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How to Check If Your WordPress Blog Posts Are Ranking for the Right Keywords

Do you want to check if your WordPress posts are ranking for the right keywords? Well keep watching, in this video I’ll show you three methods you can use to check your keyword rankings for WordPress. A lot of beginners tend to go to Google and simply type in the keywords for their website to… Read More »

100 Billion Words | Google Super Bowl Commercial 2019

Woman: Hey Google. Voiceover: More than 100 billion words are translated every day. Google Assistant (translating): Lift your hand. Man: Thank you very much for your help. [Google Assistant speaks Japanese] Voiceover: Words about food… [laughter] [Google Assistant speaks Korean] Voiceover: Words about friendship, [laughter] Voiceover: about sport, about belief, about fear. Man: Oh, my… Read More »

Google’s bias problem is more complicated than you think

– Google has a bias problem. Or at least congress seems to think it does. When the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, went before congress, the committee was very concerned that the search engine might somehow be biased. – It’s not possible for an individual employee or groups of employees to manipulate our search results.… Read More »

Can We Find The Name Brand? (GAME)

Archery Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

This is the triple William– nah, I’m kidding, guys. Three is too many. It’s just a double. It’s just two. Dude Perfect. This is the bow fishing balloon buster. Let’s go, baby! This is the bow and arrow bottle buster from a Sea Doo! Whoo! Let’s go! This is the mobile gonger. Yes, let’s go!… Read More »

5 Industries That Are Getting Crushed by Google in their SEO

– Google is becoming more strict each and every single day when it comes to certain industries. The kind of information related to these industries can have a lasting impact on people’s lives and Google doesn’t want to be guilty of people consuming bad information when it comes to sensitive areas in their lives. Hey… Read More »

Export your full page web UI mockups from Illustrator 2017 – Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 [34/45]

Hi, my name is Dan. In this video… we’re going to be using Illustrator to build UI and web graphics. There’s lots of free stuff here on my channel, please subscribe. Hit the little bell next to this subscribe button to get notifications. If you want more, loads more. Check out or check out… Read More »