American Male Voice Overs – 12 Voice Over ‘Samples Video’

By | August 20, 2019

0:00american male voice overs how would you
like to get more leads more patience 0:03and increase your profits do your chiropractor
0:06you build your website expecting it to get you a flood of new patients
0:10but instead your only giving a trickle of visitors to your website each week
0:15I know exactly how you feel 0:19this application doesn’t just provide
a great source a motivational material 0:23goal-setting time management personal
and business development and financial 0:27management
0:28I L A also offers what no other application on the market does
0:32the ability to generate income 0:36would you like to learn how to make money
online within three hours 0:39now you can to leveraging the power of
search engines like yahoo 0:43big a Google learn from feel the traffic
0:47how it’s done all you need is a website that is optimized for the search engines
0:51a traffic that is said to your site for free
0:54quality 0:56brilliance
0:58bunny of fun if you had a choice in your network virtualization
1:04centrally managed and secured all while leveraging the latest devices
1:08data crow offers ideal flexibility 1:12if you have any direction to send I can
follow that as well such as 1:15just a normal voice or talk real slow
or 1:19and you thought real fast ton/tons energy
however you want me to do it 1:22I will make it happen for you great way
to get your business out there you can 1:26use is audio on
1:27other radio podcast this your audio to use for
1:30ever 1:31if you need a fast pace voice-over to
get your potential clients 1:35pumped up about your fabulous offer I
can do that or if you need a laid-back 1:39natural sounding voice over for instructional
purposes 1:43I can do that also or if you’re advertising
of monster truck rally american male voice overs
1:47I could do that actual 1:51operation united presents the 7th annual
camp United 2013 1:55hi I’m glad you called because the information
you’re about to hear 2:00could very well change your financial
future for the better 2:03technology has evolved tremendously in
the past few decades 2:07and today we use technology for all our
2:10information needs 2:12here’s a quick sample have sum up my previous
work so if you’ve got a small 2:17to medium-sized local business
2:19I know what drives you not set unique sense of wonder
2:23amazement and the spark up a match in Asia a place
2:26what the Sun shines brighter where the water tastes
2:29fresher the three love chill brew tingling you taste buds
2:34I will record produce and send you our professional recording have your script
2:39here are a few samples of my work 2:42to anyone else it’s just a big ol comfy
chair 2:45to me its family passed on through generations
back 2:49it’s the proctor my grandfather build
in the one word sit on his lap 2:53completely captivated with his stories
what I have a headache 2:56I like to be able to go to the medicine
cabinet reach for something I know 3:00work something I have confidence in
3:03you may have noticed a disturbing trend traditional marketing methods are
3:07expensive 3:08in are becoming less and less affected
so we’re commuter to get more cups in 3:12your door
3:13in more %ah rose in your baby’s without breaking the bank
3:16well it’s hard not to notice that the mobile revolution has it
3:21have you ever been with a group of friends and someone sits down at a piano
3:25in place beautifully 3:26have you watched people gather around
the listen glowing with admiration 3:30maybe some other listeners even started
singing along to the music 3:34in a magical spontaneous moment if you
like me 3:37every time this happens you wish you could
be that guy 3:41our mission is to kill these unwanted
unexpected telemarketing calls in 3:45transition the process to a social media
platform 3:48where you’ll be able to network on your
own terms no more cold calls 3:52no more sales calls no more interruptions
3:55now you can run your business as smoothly as possible with no
3:59unwanted calls american male voice overs

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