Attention, Exposure & WEB TRAFFIC – How to Get Traffic to Your Website

By | January 22, 2020

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I wanna talk to you today about attension
and exposure what’s going on what’s going on with
Kona I’m hanging out here and in Brooklyn what’s going on the queen is BK
in the house right here but yeah I’m here for a project I’m
working in ask you guys to do a quick video and show you what’s happening but
anyway I want to talk to you today about tension and exposure and and how its
applicable to your business I don’t know what you’re here maybe you’re building a
business you’re building a real estate wholesaling business you’re building a
network marketing business internet marketing business whatever kind of
business you’re building at the end of the day comes down to one thing you know
it comes down to your ability to command attention
that’s how Gary village of choose to say but every time I tell you exposure is
everything I take advantage of exposure anytime you have an opportunity to be
exposed to expose your brand to expose your offer to expose your business you
have to take advantage of it okay I’m actually looking for the Sun to the
best light over here okay I think this is better
perfect all right so you have to take advantage of exposure you have to take
advantage of opportunities and to tell you that I wanted to show you how to
explain something to you that either I have alcohol wrecked and it’s a
journalist I Samantha you can check out this website at sharp edge
it puts up our political news and stuff in Algeria Africa and he has a desire of
slow times and I some challenges your here and there and I had to spend some
time talking to him today and I wanted to share all the lessons I shared with
him with you and that’s the fact that exposure is everything so it was offered
to come on TV to be a commentator to be a political contribution analyst and
things like that I told him to take advantage of it now that’s a fine line
between that and just be sorry about that
this is New York City but anyway there’s a fine line between
that and and essentially just being available
anyhow to anybody okay so you want to make sure that you’re not being
available anyhow to anybody should be busy with your business did you find
activities that you spend your time on most productive activities in your
business did you find out what activities create the most affect your
KPI the most okay and and focus all your energy on that okay and that’s what you
want to do okay that’s the best way to really run your business but with that
being said one of the things that probably one of the top things that I
thought well you have consistency where you gotta be consistent whatever you do
right but you also have attention I mean you cannot be consistent at hiding in
your room and and not having enough attention you gotta create attention we
gotta create exposure exposure is everything for your business so I had to
share that with him and said why don’t you get on the get on the TV tell them
and not only that he did all call you know try to be on TV at least once a
week okay and it’s very simple just like I tell you anytime you
from USA hey I’m Ola the creator of my empire AFRICOM see I could be on
anybody’s who have said that I could introduce myself like that all day long
my empire I wonder what that is curiosity where ever you followed me you
google my name or whatever you know I’m all I’m the founder of I’m all I’m the
creator of this right you can start like that hey I’m all about houses you know
so I just had this guy honking I mean very weird but anyway right so I’m all
uh I’m whatever you want to call yourself right are you essentially I’m
advertising these businesses behind me they’re getting exposure right now right
but you wanted to use yourself and say I buy houses I’m all I help people with
their homes help people get rid of their homes I’m all I help I pack houses I’m
all I sell and buy houses whatever it is that you want to coin for yourself you
can say to yourself but you also want to make sure you’re available to become
part of the leadership in your community okay
and that’s why I tell people creating content is part of what you do because
it’s not every time you’re gonna be you’re gonna have enough equity in the
market to be invited to platforms to come and do webinars in other words you
can create your own stage so when you create your own stage on platforms like
YouTube iTunes Facebook right you are now created exposure for yourself right
we create exposure for yourself being consistent at it there’s gonna be the
next key thing you wanna do there so I figured that what the weather just
literally dropped like right now I’m just this code just came in our body
right now well that’d be nice all day long crazy okay but you get the point
right exposure is everything any chance you get to expose yourself if somebody
said they’re gonna pay you less well you know there’s nothing else better you’re
doing at that point in time but you know in fact it’s gonna create more exposure
for your personal brand and yourself alright check that out what you know if you know that take
advantage of it if you know you have an opportunity to be an intern in a place
where you’re gonna get a lot more exposure take advantage of it okay
because all those things add on as additional equity that you can
capitalize all over time but I’m talking to you now especially as
a business owner okay it’s truly it is so true because I actually never really
you know this guy got everything Chuck always talking about attention he’s
