Attorney Marketing Tips: Quickly Increase Google Rankings with No SEO! (2019)

By | August 9, 2019

A lot of times clients hire us to overhaul
their entire internet marketing presence. But a lot of times they also
need results right away. In a best case scenario, we could typically launch a website
which includes us writing all new content for the website in about six weeks. But that is also the best case scenario, depends on the client
being completely on the ball and providing us with everything
we need when we need it. And after about 75 clients that
has happened exactly one time. So knowing this, we will often go in an optimise the content on
their current website as our first step, which almost always results in an increase
in phone calls and cases right off the bat. And what we do is so ridiculously simple that
I really can’t believe more people don’t do it. This strategy focuses on
the actual content of the website. At its core what we do is we take a keyword,
for example criminal defence attorney, and we look at what words the websites occupying
the top 20 ranking is on their pages use. And that’s it, it is basically just
looking at what words did they use, and let’s get those words on our client’s page. The reason this works is because Google
relies on synonyms and close variants to determine the topic of a page. So for example, if you want to rank
for criminal defense attorney; your content needs to have keywords
related to criminal defense attorneys. These words could include arrest,
DUI, jail, bail, consultation. Literally thousands more words that can all
be related to criminal defense and attorneys. The biggest challenge is figuring out
which words are the most important. To figure this out, we use
a website called Here is how it works. So the first thing you are going
to do is go to So, we click on members login and then you are going to semantic analysis,
then you are going to click TFIDF. And basically what this is,
this allows you to analyze which pages are ranking
for this specific keyword, and then allows you to figure out
which keywords they have in common. For this example we are going to use the keyword
Orange County family law attorney. So this job is going to take
a couple of seconds here, usually takes two or three minutes. At the bottom you see it says your job has been
successfully placed into queue, we will send you an e-mail blah, blah, blah. So what I am going to do is
I am just going to find a random website. So just go to page six and just take a look
and see what we can find there. So let’s try this one. So they have got a small
amount of content on here. So when your job is finished
you will come back over to Texttools, you will go to jobs, go to completed. And as you can see Orange County
family law attorney is finished here. So what you are going to do is
you are going to clock analysis. Now what this is actually
going to show you is this– chart may look a little intimidating at first,
but it is actually pretty simple. So what this chart is showing you is
that these are the top 20 website that rank for this keyword. And if you hover over each one of these
you will see the colour changes. And basically what that is showing you
is these are the keywords that each one of these websites contains,
and which ones they don’t. So I want to show you how to use this. So right now it is showing probably
about a thousand keywords, we don’t need to go that in depth. I typically get it down to 50. I can use that to see where I’m at,
then I will typically pull out 200. So what we are interested in is
this compare tab right here. So you are going to click compare. Now while that is loading go back to your page,
do a command A or Ctrl A if you are on a PC. And then you are going to copy. And to do that you can right click and hit copy,
or you can hit Ctrl C, or command C. So now you are going to come down here,
we are on the compare section. You are going to come down
here to the user input, we are going to paste all the content
from that website on here. Click analyze my text. So now what this is going to
so is show you keywords that you should add to your website. So the solid orange here is actually the words
that are found on this website, and any gaps like for example
here is the word rights, here is the word practice,
here is experience, client. These are all words that
do not appear on the website, in the copy that we pasted into here
that you should consider adding. So we have got areas, questions, provide,
court, separation, site, spousal issues. So obviously some of these you might
have to be a little bit creative to include. But they actually have a lot
already incorporated here. So what I would do is go down to 100, you can see someone may have already
done something similar to this, because the top maybe 20 here seem to be hit, but as they get down to 100
they really start missing keywords. So what is cool about this website is
you can come down here, and this paragraph right here says, adding some of the following terms
may improve the rankings of your text. This is a list right here of words
you can actually add to your website and will increase the rankings. And basically all it really takes
is just adding some content, maybe re-wording some things, then once you actually add that content in there,
then you can analyze the text again and see how you are doing. We have seen this strategy alone
have some incredible impact. Just by adding these words to the website, it increases the relevancy,
it increases the rankings. And it makes a really big difference for
our clients, so I strong suggest you do it. Texttools is not an expensive product,
and I believe there is a free trial though I could be wrong. Let’s see. Yeah, it’s not that expensive. As of this video it’s $27 a month, or $37 a month
depending on which version you get. So to recap, if you analyze the text of your website
and compare it to the websites that are actually ranking for the keywords
that you want to rank for; you are probably going to find a lot of
keywords that you are actually missing. If you add these keywords
to the text on your website it is much more likely that Google is going
to associate you with those keywords as well, and likely rank you higher,
and maybe even on the first page. I have seen clients move from
page four or five up to page one, simply because we add a lot of
these keywords to the content. If you have any questions at all,
please shoot me an e-mail. And have a great day.

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