#AskGaryVee Episode 51: Jacks of All Trades, Hiring, & SEO Rankings

By | August 30, 2019

– On this episode, I talk about hiring, specialization, and India’s in this episode twice. (hip-hop music) You ask questions and I answer them. This is the #AskGaryVee Show. Hey everybody, this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk, and welcome to epiosde 51 of the #AskGaryVee Show. Before I get into the show, I want to talk about my
coming out of basketball retirement morning because DRock is here and so is Staphon. They were two of the individuals at basketball this morning at 6:30. One thing that VaynerNation
should know is that is that DRock is terrible
at basketball but he is so terrible, that I actually had to stop
him earlier this morning and tell him how proud I was of him because for a man to go on
the court being that terrible and willing to continue
to try to get better, shows a lot about how
much self esteem he has, and he’s also clearly not
terrible at what he does and I’m just impressed with you, DRock. People might be thinking I’m making a joke just to razz you, I’m not. I appreciated your tenacity. The couple of times
you fouled me very hard and knocked me on the ground, you were also very kind
and asked me if I was okay and tried to help me up. My intuition is that
you’re just a good guy, not because of the boss dynamics, and I’m just a very big
fan of yours DRock. But, like, Staphon’s very good. (laughter) I also came out guns a-blazing. I just want the whole
VayerNation to not be confused. If I did not come out and play well, there would’ve been no
mention of basketball. Let’s get into the show. – [Voiceover] Andrew asks, “On
your team, is it better to have employees who’re
specialized in one thing, or people who can wear many hats?” – Andrew, I think the answer is both work. I think you need both in an organization of size, but I, you know, in a world of not trying
to be politically correct on this show, and, like, trying to draw some
real lines in the sand, I’m a huge fan of jack of all trades. Tons of people will tell you
that means you’re not good at any of them. I don’t agree. I think I’m really (beep)
awesome at 19 different things, and I’m watching even
the people in this room and this room get better
at different things. I hate when people use the excuse of I’m great at this,
and I go deep in this to not try to get better at other things. So, to make a 51-49 call,
which is what this is, which is, like, both matter,
both really do matter. DRock’s not good at basketball, but he doesn’t have to do
that for what he’s doing here. This one has a shot at being a meme. Makes Staphon so happy. But I won’t do the DRock, I’m gonna find something on somebody else. I’m gonna go with having multiple skills. I think it speaks to agility, and I love that. – [Voiceover] Anthony asks, “If
given an opportunity to swap VaynerMedia for the Jets, would you, and why or why not? Not really, right, Gary? – Anthony, I would switch VaynerMedia for the New York Jets in a hot second. Now, I would take along all the employees and make them all work at the New York Jets, and I’d assume, like,
of the 500 or so peeps that I could probably get,
like, 312 to come over. You know, or I would just create some weird advertising division within the New York Jets that
allowed me to keep everybody because I’ve fallen quite in love. I’m very in love with you guys. – Thanks, Gary. – You’re welcome. And so, you know, I’ve fallen in love with all these peeps, but I would do it, because I want to own the New York Jets, and that’s the bottom line. – Gary, my name is Zac. I’m the CEO and lead designer here at Power Labs, which
is a website design company, and my question for you today is: when you’re faced with two
equally qualified candidates, how do you choose which one to hire, assuming you only need
to hire one employee? I’m asking because I
recently needed to hire on a lot of new employees for 2015, and I appreciate your answer. Thanks, man. – Zac, so many things are
running through my head, all of them are gonna razz
you, which pisses me off, because I really appreciate
you watching the show, and you seem like an awesome dude. A couple things. No such thing as ‘equally qualified’, make a goddamn call, right, just make one. Number two, it seems like
you’re growing pretty well. There’s a weird part of me that’s trying to tell you to hire both of them. The only rationale is
that you can’t justify in any shape or form
within the first six months of 2015, you needing, there’s both so narrow,
back to the last question, great way that worked out, that you could never see you using them, because if you both, if you
love both of them so much, that you should absolutely hire them both. I’m a big fan of hiring
ahead of my growth. A lot of people are always like, how did you grow this so quickly? It’s because I am on the offense and I’m hiring ahead of my growth because I’m not worried about my margin. I’m not hiring enough that
