Ask Yoast: having a privacy page and SEO

By | August 24, 2019

Derek Little emailed us asking “I’ve heard
that having (or not having ) a privacy page is or was a big factor in SEO, and important
to Google. Is this still the case?” Well, as far as I know, this was only ever
a factor for the AdWords quality score, not for SEO itself. So, it was important when you were advertising
in AdWords, and not in SEO. At the same time, having a privacy page on
your site makes you look all that more professional, which can help, of course, if you’re selling
something. So, I would say, make it, think about what
you put on there, think about how you deal with the privacy of your visitors and customers. Put that on there, and show that to the world,
that’s always a good thing.Good luck!

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