Are All SEO-Tools Completely Wrong!? (#011) I Found Bugs In The Big SEO Tools, Can You Trust Data?

By | February 18, 2020

hello and welcome to another episode of
the other marketing guys we’re going to talk about our all SEO tools completely
wrong Martin you work at an SEO I’m biased
so I’m biased you’re biased but you’re also we can do this sort because I use
SEO tools I have a marketing agency and you work at an SEO tool and my title is
are all of them completely wrong all right yeah just a little bit yeah so
they are wrong okay let’s say you you are actually a tool that is this secret
I don’t know but you you do you don’t gather your own info right okay you also
like show and aggregate a lot of info from a lot of yeah yeah like a truth for
example and so you you did at some point link data right yeah maybe
okay that’s okay that’s the secret maybe okay at least for now but we are just
games got from one of my content sides yeah dr ninety link
do you follow link from New York Magazine but age v cannot index it why
because the the are a complete turn talk to the tech department and they said no
it’s because we only index one megabyte of each page and my link was below they
one megabyte point okay that’s I didn’t even know that I did not know that
either so it’s like how many links are you not and not shown in Atreus it’s
complete it’s crazy because when you analyze campus competitors which is the
main reason to use each with you do not know their link
profile hmm not even know I know tool has been able to show me the do follow
link I have from New York Magazine damn and if you check the New York magazine
article I have put the exact article inside a trip it has I think like 3040
links going to the exact article so it’s not that it’s not indexed I know it’s
indexed in Google and I’ve seen the traffic spike because I have no links
prior to this so I know it’s indexed I know it has links a trip can’t show it
have you tried entering it in our tool because you can okay so I think this is
one of the caveats okay I think this is actually a real thing that we can talk
about SEO tools in general so I wrote a post recently I’m not sure if I
published I think I did already but the idea is that you have two types of
crawling in SEO tools you have user-generated crawling and you have
automatic crawling such as google the way Google crawls I think the problem
with most SEO tools is that they get really good at automatic crawling so
then finding links from each other but they don’t really substitute that data
with user not substitute but either rather like benefit like add upon that
later with user-generated links so that let’s say you build a link and you can
directly go and put that link in there and they can crawl that page and find
that link for you and I think this is really important because think about it
like everyone wants to see their links being like indexed immediately so it’s
your incentive to go and put your links and it’s their incentive to find it
those links because then they provide a better service for you right you can
show your clients yeah because if this was a client page yeah we got a dr9 a
link for yeah they they couldn’t know I can see it we actually had a client at
some point who was like okay so how many links did you
build because we can really see all the numbers you are presenting us and we
have a luckily list month everything we do so i cousin and it’s a thing where
it’s a lot around 50% got indexed at that point mm-hmm well so yeah and to be
this it’s you are you can do a pitch for you to I mean it’s not necessarily a
pitch because I don’t want to sell I’d much rather because I’ve had several
conversations with users along the way I’d much rather present like shoulder to
to you guys and then you decide whether it’s worth it or not I feel confident
about it but of course there’s obviously limitations and we’re a small company so
I don’t want to be sells you like Oh buy our stuff buy our stuff because if you
think about it there’s what like 300 tools on the market right now yeah you
have to decide what it stands out for you because it’s quite different
actually than the rest but let’s not talk about let’s talk about tools in
general please okay so another another another thing is that search volume has
been like yeah a thing for me – yeah it’s not only for me the youtubers big
youtubers have triggered it for me soozee say that this is wrong and once
you realize it you can’t go back it’s it’s like it’s like an ebony moment for
some SEO who has been working on it so long I just saw her posts LinkedIn the
other day complaining about people were relying on search volume and saying if
you put in this word and this word which is two different kind of the same work
you have the double the search volume so the amount of traffic is doubled
potential no it’s actually something that’s wrong with you – well quick
question was it from a very big Danish agent yeah same and I was like no
because you don’t even know what search was what the right search one on this
I’m right now thinking about developing a
what we called rank tracker for the back end of our clients and pulling the data
from search control and stuff because I do not want to rely on all these
external tools I think this could actually be a topic of its own but there
is also problems with search console we can yeah there is okay there is problems
but I’d rather rely on search console than any other rank record I’d actually
think that rank trackers are the most accurate yeah like as close as possible
like the most useful SEO to you can get is definitely a rank tracker because
then you were more or less sure that it works but about search volume I agree
yeah but if you have a rank tracker and you put in the nice thing about rank
tracker is that you could put a start date and then you put it today and you
could see the develop from the start date em to the day and you can see their
crafts down and you don’t have like that possibility pair and you can track the
keywords you want to in Google okay because if you if you if you want to if
you want to like I want to track these 20 keywords in my Google search console
you can like flag them in search console oh so you want to pull from search
console yeah I want to pull the data from yeah that’s a bill and I just want
to say okay I want these two new keywords from the search console and I
don’t care about all sort of because when you grow as a side you get found of
