Ask Yoast: how to avoid competing with your own pages

By | January 21, 2020

Gamal Sabry emailed us
from Egypt saying, “I have a real estate website “and sometimes we have
the same type of villa 10 times on our site. What should I write in the title
to avoid competing with my own pages?” Well, to be fair, those 10 villas
probably each deserve their own page, because there’s something
that distinguishes them. But at that point probably the category page
that links these all together is more important to you
than these 10 individual pages. So I would spend more time on a category page
that links all of these villas than on the individual pages and I would make sure that all of them
link properly to that category page with the keywords
that you’d want to tackle. Then you’re not competing
with yourself as much; then those 10 pages are all
helping your category page rank well. Good luck.

One thought on “Ask Yoast: how to avoid competing with your own pages

  1. Nicholas Orr Post author

    nice one – open a brand new tourism site, and there is a ton of duplicate content due to the activities on each tour being the same just different combinations and orders etc.

    Will be figuring out the breadcrumbs (via the Yoast plugin and and making it fit the theme properly), I'm tempted to put out a new theme and just charge ($200 for it – then offer full install for $500 inc 1yr hosting, plus all the features of the demo site, I'm already up to us$465 for all the plugins and hosting things anyway) as I've changed this one so much it is not the same theme i bought. different html structure, booking system that actually works rather than a feature checkbox, usable gallery etc… Pretty annoyed, actually went back to looking for a wp theme that had everything, but none of them have the booking system sorted and they all miss different things in terms of the look and feel.


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