somebody that
actually merits that rank. So these are earned not paid results this is a long term
investment in the health of your company to get
really good search engine results and it lasts for
months or years of course the search engines are
always changing their algorithms but we have
some articles that we wrote 8 years ago they’re
still getting a pretty decent amount of traffic. – That’s impressive. – Right so you know some
things never change and as long as it’s based on principles
it usually doesn’t change. – There are some weird
little technical tips tricks like website as one
word versus website as two words that do change over
time and we started to try to stay up on all of
that technology so our clients don’t have to. Okay the other side of the coin is ad words or pay
per that a lot of aviation companies jump into
because they got a mailer from Google or from
someone else saying you know you can get I think
we just got one recently. $150 when you spend $150 on Google adwords which is great if you’re gonna do that anyway we think they’re
great for limited time events or maybe empty
seats or something that is going to go away if you
don’t sell it right away so perishable goods and
services but they’re too expensive to be a long
term investment or a long term strategy and they
stop working the second you stop paying the bill
or turn off that campaign or whatever. SEO is yours to keep right. – Yes. Okay. So why is SEO important? – Well if they can’t
find you on the internet you’re in trouble! – Exactly SEO is what used to be placing your company placing
an ad in the phone book or at least having a listing in the phone book and being found when somebody looks up flight schools or piston overhauls or you know
whatever it is that you do. – And people would put
AAA at the front of their company name just so
the person phone book! – Right there’s lots of
tricks that people used to do even when it was phone
books to be at the top of the list. Now thankfully those tricks don’t work quite so well but some
tricks that are a little bit more legitimate do. An interesting thing is
that even NBAA stopped publishing their printed directory several years ago so you know I don’t
know of anyone that uses any kind of a yellow pages
or a printed magazine I mean they still controller but – No you do? _ I do? – Printed?
– The town that we reside in. – Directory oh my gosh yeah. – Every six months they send
out a telephone directory and they have it delivered to your door. Right, you can throw it away. – We immediately throw
it in the recycle bin! So it’s a terrible terrible waste of trees if you ask me but I
suppose there’s some people that still use them
locally but I don’t know anybody that uses them
in the aviation industry because we’re worldwide now right. – Maybe an email will get rid of it. – Maybe yeah. – Okay so if they can’t find you on the internet this
is why this is important they’ll never know that you’re an option. They’ll wonder if you’re still
in business they’ll think you’re struggling
financially too much to maybe keep your website up and you
know keep up on technology. – Matter fact we’ve been
suggesting an upgrade to one of our clients website and finally calls back and says is
I get people calling me asking if we’re still in
business because website’s so out of date! But we did it. – They think that that you’re not interested in new business because you know that
you’re apparently not trying very hard. So they buy from a competitor instead of from you which
is the bottom line and that’s why this is really
important and that so why we’re spending some time on this today. – Yes. – So this is our agenda we’re
gonna talk about three case studies the first one being a ABCI. We can talk about ourselves
is cool and this is kind of an embarrassing admission
right and this is honestly – Do I need to step out of the room? (laughter)
– No I think you can be here! I’m gonna embarrass both of
us so hang on it’ll be fine these are all our friends here right. So one of the reasons that
we are doing this video that we decided to do a an
article and a video on this topic is because we have
fallen from number one to number three when you
look for aviation SEO on Google if you type in
aviation SEO you see these three companies and we
need to fix that right. So in some number of weeks
or months we’re going to be at number one again. I’m not as concerned as long
as were within the top three on all of our important key
words that’s probably okay but I like to be number one because
I’m a very competitive person. – Nah. – Yeah. Absolutely so that’s one of the reasons that we’re doing this and I’m gonna tell you how this works and the way we’re going to
do this we’re going to use one of the tools that we’ve been talking about for ever in our sales marketing lab and that is Semrush. So if you were to buy
Semrush on your own the thing that we’re gonna do today
would cost you $200 a month actually just by itself. To use this tool in the way that I’m going to use it right now to show you some of the things that
we’ve done to improve our SEO and keep up
where we are so that is the experiment and that
is what we’re going to do that you can watch in
real time after we publish this is video right. – This isn’t for the faint of heart this is a lot of work. – Oh my gosh yes but it is effective. – And it is nerdy you
know I honestly this is this is not for people who have a day job! We work with some partners
who are very very good at SEO and we also keep up on it
by going to at least four different events per
year you know where they talk about SEO and all these things. Okay so this is a brief history of time history of the universe right. With respect to SEO for ABCI okay. – Okay I thought you were
gonna start Hawkins book there. – No this not the, its
Bill Bryson actually, the brief history of time? – No its Hawkins, yeah. – We’ll look that up, I think I’m right. – Of course you do! – Okay so you can tell when we
started using Semrush right. Right about there. Okay and we have gotten better and worse results since then
but obviously far far better than what we
ever had before when we were kind of doing the hit and