always talking about attention attention attention right he’s always done that
but uh but I but I’ve always said exposure is everything you can see like
I have I have like a whole subsection about it in my book which you can
download for free at my Empire phu kham it’s where’s everything but i don’t
realize we’re pretty much saying same thing okay you’re in this game you can
get everything else wrong but if you get the attentional part wrong you will
struggle for a long time you could make the best burger in the world if you
don’t know how to get attention for that burger
it’s of no use so see McDonald just doesn’t have the best water in the world
I think we can all agree that the cheeseburger at Madonna is not the best
burger in the world right but it doesn’t matter it’s the most it’s the
best-selling one right it’s the best-selling one so you gotta understand
that concept right there and you need to apply to your business starting now how
can I create more attention for what I already know how to do see everything
else like what you don’t know how to do already you can learn that along the way
but if there’s anything that you need to learn right now either you buy houses
your sell houses you help people make money from home
you sell affiliate products right whatever that is that you do right
that’s one thing and that’s how to create attention how to create exposure
how to have abundance of exposure how to have abundance of attention okay you
need to learn how to do that so if there’s that one thing that you ever
figure that out if you ever figure how to get attention for your business you
need to learn how to do that okay on and on the Internet we call it
traffic right you see where I’m at right now how many cars have passed by so far
since right do you think all the stores are here just by mistake they’re not
here by mistake they’re here for a reason because this road gets lots of
traffic let me show you the same thing as applicable on the Internet I mean
right now this little quiet right it’s a little quiet watch this it’s a little
quiet right watch what’s gonna happen over the next few minutes okay I’m gonna
remind you just watch me you see the road right now right right
so I’m looking over here okay but watch what’s gonna happen in the next few
minutes okay remember all these stores are not here by mistake you see all the
stores on the side right here they’re not here by mistake but watch what’s
gonna happen in less than three minutes cuz I’m actually about to hand this
video right now exposure is everything okay if you want to create if you want
to have a store mom’s on pop why do we say corner store because that corner has
like two different streets with traffic going through so it can like that’s
that’s higher prime real estate because it would get a lot more exposure your
store would get a lot more exposure and that increases the chances of people
coming in through the door okay watch it the traffic has started to happen again
okay it’s Martha all right now this is rush
hour okay now good I’m filming all right so watch behind me you see
that traffic that just ended up okay now watch this check this out all right see
that that coming all right so actually this time that I’m
shooting this right now is right about 4:47 so it’s actually rush-hour and then
you see all this traffic coming right now
yeah and that’s a bunch of bosses too way New York City so you’re gonna see
that a lot okay why isn’t New York City hot because of
population traffic human beings okay so if you have a ghost land of a website
out there and you’re surprised that money’s not coming in because nobody’s
coming in I mean that’s not like logic but I’ve kind of realized slow watch the
traffic watch the traffic okay I’ve kind of realize that most people don’t apply
common sense or maybe we can’t really call it common sense bottom line is that
you need to understand that attention is everything in your business if you’re
gonna open a store you need to open your store and a place was gonna get attract
a lot of traffic if you have a website then you need to create traffic for that
website you need to be creating content that people actually want to know you
create content about things that people actually want to know okay but if you
don’t do that your business will become a ghost land
and no revenue will come in okay so the key thing right now how do I apply this
concept of expose your attention is everything to my business and that’s
what I cover in details in my book he can go ahead and download a free version
of the book at my Empire pro con a free version the only version if you go get
our just go to my Empire procom you see the link on the screen and go down go
get your own copy and it’s applicable to any business real estate wholesaling
invest in network marketing telemarketing the same concept and I’m
going to details the minds on how to generate traffic on Facebook on Google
because all your everybody your audience right your clientele they’re all hanging
out on social media and is the easiest before you attract traffic and actually
convert them to come to the stores even if you have a month on top regular gurus
store on the street is the best way to actually attract you for these days
because everybody’s hanging out on for everybody you see that walk around
the street when they have their phone in their hand and they’re talking so that’s
what I have for you on this particular episode hopefully even Latin and
educated a CNN Astron and Heath

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