Angel’s Last Mission: Love | 단 하나의 사랑 EP.7 – Part.3 [ENG]

By | November 15, 2019

What would you like? – Wow, hotdogs! / – Wow, hotdogs! Go inside first. I’ll buy them for you. – Okay! / – Okay! – Twenty hotdogs to go. / – Okay. Here. Hey, did you watch that? Geum Nina’s live broadcast is on fire. You mean Lee Yeonseo? She’s such a rude wench. She’s notorious. My friend who’s in Fantasia told me how awful she was. Yeonseo would make others cry and even hit them. Why? Her career won’t last forever. But her fortune will. That’s how she got the cornea transplant and is so obnoxious. Gosh, I envy her. Out of all the people you could envy, you had to envy her who’s hated by everyone? I bet she lost her vision because karma got to her. – Who is he? / – I’m sorry. Thank you. Lee Yeonseo, that stupid gong. – Goodbye. / – Thank you. Did you see that? – Live broadcast? / – My goodness. “Awful Character”? “Noise marketer”? Let’s see. (“Ballerina Lee Yeonseo’s Awful Character”) My gosh. What are you all doing? Can you see her? This is a surprise party we prepared in secret. She can see again. Please give my cousin a lot of applause and love. There’s no hope for a ballet theater that lacks dignity. I told you to stop. Get ready for practice. Director Ji. When will Yeonseo come? If she doesn’t come, who will I dance with? The official announcement for the casting hasn’t been announced yet. Are you sure she’s the lead? We’ve never done “Giselle” before. Until when should we do this without the lead? You lack skills but are greedy. You lack the capability, but only blame others. Those who do that… are called punks. Right? Mind your own business. I will bring her here. We’ll begin the practice. Who told you… to change the practice song? I was going to see you anyway. Excuse me, Associate Director Geum. Let’s go to the meeting room. We’re having an emergency board meeting. How could you humiliate us like this? Were you trying to do noise marketing? Our ballet theater doesn’t need to stoop that low. – I know. / – Is Yeonseo returning? The problem is, Director Ji has yet to persuade her. – What? Persuade her? / – My gosh. I’m at a loss for words. What will you do now? If you’re going to use our money, you’d better do things right! What are you doing when you can’t even take responsibility for this? Come up with a solution! What’s the plan? – Tell me! / – What will you do? I’ll bring Lee Yeonseo. I’ll bring her in front of this entire country. The ballerina who lost her sight in an accident, Lee Yeonseo, who’s notorious for her temper, will announce her return at a press conference. This will turn the tables, and you’ll be able to make money. It will work. What if… you fail? I’ll do whatever you want. Whether it be children’s “Swan Lake” or something else. – What? / – What? – Children? / – Children? What is he saying? “A press conference”? Director Ji. Hand out a press release about a press conference. Tell them Yeonseo will appear in front of them. What if she refuses? Let’s not make things worse and just choose Nina instead. Yeonseo will come. Also, don’t you dare meddle with my songs ever again. It won’t work anyway. That video of Yeonseo has already spread. It will work out. The one who caused it is going to fix it.

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    I really pity him he is soo cute like a little kid😘😘😘

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    Oh,ive already spotted three characters here in Healer drama🤩🤩


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