miss one keyword at a time. – But you can look and we
will look at reports, but just because you see and think I can fix that. – Yeah exactly, okay, lets zoom in on this a little bit closer there
was a point in time where we were doing the cobbler
shoes scenario right we were working on client
projects and other kinds of things and we let our own SEO
kinda slide because we had limited time and resources
just like everybody else does and you can see the
reassuring thing is it took about 6 months to fall right. – Yeah but once it starts sliding its – depressing. Because we worked
so hard to get it up there. – You had to really work
to stop the slide before it’ll go back up. – Exactly and then you can see where we started
working on that again right around 1/20/19
he said you know what. Dang it John. I need some time! And that was one of our discussions in our midday meetings right. I need some time to just
work on SEO and so I’m gonna take a chunk of time
every every week for a couple of hours and work on SEO for ABCI. And work on a different
strategy and other kinds of things so that’s where we started working seriously again about
January of 2019 and you can see it’s had some impact. – Absolutely had some impact. – With a few stragglers like the word aviation SEO alright. Alright so one of the things that bothered me y’know that
we saw, and its kind of a distant early warning and
this is from a another report from Semrush from
the same software is that we can watch our
competitors and this is not a secret right all of this
information is available on the web to anyone who looks this up. The problem is it’s really hard to see in perspective unless you crunch a lot of data together
into a visual like this. – Semrush does it for you. – Right so if I were to
look up, you can see here we’re working with 401 keywords. We used to work with about
10 at a time because that was what we could do legitimately
in one person’s brain. It’s about 10 words at a time. The software lets us aggregate that data a lot better and do
sets and figure out what’s gonna gives the most bang
for our buck or where we can best and spend our time and money building some some materials right. Okay so I saw this little that’s one of her competitors doing stuff he started
doing SEO and you can see he’s still quite a ways away but we want to keep him there. – Exactly. – Just between us kids I’m not competitive at all it’s just one of those things. – So we can drill down to
some of the details and get into the nitty gritty of
what does that mean you know which of our key
words are doing us good and which of our key
words are doing us bad and what’s the overall impact
so I’m gonna drill down on this a little bit tighter. And you can see from
this how many key words were ranked in the top three for and that’s the orange and
then the 3 to 10 is the light blue and dark blue right. So this tells us what our overall visibility is
what our estimated traffic is what our average position
is and all of those things so that I can figure
out we’re losing some one to three key words
and I need to know what those are right. And I can find out what those are and I can see how many improving versus declining they’re always moving upwards downwards backwards and
sideways because our competitors are always
doing stuff as well. – That’s right nobody’s sitting still well the ones that are
sitting are the losers. – Exactly and then if you scroll down on this report that I can see which key words are
giving us the most traffic those are our top key
words and you know how much visibility are we
getting from each of those. What key words are giving us a positive impact right now and
which key words giving us the negative impact right now. And also who are our competitors and how much visibility do they have and you can see this one
here aviation marketing dot arrow is gaining faster than we are which is a problem at the time
that we wrote this report. So that needs to be fixed and that’s why we’re getting down to the specifics. So we drove down to some of
these key words that we are the most interested in and
we want to see how much volume we get from each
of these key words. We can see how many people
are actually typing that key word into Google
because not every key word is worth the hassle right. Only the ones that are
relevant to our business there’s actually three criteria one they have
to be relevant to our business number two is
they have to have a fairly decent volume of people
that are actually looking for them and then number three
is the amount of competition that they have. So we can tell from this chart how many people are looking for that so 110 people are looking for aviation marketing every month on google,
and google gets 75% of the world’s search engine
traffic so the others are probably not far behind. – Right. – Okay cool, and then if we scroll over to the other side of this
chart we can see where we are versus where our competitor is. So marketing and aviation we’re number 3 he’s number 5. So he would be in that
we would be in that third position he’d be and the
fifth position we’re going up and he’s going down
which is nice right? Okay aviation marketing he’s
got his meat for that one and not for long right. We’re at number 5 and he’s at number 3. For a long time he was at number one and we were at number 8 or something you know after when we were at
the bottom of this curve. Aviation advertising. – We’re just by the way lets
just halt that for a moment. This just goes to show you
that just because he’s got aviation marking is a url, – Right exactly. – That does not magically
give you the number one slot. – Right aviation marketing
dot arrow you can’t have much more of an advantage than that. In terms of your domain name. – Right that you have to work everything else to make that continue to be there. – Exactly. – So those are three of the
key words that we’re looking at aviation SEO is another
one which is why we’re doing this video and that
one only has about 10 searches per month but we want every single one of them to come to us. So some of those are important enough that
