Apartment SEO: The Biggest Mistake We See Multifamily Companies Making

By | August 23, 2019

– Hey it’s Josh from Resident360. In this quick video, I’m going to share with you the biggest on
page SEO mistake we see multifamily companies making right now. So, we look at a lot of apartment websites from an SEO perspecitve, and the very first thing we look at when we’re doing a site audit is we look at the keywords and how they’re used. So, for example, let’s
say you have a website. It’s in La Jolla, California, so the ideal search term
or the ideal keyword that you probably want to go for would be “apartments in La Jolla,
California”. Right? People are searching “La Jolla”, “apartments in La Jolla, California”. You probably want your apartment community to pull up for that. So, what you’d want to do is make sure that keyword “apartments
in La Jolla” comma “CA”, which is the abbreviation
for California, obviously, but you want to make sure that keyword is in your title tag. Okay? Next, you want to make
sure that keyword is in your meta description. So, for example, somebody’s
searching on Google “apartments in La Jolla, California”, they see the search results, so they see the title tag first, “apartments in La Jolla, California”. They see your URL. Let’s call it Astanze Apartments, and underneath that they
see the description, which is your meta description. So, it could be something
like, “Looking for apartments in La Jolla, California” question mark “Check out Astanze Apartments. Located in downtown La Jolla
Village. Outstanding views. Walk to the restaurants. Check us out.” That could be a fantastic
meta description. But next, you want take that keyword, that “apartments in La
Jolla, California” keyword, and you wanna make sure it’s in the h1 tag of your website. So on your homepage, that
h1 tag is the headline. It’s the very top part top headline that tells Google exactly
what that website is about. So, that H1 tag could
be “Luxury apartments in La Jolla, California”. Then, you want to look at
the text on that webpage. How many times is that
keyword listed in your text? Now, ideally, you’ll at least want to have it once, twice is fantastic. You don’t want to be spammy and put it in there five or six or seven times, but you roughly want to have text, and you wanna have that
keyword in your text. Next, you want to make sure that it’s in the alt tag for any
images that you have. So let’s say you have three or four images on your home page. Make sure the alt tag has
a variation of that keyword “apartments in La Jolla,
California” dash “balcony shot”. “La Jolla apartments” comma “CA” for California dash “pool shot”, so you can do your alt tags like that. And another little trick
to do is actually take the file name the image
name of that picture, you know that dot JPEG file name, and name it with your keyword as well. We have seen that to give an
upper hand in on page SEO. And then finally, load time.
I mean load time is massive. So, testing load time
out and making sure that that website has a fantastic load time. So, I would say that’s
probably the biggest issue we see right now with on page
SEO for apartment websites is keyword consistency, makin’ sure that keyword is consistent from title to meta to h1 to body copy to alt tag to even file name. If you do those things, and your website is currently sitting on, let’s say page two of Google, chances are, if you are
consistent with that keyword, all across then you probably gonna move up into position eight, nine, or ten at least that’s what we’ve found. So, I hope this video was helpful. If we can help out in
any way, shape, or form, feel free to reach out. I’m Josh Grillo for Resident360. Thanks for watching.

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