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By | August 11, 2019

You need more customers, yes you have a website
but can customers find you? We understand your frustration and challenges 91% of people
find products and services through search engines like Google which has 67% search share
if you are not visible on search engines then a huge number of your target market will not
be able to find you. Do you know how many potential visitors you’re missing by not having
SEO done for you when you’re missing out on visitors it means that you are also missing
out on customers visitors become leads and leads become customers so if you are failing
to acquire customers and other opportunities if your website is not optimized for search
engines and don’t forget 94% of businesses put SEO as a primary source of leads which
means you need to get into the SEO game and play ball, have you always wanted to become
more visible on search engines and eventually reach the first page of Google for your important
keywords? But you didn’t understand the importance of SEO enough to get started the price of
SEO was a deal breaker or your current provider is simply not performing for you? Well you
have come to the right place we want your business to become more successful we will
increase your online visibility, visitors, leads, and customers, you will get results
from our SEO services because we create high-quality content we focus on creating content that
is valuable to your target market not keyword stuffed in unreadable articles one type of
content we produce is promotional based content which is targeted to existing and potential
customers. This content will contain anything from promos, coupons sales and current discounts
you have to offer. We create blog posts that your prospects want to share with their friends
we create press releases company updates on industry news that make your prospects more
interested in your products and services, we set up your Google plus authorship Google
plus authorship stamps your content with Google plus markup identify you or your appointed
person as the author or publisher of the content published on your website and blog when we
stamp Google authorship on a piece of content you are given credit for it through Google�s
eyes and the accumulation of authorship credits can help you to rank higher in the search
engines. We ensure proper website URL structuring we
optimize your pages ensuring your site has the proper structure a proper site and URL
structure make users navigate and flow easily across your website. A faulty URL structure
on the other hand confuses users and makes it difficult for search engine crawlers to
index your pages and content we would also carry out URL mapping to determine which pages
should be optimized for what keyword. We optimize your search engine tags including your meta-tags
allowing your site to communicate better with the search engines we will optimize page titles,
descriptions and even alt text for images tweaking your coding will enable search engines
to index your pages faster and rank them higher for your chosen keywords. We utilize social
media and social publication when we publish new content on your blog or anywhere online
who knows about? We make sure everyone knows about it we make sure that when we publish
content about you everyone in your social world and beyond will know about it, we set
up accounts for you in the top social media and social sharing sites the top blogs as
well as the top press release sites, when we publish content we let the world know to
the accounts that we’ve established online for your company. We build and attract natural
links because of the high quality content we create we are able to attract natural links
authority sites are more likely to link back to your site and therefore pass link choose
to your pages. We carry out natural link building techniques that do not over optimize anchor
texts or use any kind of black hat scheme that violate search engine guidelines.
The more quality links we build to your website the higher your website will rank the more
visitors you will get and of course this will turn into more sales. You need to ensure that
your provider understands your business and your industry after all your provider will
serve as your online machine, they must have your marketing objectives as a blueprint in
their mind to ensure that every effort is working toward your business goals. Your online
marketing company should be capable of laying out the business plan to your online success,
but in order to do that they must intimately understand your business and your business
plan. We want to get to know you that’s why unlike other providers we first go through
an in-depth consultation with our clients we want to thoroughly understand what your
business is, who your target customers are and how we can help meet their needs. This
way we are aligned with your goals we would propose ways on how we can help you based
on the research we do and our free consultation with you. We are here to help you grow your
business we have the know-how and experience in the SEO industry we want to understand
your business and your worries, we want to gain your trust by displaying our intelligence
and show you performance through our professional execution.
If people think that we are passionate about our marketing they should see how passionate
we are about our clients marketing we want to be responsible for your success and help
your company grow give us a call to learn more about how we can help you grow your business

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