applique ceci sur tes dents pour les blanchir très rapidement:les résultats sont immédiats

By | September 2, 2019

Hello my loves in this new video
I present you a simple recipe, easy and as usual very accessible to everything
the world to have white teeth and Healthy, I often told you about ginger
it is true but never in this context; I’m sure you’ll love
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community, let me know in the comments for me to put you a heart Ginger is known for its aphrodisiac effects
,stimulating It is a tonic that is indicated in case
This is not for nothing that this spice was the most sought after in the Middle Ages the medicinal properties of this fabulous
root are limitless: it facilitates the digestion of fats
and stimulates intestinal transit. Help a fast hair growth Ginger has many other attributes like
that of easing dental pain simply by mixing its powder with water. Acting
like an aspirin, ginger is an analgesic active.
But as you could see it is not what interests us here, no we want
we use it to heal, strengthen, and whiten teeth, make them
healthier and stronger You can use it in case
of Toothache: Consistent dough is used
that we will have previously obtained by mixing
ginger powder with water. Just soak on a piece of
cotton and wring it out to put it on the tooth
painful and not on the gum. By its action, ginger irritates the area
cutaneous to hold blood close to the skin and decrease
inflammation. We can also mix the
ginger powder with chili powder red. It will have the same results the two ingredients you will need
it’s baking soda Why baking soda can help you
fight against dental plaque and different stains due to tobacco, coffee or tea? Simply because the bicarbonate grains
very thin, act as a mild abrasive on your teeth and strengthen considerably
the action of brushing on dental plaque and the ugly chores due to coffee, tea
or tobacco. The consequence: whiter teeth. Our third ingredient is lemon
It is possible to whiten teeth in using lemon juice for its power
abrasive. Indeed, the acidity of lemon juice will act
on tartar and help reduce dental plaque. However, its action
being very efficient and likely to damage tooth enamel in the long run, it is better
to not use this method more than twice a week.
Used too frequently, lemon can prove to be harmful by demineralizing
the teeth and weakening the enamel. Note that sodium bicarbonate can
neutralize the citric acid. It is therefore for that we mix the two in this
recipe, in addition to their double whitening action Differentiate well the lemon juice from the aroma
lemon. Lemon is a citrus fruit that can be used
in various ways to whiten teeth naturally, although we must be careful
with. Indeed, the dangers of money laundering
teeth are real. * Anyway, it’s important to
to distinguish real lemon juice, lemon toothpastes that are, in reality,
qu’aromatisés. * So even organic products (some
toothpastes) that use essential oil of lemon only use it as an aroma
and not for the slightly abrasive virtues which we will discuss below. Here’s how to proceed.
You peel your ginger as you see me doing since the beginning, you take
a very small amount, the equivalent a teaspoon of juice or pulp
,, then the juice of half a lemon, and a half spoon of baking soda, for
those who are in a hurry or who have afraid of not being able to support the taste, to add
a little toothpaste, * Manual
A few grams on your toothbrush. * Caution
Do not exceed 2 to 3 uses per week, do not swallow. Do not hesitate to talk about it
with your dentist or doctor,. So here I am, thank you for watching
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