I couldn’t make payroll if something weird happened, you know, and in a week I couldn’t make payroll, I’m leaving a cushion for practicality because I’m an immigrant
and I care about people and I wouldn’t want to have layoffs, but I’m always on the offense. So, the two big things
that pop off for me are, one, you know, are you indecisive or was it, like, the best thing to figure
out how to ask a question for the show, or if you really mean it, as a CEO, and, you know, and this is where, if you’re
CEO and lead designer, you need to put your CEO hat on and make a decision, and then, number two, as a CEO, you’re hiring a lot of people, there’s something weird,
I can’t tell you why, but there’s something weird that tells me you should hire both. – [Voiceover] Courtney asks, “Does it bother your
wife that you constantly spin your ring?” – No. Lizzie’s way too big picture for something as silly as that. This is what always pisses me off, right. You see me spinning the ring, and you decide, not you, but like, people decide, oh, he must be on his fifth ring. All my friends who never spin their ring and are very conservative
and don’t travel the world and don’t hustle 19 hours a day, all those people, they’re
on their third ring. Me? Right, you know, everybody talks about me being chaotic, and all this
stuff, and I’m like chaos and not tight and lists. Meanwhile, I don’t lost my phone, I haven’t lost my wallet, I don’t leave my bag. Meanwhile, all these people around me, the A-types, they’ve left their phone, they’ve lost their things, so, don’t sleep on my carelessness because it is dramatically smaller than most of you think. I could be chaos and
practical at the same time, and that’s what I am. And, so, Lizzie isn’t scared
of me spinning my ring because I’ll never lose it, got it? – [Voiceover] Mike asks, “How can I market a
video and rank on Google if I do not want to utilize YouTube? But willing to invest time and finances.” – Mike, this is an awkward question. The first thing that pops in my mind is, why don’t you wanna use YouTube? I’m trying to make conclusions here. Maybe you want it to be behind a paywall and get subscriptions? The energy of this question is off to me. I can’t wrap my head around why you would not want it on
YouTube in a world where, that is so much ‘by
accident’ business in there, because there’s so many eyeballs and you can SEO for it. You’re trying to SEO the video on Google when YouTube is the
number two search engine in the world and video
is native towards it. Again, every spidey sense is. Is that you wanna charge for it, which you can still do on YouTube and block it, like, you know, like, block it, like, there’s, this is off, brother. I’d love you to follow up
and give me some rationale, because I can’t find much. Somebody help me here, is there anybody got something for me? – [Steve] Unless he’s got some moral objection to YouTube. Google is the same company. – Maybe you hate YouTube and you’ve got a moral objection to YouTube, but Google is the same
company, you’re right. I can’t make this
connection point, and, boy, all of you’ve watched many shows, and many keynotes, and maybe Q and As, and this is the one thing. Maybe this is a catalyst
to live Q and A shows in the future of the #AskGaryVee Show. Maybe the people that are subscribed to my email service should get the only information of me
doing live Q and A shows in 2015, maybe that was a good opportunity to start teasing some
future opportunities. Yeah, good show. Dammit, god dammit. I had such a great question. I think of question, I’m all improv, but I had a good one this morning. I tried to regurgitate
it right now, it’s gone. Don’t even try to find it. It’s so gone, it’ll never be found. So, question of, question of the day. Oh, actually, before we go
into question of the day, I want you to show India. India did some, a piece
of a content, show her. So she’s ready. And then Steve, obviously,
is very involved, and I think it’s be inappropriate
to not show him as well. One of the exciting, new things is that garyvaynerchuck.com is gonna start pumping
out a lot more content. Think of me as like a news site as a human. So what I wanna specifically point to is the animated gif story
from, jif story, Steve, that I’m excited about, and you should check that out, and you should really, really check out what’s going on there. I think it’s, you know, a
lot of you watch my behavior, and emulate it, smartly, good move, and I think what we’re up to there is something worth peeking at. Hope you join me on
Saturday, it broke my heart that 99% of you yesterday
said you’re not coming, and I question your lack of commitment to the VaynerNation, especially people in, like, Pennsylvania and Delaware and Ohio, just, it doesn’t feel that
long to take a selfie. But, you know, you’ve decided that. Question of the day, still don’t have it. India, ask it. – What is the most amazing holiday give you ever received? – She’s so sweet. You keep asking questions,
I’ll keep answering them. Don’t forget to subscribe
to my YouTube channel. (hip hop music)

