Ask Yoast: Emojis and SEO

By | August 24, 2019

Iris Schöberl emailed us
from München, where I’ve just been and
Oktoberfest was awesome once more, asking, “Do you as an SEO expert
recommend to use emojis? Or is it spam to Google?” I’m thinking that you probably mean
in the meta-description and in titles etc. where some emojis will actually
show up in the search results. If they do show up in the search results, well then I would use them
because they make you stand out and standing out in the search results
means the more people click on you and more clicks is what you want,
so yes I would use them. Would I use every emoji? No, I probably would not use the poop emoji
for pages that I want to sell something on, unless it’s poop. So see if it fits in with your brand. If it fits in with your brand, there’s nothing I have inherently
against it or in favor of it. Just see what works for your brand
and what works for your audience. And do that. Good luck.

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