7 thoughts on “Are masks effective? Is it worse than the flu? A COVID-19 Q&A with a UW doctor – New Day NW

  1. JAY SUNG Post author

    Is she really qualified to talk about this virus?? What does she know about this deadly virus?

  2. vahid alavifar Post author

    Again another show with just repetitive information…!!!
    How long is it going to take till at least someone gives some valid data about it?!

  3. Kavik 28 Post author

    Surgical masks do not protect you….per the CDC…..you need to have a skin tight seal. But, like they said…if you have it…do use the mask…it will help keeping the moisture droplets from spreading to other people…..

  4. YK KY Post author

    do not listen to this lady said that kids tend to do better ,They are not !!! so many kids died in China already because of this virus! this is mis-leading information !

  5. Kenjiro5775 Post author

    Wrong! This virus is airborne. People can contract this virus room-to-room. The WHO and the CDC are behind on the clinical data


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