all sort of weird keywords has nothing to do with anything
so you have to like these 20 or 100 keywords that’s your like reporting
especially as a consulting agency you have something you need to report for
Divine’s and if you do it’s instead of doing from
like a cure anchor your two or HS then you can we could do it as our own
reporting from Google search console and you can see this is a day we started the
average rank for this keyword with this yeah and now they have it with this I’m
also a bit like wary about average rank to be honest because if you think about
it let’s say you have an information of course now we just wrote one on
and it turns out that it ranks for very weird stuff did the average rank in
general the big average rank at the top of the average rank for each key ok so
if you select 100 keywords and the average spring from these hundred or the
average rate for the specific keyword but the average rank from an entire
Google search console profile that’s you can use that for anything or even per
page yeah because I talked to one of my buddies and he said so they decided to
try to analyze together and it lost traffic and he said oh but the average
rank is the same so it’s fine no you can’t just say the average rank in the
tied Google search console but that could mean that you just are not shown
on broader keywords so and the average rank could drop even though you’re doing
better and better because you have more and more longtail so that everything is
is sake so the main question is are all SEO to was completely wrong and I would
say yes okay I think we maybe have to rank tracker the rank tracker the way in
rank tracker works is that some point doing today they’re going to check the
search term against Google with their bot and see what the ranking is but the
rank could in some bigger chose could change ten times a day yeah so did the
exact time it tested could be a good time and or a bad time yeah technically
yeah but I don’t think anyone I mean it’s gonna cost massive google that’s
why the average rank today yeah okay yeah that’s a good point actually yeah
that’s a good point I think we should actually split it in
pillars so that to see different keyword tools and how they’re useful because for
example I think maybe we should look at it more like pros vs. cons so let’s say
pros in my opinion definitely our keyword research not because search
volume and and so on and so on but purely because I cannot come up with so
many keywords or let’s say I have a client that’s in a very weird industry
that I’ve never heard thing about I still need to be able to
find words like that like arisen and explore ideas primarily for ideas yeah
rank tracking in my opinion is okay it’s sufficient enough of course as you say
there is many more specific allottees it really depends on how advanced you are
links I don’t think anyone will ever get that completely right there’s just some
too many limitations and it costs too much money to to do a burning building
to and then of course like metrics like search volumes and all of that I think
that’s no one can even get that close enough I think no purely because of
keyword groupings as you said that’s kind of we started with actually it’s
like very similar keywords or plurals of keywords being grouped together into one
search volume and I think even keyword difficulty is a very rectum derived yeah
I think that’s a term II this number is coming from my ass okay so do we have
more about these SEO tools you maybe you the main thing the main conclusion in
this video is do not trust blindly in any number that any tool provide which
also an extension do not trust any number blindly that any consultant
provides because they only have access to numbers so the way that there are
some McKinsey does some sort of its consulting language the the way to do
the right consulting language which to the tip to to formulate that something
that one could only is one would is the best and it’s I can’t really translate
it something about the if we estimate this then this could be the closest
thing so it’s like statistics with like confidence confidence score something
yeah something that when you when they say something they do not say it as fact
so it’s it’s like every time they I just heard something podcast about some
former McKinsey consultant or Adam it’s like they have a specific language so
it’s it’s like when I also talked to my one of my clients it’s like okay if we
agree that this is the closest thing to the real number then this based on these
data could be the best theory yeah so instead of saying this is the this is
your yeah this is a potential and this is how it works because one thing I hate
right now on LinkedIn especially is a very young especially into the marketing
field the marketing yeah they are doing a Facebook Ads
and I said oh this company only used 5,000 kroner and got five hundred
thousand kronor in revenue and they just ripped they just have like soccer
clients and then they report directly from the Facebook Ads interface and with
the Facebook Ads interface with standard settings it’s the attribute value from
views so okay so some people saw this ad or scroll past it so and now they bought
so this must be great yeah so attribute attribute that’s a good topic we should
that’s all I deep into that so about a SEO tools can you just just trust the
Google Analytics no because Google Analytics is cookie based and you switch
device and if you go in to see you see if you have an e-commerce store you go
in G okay I have this much revenue from my organic channel and this much revenue
from my page Channel and that is completely Porsche that is from a lot of
people’s bottoms it’s you can’t use that to anything
mmm it’s crazy so yeah and on that note I think it’s time to repent wrap it up
we will see you and the next episode bye

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  1. 100 Percent Organic SEO Post author

    Martin your SEO tool is fantastic been using it for about 7 morning starts with a coffee and a mission. It's probably the only tool available that keeps you linear and out of the data analysis paralysis…and even better it's the only way I report to clients in $$$ figures not jargon.
    Simon can connect us if you want

  2. mikechrest7 Post author

    whats with action porn music in the background , maybe a laugh track as well would be good ..


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