Ask Yoast: Yoast SEO premium features explained

By | August 26, 2019

Alexa emailed us saying, “My audience are travel bloggers and I think
they all use the free version of Yoast SEO. “I don’t think they would pay for Premium
unless they really understood the value. Can you share the main differences
of the free vs. the paid version?” Well, there’s nothing I like more
than an opportunity to tell you why you should give me money. So let me do that. There’s a couple of things in there that I think
are actually awesome for regular bloggers. One of those things is the redirect manager
if you change a URL somewhere you can actually redirect it, if you delete a post we will give you
options to do something with that, but even more important for bloggers
is the internal linking features that we have. We give you options on posts
that you could link to from within your current post. Based on what you’re writing about, we’ll tell
you, “Hey, this looks similar to that post. Should you link to that post,
we’ll give you those options. This will hugely increase how many
internal links you have in your site. And because of having more internal links,
people will stay on your site longer, your site will rank better,
there’s lots and lots of benefits. Yoast SEO Premium comes
with a few more options, I’d encourage you to check out
the Yoast SEO Premium page and well, go buy Yoast SEO Premium,
is not that expensive. Good luck.

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  1. Hitech work Post author

    hi yoast team, I'm just searching for sitemap and find one interesting thing in search engine result.

    Can you tell me how you did this,


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