Arthritis Specialist Houston Sugar Land TX – Dr. J. Michael Bennett – Orthopedic Surgeon

By | August 20, 2019

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Hello and welcome, my name is Dr. J Michael Bennett. I’m an orthopedic and sports medicine
physician practicing in the Sugar Land, Katy and Houston areas. My background is a 7+ year
experience in minimally and open surgical experience with shoulders, elbows and knees.
I’m fellowship trained in sports medicine from University of Miami at UHZ Sports Medicine
And today I wanted to go over treatment options regarding arthritis. We do have an extensive
experience here at our office dealing with arthritic conditions of the shoulder, elbow
and knee. There are many new exciting technologies out there regarding resurface resurfacing
and replacement options regarding the shoulder elbow and knee. In particular regarding the
total knee implants, there are new custom approaches regarding total knee arthroplasty.
We have extensive experience using the total knee systems that utilize this custom approach.

In addition we also perform partial knee replacements as well as resurfacing and partial replacements
of the shoulder in addition to partial resurfacing of the elbow. In particular do perform cartilage
resurfacing of the elbow, osteochondral autograph transfer system we’ve used in the elbow. In
addition we’ve used it in the shoulder and in the knee.
So if you do have any of these symptoms or
would like an opinion regarding any resurfacing options regarding your arthritic symptoms,
please feel free to contact our office at 281-633-8600 or go to our website at
or Thank you}

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