Are there any SEO certification programs you are aware of?

By | August 21, 2019

>>Matt Cutts: We have a fun question from
Nick Y in Vancouver, Britsh Columbia. Nick Y asks: “There are a lot of ‘air quotes’
“SEO Experts” ‘close air quotes’ that preach myths that you have debunked here. Are there
any industry certification programs that you are aware of?” Okay, so Nick has asked about industry certification
which is kind of a hot button topic. So I’ll answer the easy question first, which is:
Google does provide certification for certified Adwords professionals. That’s something that’s
relatively simple. You can check that people are very competent with the program; they
understand all the mechanics, the ins and outs, that sort of stuff. Certification of SEO’s is a lot more touchy
as far as a topic. There’s a lot of SEO’s that would never like to see Google offer
certification of SEO’s. And then on our side, if you certified an
SEO and then you found out that they were secretly changing and doing black cap stuff
under the hood, that would be a really big headache as well. So I don’t think that Google has officially
endorsed any SEO certification as far as I am aware of. And it’s kind of interesting because I’ve
had at least one experience where there was an industry group and that industry group
had taken in what we call a grand slam spammer. That is a spammer who had violated every single
one of our Webspam Guidelines. And I remember going to that particular group
of folks and saying: “Hey, these people really shouldn’t be listed as upstanding members
of the community.” And they sort of said: “Well, that-that’s not really our job to figure
out. That’s sort of your job and all our job is, is to sort of act as this group.” And that was sort of a-a bad situation. So
it-it’s-it’s always tough whenever you’re trying to assess how much you should trust
an SEO; how much you should weigh their merits; how much you should believe in their qualifications. So always think about asking for references.
Always look at work that they’ve done for past clients, if possible. Don’t forget to
consider the source. Don’t forget to ask yourself: “How long have they been around? What sort
of SEO do they offer? Do they offer search engine marketing and regular organic SEO?”
All those sorts of questions. So it’s a-it’s a touchy subject because while
it would be great to have some sort of certification that you could rely on so that every SEO that
had that certification would be completely ethical and you could completely trust them,
it’s gonna be tough to get to that point anytime in the near future. So in the meantime, go in with your eyes open;
keep your gut check to yourself and sort of ask yourself: “Is this person explaining what
they’re doing? Are they giving them nice amounts of explanation about all the different steps
that they’re going to take? Do those steps make sense? Are they gonna be good for our
users?” Those are the sorts of questions that you can ask. Google also has a tool on our Webmaster Help
Pages with just a bunch of resources to sort of ask yourself whenever you’re looking for
an SEO. So that can be a helpful resource as well.

23 thoughts on “Are there any SEO certification programs you are aware of?

  1. Greg B. Post author

    "Grand Slam Spammer", LOL. Love it Matt. I try to stay off the bases. Get hit by a few pitches from time to time. Don't let anyone pitch hit for me. @GregBogdan

  2. Jeff Hancock Post author

    It's just a matter of time before this happens, whether it's called SEO certification or something more generic that includes SEO topics. I wrote a blog about it over at SEOmoz but it hasn't been approved to be published. One of the pioneers in tech certification was Novell, the people who made networking operating systems before Microsoft even though about it. Who was their CEO during much of that time? Eric Schmidt.

  3. James Cook Post author

    Wouldn't a Google SEO Certification program be a monumental conflict of interest? And no certification program is a guarantee of ethical behavior.

  4. nasht00 Post author

    Even though you can't control how "ethical" they are, maybe offering a very intensive course and giving a certificate that at least those SEO experts KNOW the rules, the inner workings, etc … This would be useful.

  5. Florin Truia Post author

    Clients portofolio is the only way to verify a SEO Company. All the rest is just …talking..

  6. Nick Yeoman Post author

    Hi, I'm Nick Y from Vancouver. Thank You for your response! I get frustrated when a new client has to be un-taught all the bad habits their last "SEO Expert" told them. I'm so glad you have these videos it gives me a solid reference to provide to my clients.

  7. Preetu Gupta Post author

    Thanks for this answer…. very helpful… Now i know who should I be showing this video tooo 🙂

  8. Jeff Yablon Post author

    Umm . . . the problem here is that Matt is basically saying "we don't certify for that skill set because we don't want to reveal the secret sauce".

    Come to think of it, that's NOT a problem. Unless you think there should be such a think as SEO "certification".

  9. bangkokskater Post author

    haha. Matt didn't sound very enthusiastic talking about Google's enemy, SEO. lol

  10. Sonitek International Post author

    This is a great video to know more about SEO certification programs from SEO experts.

  11. Khaled Fawzy Post author

    i like matt he is a great looking man i think if he was not in Google
    he should be an actor

  12. thisguy Post author

    @techfoxpl This would be the link:

  13. Luis Badillo Post author

    Estaría increible tener una certificación, pero mientras tanto nos conformamos con la experiencia y trabajos previos para garantizar calidad en SEO

  14. Tin Quảng Cáo Portal Post author

    Very useful information. Do you guys have any information about this of courses in Vietnam or in Asia because I have a website that I want to push it to the best ranking.

  15. Francisco Jose Leon de Vivero Post author

    Thanks for share this video, its very clear

  16. Eliot Auteberry Post author

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  17. nmr20067 Post author

    Google would never certify in SEO. They make ZERO dollars from people implementing "SEO". Google doesn't want you learning or doing SEO; they want you to buy their damn pay per click. Simple. That's where 89% of their revenue comes from. Common Sense…..


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