Ask Yoast: publishing in another language and SEO

By | August 17, 2019

Justin from,
which is a in English, emailed us… “I’ve got a Dutch blog but I want
to publish an article in English. What should I do? Should I just add an hreflang tag
or something else? No, the hreflang tag
isn’t even really necessary. What you need to make sure of
is that you have… The only reason you would use an hreflang is if you had a Dutch version
and an English version of that article. If you did then you should hreflang
between them. But what’s you should make sure of
is that on the English article all the metadata shows that that is
an English article and not a Dutch article, which is quite hard to do in WordPress
if you’re not running a multilingual plug-in. But to be honest if you’re going
to publish in English maybe you should just make
a separate section of your site for it that is completely in English and add some more stuff to it that
would give you a lot more chances to rank than just having one article. Of course you have to start with something
so by all means create that English section and start with that one article
and then slowly add on to it. It’s always a good idea if you’re Dutch and if you’re English it’s good enough
to switch to English because the Dutch language
area is only decimal and the world is that big
and most of it speaks English so I would really, really encourage you
to start doing stuff in English. As we did which is why
Yoast is so popular now because I started blogging in English
eight years ago. So good luck.

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  1. Marc Hankel Post author

    great explanation! clear and easy. Thank you.


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