we don’t care how many people are searching we want all of them. Okay so how do we stay on top? Really quickly just to a summary. number one is to watch
your competitors and if you’re one of our clients and we in our marketing
lab we look at it 4 of your competitors and up
to we’ll say 20 of your favorite key words in the marketing lab. And we probably do more
than that for a lot of our customers depending on
on the specific things that they’re trying to
accomplish but at least 20 of your favorite key words. And we watch your competitors
and we send you a report every month this is where you
are this is where your competitors are. And then you can pick your battles and say these are the ones that
are worth fighting for. Not everybody in the aviation industry is directly in combat competition with each other so aviation
marketing dot arrows in New York and we’re in
Salt Lake City so there are some people on the
east coast that wanna have somebody local to work
with right and we will refer them to directly because – Yeah they come to us we’ll refer them. – Yeah we’ll we’ll refer them to directly absolutely because we
don’t want to compete for people that want someone
local in New York as we don’t wanna be in New York every week. – We don’t have a satellite office there. – Yeah we don’t want to be
in New York City every week no offense New York right but that’s just not our thing so you know there are some
battles we don’t want to win so aviation marketing
New York you can have it. – Right okay we assist with that. – Exactly so we pick
our battles and we build content that people actually need so as an
example we want to make these videos as useful as
we possibly can so that people will actually watch
them and actually share them with each other and
bring more traffic to our website. Because Google sees that
and then they adjust accordingly because they
want to share the most useful resources on their search engine. So articles videos infographics
will probably make an SEO infographic pretty
soon enough to go with this as well I don’t have
that planned for this episode but if something is on the radar. Okay so that’s ABCI and
that’s what we’re doing that’s how we’re going to do it. Here’s one of our clients this is AeroStar they are fabulous people it’s a great flight school. Very mentorship based in Kissimmee Florida. They do everything from your first lesson to getting a type
rating in at 737 or an 8320. – They’ve got a flight school and got the simulators they
got everything it takes – Exactly to get to work with the same team all the way
through your flight training which I think is is really fantastic. So you can see over the last 90 days
we’ve been working with them for about 90 days
since we started back up with them again this is what’s been going on you can see they’ve been getting a lot more in those top 3 key words. A lot more visibility a lot more estimated traffic in a lot
better average position for the key words that they are the most interested in. Now flight schools are
incredibly competitive. They’ve got the money to spend right now because the airlines are pumping a lot of money
into getting students into the pilot shortages
going on there’s a lot of reasons that flight schools
are wanting to get a lot of traffic and are
willing to invest in that. One thing that I really love
about this report is the over on the left hand side where it says improved versus declined. 97 improved and 1 declined. I’ve never seen that before
that’s actually kind of cool so anyway. – Happy. – Forgive me a moment of gloating there. So this is just a bigger view of the same thing because I think it’s fabulous. This is the level of detail that we really need to get into in terms
of showing a CEO who doesn’t really want or
need to know all of the details about their SEO
this is what’s going on and this is what’s happening
and this is what’s working. But then for those of us who are nerdy and need to know the
details we can find out what those top keywords
are which are having a positive impact and which
are having a negative impact and then we can drill down to those specific key words and
figure out what do we need to do to improve
those particular ones. – And there may be a problem
with your website actually. Or more than one problem. And this software will tell
you what those problems are. – Right that’s true. Those are some technical
reports and things like that. So as an example A320 sim dry lease that’s 1 of the things
that they definitely want to be a number 1
for because they do offer that and not very many
people do so they want to be the one that gets found for that. – And they are. – And they are exactly. And B737 type rating you
know all of these are are fairly competitive
with people who are pretty established in the field
and have been doing it for a number of years. So again this is all public information anybody could find this out by looking up the individual facts but nobody puts it together
quite the way Semrush does. Alright so once again
we see that fabulous, and this time its our
customer AeroStar in blue that is the underdog that
is challenging right. – Climbing up while the
other one is descending. – Right and that’s what we
want to see until their the established one who just want to keep their position which is
much easier to keep a position than it is to
come up from the bottom. And they were never on
the bottom they were just a number 2 now number one right. – Actually they are
number one just barely. – Just barely right absolutely. Okay so just to show you an example of a key word that we would want to zero in on and
we’re going to be doing that in the next month and if Pan Am academy is listening they’re probably
going to try and counter this but there’s no real
dirty pool here right. SEO has gotten so much
better over the last 5 or 10 years because the folks
at Google do nothing there are people whose
job it is to prevent cheating on search engine
results they want to provide the highest
quality results so the only thing that you can do to
get better quality results is to produce better quality materials. And get people to link to them. So there are some technical things to make sure that
their search engines can read it but there are no
