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By | August 16, 2019

amazon is expected to reach 100 billion in annual sales within the next two years with over 50% of merchandise sales attributed to third-party sellers that means some of us Amazon sellers are going to be making a lot of money how big is your chunk of the pie what if it can be bigger at amz tracker we asked ourselves the same question which led us to create powerful software to skyrocket your Amazon sales ditch the spreadsheet with our Amazon keyword rank tracking track where you rank for your keywords optimize your product listings and increase your sales never enter a market blind again with sales tracking track sales of products to assess the potential of a new market or keep an eye on competition to see what’s working crush your direct competitors with our next level super URL SEO tool put yourself in the buy box teach Amazon which keywords to rank you for and get an edge on your competition keep an eye on your customers with review monitoring automatically get notified of bad reviews so you can respond immediately we even have our own review network to ethically boost your positive reviews and dominate your competition we’re adding more features all the time so you have everything you need to supercharge your sales in one easy-to-use tool if you ever get stuck visit our community section where you’ll find answers to all of your most pressing questions when you look back on this year will you be among those who rode the wave to the top or will you miss out on one of the biggest growth opportunities in history if you’re one of the select few who’s serious about coming out on top give yourself the clear advantage with amz tracker sign up now to see firsthand what a emsy tracker can do for your Amazon business or subscribe to our newsletter to learn more

8 thoughts on “Amazon Seller Software by AMZ Tracker

  1. AMZ Tracker Post author

    Learn The Basics Of AMZtracker

  2. CraftyGurl420 Post author

    Whoever added the background music to your video didn't pay for it, I can hear the watermark in the background. Not professional at all.

  3. Michael Little Post author

    Disappointed that the person that made this video didn't pay for the audio file. You can still hear it saying "Audio Jungle" in the background 🙁 Sad times 🙁

  4. Riken Magic Post author

    WOW! they are that successful that they can't afford to buy a song you can hear the "Audio Jungle"

  5. AngercorE Post author

    This is from the guys who make
    So nice.

  6. iryna lysenko Post author

    never use this service again! they are liars and will charge you during trial period and will never refund. awful customer service!

  7. stone john Post author

    I don`t know how other people feel about their service, but what I feel is terrible! Be careful, once you forget to cancel it after 7 days free trail is over, then you are probably on your own! I subscribed an 7 days free trail, then they charged me $400 since I stared the free trail, and during those 7 days, there was no available way to get money back for Alipay users like me. The worst thing is their customer service, basically speaking, all what they are trying to say is that I should`ve been more careful, it was not their fault at all. I contacted their English service and Chinese service, both of them were so cold-talking, "You should've been more careful", that is what they say to get rid of their responsibility. I took 2 nights to talk to those guys, and got nothing back. So, as what they told me, I want to say "Be careful of these guys!" Hey,AMZ TRACKER! Do business with your honesty and sincerity!

  8. NUOVANOTE Post author

    This is a scam they stole my money in 3 clicks 400$. I registered for a free trial with a wrong email so I never sow the trial version and they took my money after 2 weeks talking with them they still never cancel my account and apparently they will continue stilling money from me


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