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  1. Andrew Arrington Post author

    GIF is most certainly pronounced like the peanut butter JIF, pronounce it right or the people from IMGUR pronounced (M-GRR) (screw IMAGEUR) and reddit will pounce on these comment sections like Richard Sherman on the NFL sponsor rules, you might think you're ready, but you're not. All jokes aside appreciate the show! 

  2. ryanakron Post author

    I went to buy tickets for Jersey last night but got distracted and got San Fran instead (>.<) Anything to get out of Ohio for a few days eh

  3. Nurturing Neurons Post author

    You changed the ending nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I loved the subscribe jabs!

  4. Ruth Carter Post author

    Nice socks GV!

    The best holiday gift I've gotten was a hoodie my cousin had made with one of his original designs on the back.

  5. Brandon DeJesus Post author

    I'm sure you know this but I will share anyway.  The Jets valuation is below.   As a kid my best christmas gift was an atari pac man game.  

  6. Austin Evans Post author

    Gary, maybe mike didn't want to use YouTube because he's not comfortable with video..? (Which I could relate?) just a thought. Which id be curious of your thoughts on that…
    Also I'm stoked about more content from garyvaynerchuk.com coming out from now on. STOKED. Keep it coming!

  7. Christopher Poirier-Kim Post author

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  9. Evolving SEO Post author

    FOR MIKE: About the video question – read this post: http://moz.com/blog/video-seo-post-rich-snippets

    It explains that Google has cut back dramatically on showing non-YouTube videos in normal search results. So since July this has been a harder strategy.

    You can still create your own website/page and self-host with something like @Wistia – but you can only rank that page like any other website in Google, and it won't show it as a video ranking as it would have in the past. Pre-July it would have been more possible, but not so much now.

    This is a great post what you can still do with non-YouTube videos despite Google's recent changes: http://wistia.com/blog/your-new-video-seo-strategy

    cc @Gary Vaynerchuk 

  10. Chris Myers Post author

    Great show today Gary. I just wanted to let you know that you've pushed me to start thinking outside of the box.

    I have started working on the groundwork of a YouTube channel with my 13 year old stepson that addresses the adolescent years in a comical light. It addresses serious problems and challenges such as bullying, family/home life, having a younger sibling that gets a lot more attention that the older child, and personal uniqueness.

    We haven't started filming yet but have a few scripts written. We plan on our first shoot being in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  12. Ian Fields Post author

    On a random note, I've finally subscribed to your mailing list.

    QOTD: As cheesy as it sounds it has to be the memories made with family and friends. Those get better with time. 

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    I also want to second that Zac should hire both candidates. If Zac isn't looking to hire additional help for that position in the near future then make a call. I've never come across identical candidates. Otherwise, bring both in and keep pushing that growth!

    #QOTD best holiday gift I can recently recall…my wife bought me a brand new BBQ!

  15. Matt Shorty Wells Post author

    For the question with the fella who didn't want to use YouTube, I wonder if he's in Network Marketing. YouTube, as well as Vimeo, have take a pretty strong stand against MLM and so more than a few distributors, and companies, are making moves to no longer support YouTube and Vimeo. 

    Is that why Mike?

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  18. Chef Lizette Post author

    Would LOVE to see a "Jack-n-Jill of all Trades" tee-shirt!! I especially appreciate this gem of a topic.

    The art of mastering one thing has merits if you're getting on a plane, needing open heart surgery, or getting your taxes done, etc. However, most work environments don't operate under such narrow applications.

    I think there's tremendous value in having people around you who can shift gears and use multiple talents at once. It's a sign of flexible thinking.

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    @Gary Vaynerchuk, I refuse to let you make me feel bad for not hoofing it from coast to coast for your Saturday shindig. You'll just have to buck up and get by without me. Sheesh! Needy people!

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    I'm all about the Jack of all trades idea! But it has cost me when people want "5 years of this specific skill" or "this specific industry" as if skills aren't transferable. People who know a lot are able to learn a lot.

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    #QOTD Last year I did a secret Santa with my extended family. I asked whoever got me to take the money they would spend on a gift and make a charitable donation instead. On Christmas day I opened a card with a paper inside that read "a donation has been made…" and my heart just melted – it was the greatest gift ever!

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    Side notes /questions:
    – I think the ring thing is your are a Kinetic thinker and do better while in motion
    – If I go to your hood for something how much lead time do you need to fit in  a game of bball? I must know how much of a baller you and your crew is…
    – So if you are not an A type… what type are you? Y?
    -When are you gonna start chatting about the VC world? Ill try to help and #askgaryvee  more specifics vc questions…..

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    liked and subscribed I like how you clarify jack of all trades, I work for myself since 2007 and if I wasn't I don't think I would make it, its not true what they say your a master at none I think by doing other things you get better and by having a heart for it you become really good

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