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By | August 26, 2019

Hi everyone and welcome to Epinium
Analytics. If you arrived here is because you know that optimize Amazon
listings takes so long and it’s easy to make mistakes.
I can imagine you with your spreadsheet software changing things having no idea
about Amazon style guides, or even directly in Amazon Seller Central that is really really slow. With Epinium Analytics you can manage all your Amazon
Seller Central accounts in one place, get actionable insights, save 60% of time
optimizing and follow the Amazon SEO best practice to multiply your sales. To
optimize a product, first of all, you need to do a keyword research and I have here
mine already done. There’s a lot of different ways to do a keyword research,
everyone has his own method so I’m not going to waste time on this. Once you
have your keywords and you have already decided which products you want to
optimize, first you have to copy and paste the keywords in each product in
Epinium Analytics. In my case I have two different categories: sheets and towels so
I will take all the keywords related with sheets, I copy them, now I go to Epinium Analytics, to the keywords section and I paste all the keywords
with these products related, with all the sheets that I have. I have a lot of products in this category
because I will show you that it’s the same product but in different colors and
sizes. This is one of the advantages of Epinium Analytics, that you can keep the
same information with similar products and I will show you now how… Ok I have
the sheets already done now I go here again and I take towels, copy all the
keywords related with towels, I come back to Epinium Analytics and I’m paste these
keywords in my towels. So we can start optimizing our titles, one of the main
advantages that you have with Epinium Analytics is that you can edit all
titles in once and upload them to Amazon. Imagine that you have one product with
ten different colors and different sizes, if you edit them directly in your Amazon
account you will have to enter in each product and edit them one by one. Here
you have to edit just one and copy and paste it as many times as you need just
changing the size or color. For example this one we can paste our current title
that we have already in Amazon or easily add keywords, for example…paste current
…okay now for example I can change the color blue
or I can add more keywords related with the keywords that I pasted at the
beginning in the keywords section for example
twin sheets…okay…just clicking on here I will add these keywords or I can
capitalize all words just clicking on here And we can do the same with the rest of
titles I can copy this paste it here and change the color or size as you need. The
same for bullet points you can see how many bullet points you have in each
product so you can easily detect in which ones you can add more information,
copy/paste from one product to another or add keywords related according to the
keywords you added at the beginning just clicking on them. In images you can see
how many images you have in each product and you can access directly to your
account to add more images just clicking on this button. Ok so let’s go to search
terms. Search terms are one of the most important factors to rank your listings
according to the keywords that people use to find products. There’s no any
reward if you repeat keywords in search terms that you have already in the title
or bullet points so it’s very important to optimize the keywords you add because
Amazon just index 250 characters. Before to have Epinium Analytics the process
was so long because I had to sort the keywords by volume, remove the
duplicated keywords and then add these keywords to my Amazon account but
Epinium Analytics adds for me all the keywords from my keywords section
removing the duplicated keywords! So I don’t have to do anything, I just check
if there’s any keyword I’m not interested in for example this one and I
take it off. So now I have the search terms for this product so I can do the
rest of products easily from here. Now we have titles, bullet points, images and
search terms so we can add now descriptions. If you go to one product and click on
the HTML section you can write regularly and Epinium will translate
this to HTML and will upload it to your Amazon account so you can take advantage
of bolds, italics and bullet points without knowing HTML. Ok so now we’ll have
all our listings optimized just clicking on upload changes to Amazon and that’s
it! So…thanks to watch this video and enjoy Epinium Analytics.

3 thoughts on “Amazon SEO Tool to Rank your Products on Page 1 – EPINIUM ANALYTICS

  1. Marco Tassiano Post author

    The tool is nice and user-friendly, but it needs some further tweaks/improvements to become more "powerful".

    For example, I cannot see how you manage the keyword RELEVANCY.

    A (too) simple mash-up of copied&pasted keywords is not able to optimize a listing perfectly.

  2. rdb kevinrs Post author

    I cannot see how you manage the search, why ?

  3. ironice85 Post author

    Great Video. Would love to know which Keyword tool you use to find out the monthly sales?
    Thanks in advnce


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