Auto Parts Marketing: 6 Search Types to Know for Auto Parts SEO in 2019

By | August 16, 2019

There are 6 important search types that you should know. 1: Automotive part type searches with search modifiers 2: Automotive year/make/model searches with modifiers Year/make/model searches are difficult to optimize for because there are so many variations Enthusiasts may use automotive “jargon” words in their online searches. 3: Auto part function searches with part function modifiers. 4: Auto part symptom online searches with modifiers. Auto part searches are good for local or mobile searches for local auto repair businesses. 5: Automotive brand searches with modifiers. Automotive brand searches indicate high purchase intent. 6: Part number searches. These searches also indicate high purchase intent, because the customer knows enough to search at the part number level. Questions on automotive online marketing or auto parts SEO? Call us at (234) 380-1650.

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