Ask Yoast: Comment systems and SEO

By | August 21, 2019

Hey, Max emailed us, asking ” There is no
question that the Disqus service takes a little while to load on a webpage. So, do these blog commenting services, like
Disqus, affect SEO in some way?” Well, yes, they do. Because, in fact, they’re so slow to load
that most of the time, what you see is that Google doesn’t load the content of those
comments, and doesn’t use them to rank that page. Which might be either a good thing or a bad
thing, depending on how good your comments are and whether your comments have a lot of
content or not. I personally don’t like these services because
they slow down the page load so much and because they make it slower for people to be able
to repond to your content, which is why, on, we use the plain vanilla WordPress
commenting system with some added features that are in the Yoast Comment Hacks plugin,
which we’ve released for free on the repository. So that’s why we use that, and not any service
like Disqus. But I know there’s a lot of fans of services
like Disqus because of all the other features they have. So it’s a trade-off. We made our choice, you have to make yours. Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Ask Yoast: Comment systems and SEO

  1. Marty McLeod Post author

    Good post. Also you should be aware that Disqus is banning content creators who's content they don't like from using their commenting system. One very large & popular site recently had this happen. I used to like Disqus and comment fairly often, but this politically correct type of control over a service is unnerving. Just a head's up if you're considering using it.

  2. bestonlineresults Post author

    I don't recommend Disqus because the comments held in the system aren't SEO friendly. Also, I don't recommend adding any additional plugin to your WP site, which you don't need because it can slow down your site even more, or worse yet, can cause a conflict with another plugin on the site.

  3. Nancy Polanco Post author

    Can you migrate your comments from Disqus back to the plain WordPress commenting system?


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