Ask Yoast: Geotargeting and SEO

By | August 11, 2019

Hey! Rufino emailed us saying, “We’re considering using
a geo-targeting tool on our WordPress site “in which images and content
on the landing page will change “based on the city
the person viewing is located in. How will doing this impact SEO?” Well, to be honest, if a lot of this stuff
on the page changes, Google always comes
from Mountain View California. That’s what it will report. So, that’s the only version that will be
in the search results if all those changes
are being shown everywhere. If content really changes
then I would suggest changing the URL and doing an Hreflang implementation. If it’s just images,
you don’t need to worry as much. But if it’s really content that’s changing then you should probably look
at our Multilingual SEO Course and look at how Hreflang works
and what you can do about that. Good luck.

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