underhanded tricks that are going to work. Okay. Cool so once again how
do I catch a competitor? Same steps watch your competitors know who they are and who you need to beat. – Actually you don’t
want to catch them you want to surpass them. – Good point good catch. Okay you want to pick your battles like those specific key words that someone else is doing
better for that you could produce better materials and they did. And then the third thing is you want to build new content the people actually need. So articles video and infographics and AeroStar
is a fantastic partner to work with because
they do provide us with a lot of great pictures
and interviews with their instructors in interviews
with happy students and other kinds of things
that we can use to create those great materials about about those topics that are legitimate
and people want to share okay. All right cool. So. We did all this. Okay. Now an established company that wants to emphasize a new service. Alright so special services corporation fantastic company they are so good to their customers and they are so conscientious of making
sure that every customer has a very custom experience
and so people that are doing things like. Charter you know from the southeast United States
people that are needing an aircraft managed in North Carolina you know that area and things like that people who are local to the area they
all know special services corporation and you
know so they are not an underdog they’re not
under the radar you know know they’re very
established very respectable respected company. – 50 years old or something. – Oh yeah they’re the oldest
a resident of their airfield you know all kinds of
things like that they’re a great member the community they’re very involved in the chamber
of commerce and all kinds of things like that. But they introduced a new service that nobody knew that they did and that is serious aircraft management. So that’s the thing that
they want to be known for and so that gives us a
reason to revisit their search engine optimization
and see what can we improve and here’s a
whole new area that we haven’t exploited before
so you know there may be another 30 key words
that we haven’t been looking at for you that
to that now we need to do and we need to build some materials and get you some good positioning
for so if you’re a company and you’re
expanding you want to think about that as well how
can I position my company so the people that already know me for something else will know
that I do this this other thing so you know you’ll
also want to know who are my competitors for this other service. Serious aircraft of course comes up you know everybody was to take their aircraft to the manufacturer or to someone else and so
you know that becomes a competitor when maybe it wasn’t before. Okay. and there is nothing
better in this world than a worthy competitor to
inspire competition right. To help you improve your your product or service and to really
inspire you to be better so there’s nothing wrong with that right. – Nope not at all. – Long live capitalism
okay so Sears maintenance GMU this is the airport
that they’re at that’s the key word is getting them
a lot of positive visibility. So once again in a how do I get known for a new service? You probably have new competitors that you
didn’t have before when you offer a new service. So you want to add them to your Semrush report that
you get from us every month. You want to pick your battles and we will help you do that in our office hours we will look at your
report to go over them with you and say here’s
an opportunity you know if you were going to do anything with SEO I would focus on these three or these ten key words
because we can’t focus on 400 of them at a time we can keep track of them
but we can’t be working on building great content
for that many at least not with the resources that most of us have. – Right. – Okay, and you want to build new content that people actually need so articles video infographics and that’s what we’ve done with SSE about serious maintenance you know here’s a serious range map for, with GMU in the middle how
convenient it is for people in certain areas to bring their aircraft to special services corporation instead of to the sears
factory for service right. – Exactly. – So you get to position your website and your service in a way that maybe your competitors can’t. But you have to know about it in order to do anything about it
right. Can’t be flying blind. Okay so once again this
episode was brought to you by our aviation marketing lab. I do recommend that you
do all of these things whether or not you’re in the lab you want to watch your competitors and if you have to do that by hand there
are things that you can do you can just go to google and you can just type in the name of a service like Serious maintenance and your location in google and see who comes up and you can keep track of that on your own in an excel spreadsheet there’s no reason that you really need to work with us other than the fact that it takes more time than any human
being legitimately has. – We have all this software that we pay for monthly. – So we really do wanna work with you and we do wanna help you
get results like this and if you’re an aviation company, we think you deserve better than the rest of
the world and we think we can help you get the results that you really deserve right. – Absolutely. – Okay so if you’d like
to talk to us about a specific situation you’re in maybe someone is beating
you for a keyword and they shouldn’t be, we can look into that or you know maybe you want to look into why your website isn’t getting as much traffic as you think it should, or
you wanna find out how your website’s doing that’s great too we can do a real quick analysis and we’ll probably show
you some things that you didn’t know so go ahead
and click on the contact us button and schedule
30 minutes and lets sit down and do some report for you and talk about some
actions we can take to get you better results. – So thanks for joining us
and we’ll see you net week. – See you later. (upbeat music) (piano rings out)

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