AMAZON FBA: How To Find Keywords to Use in Your Listing for Free

By | August 22, 2019

Are you looking for keywords but don’t want
to pay for a service? Watch this video to find one free way that
you can find keywords your customers are actually searching for. Hey welcome back for another episode of The
Bootstrap Boutique where beginners build businesses, I am glad you are here because today we are
going to talk about finding keywords. When you’re selling a product on Amazon you’ve
got to think about their search box just like any other search engine. So they are taking keywords that you’re putting
in your listing and trying to match them with keywords that customers are using to try and
find product. That’s why its so important to do good keyword
research, because when your customer goes to that Amazon search bar and types in whatever
they’re looking for, you want your product to be at the top of the list. And having the right keyword is not the only
factor that is going to put you at the top but it’s definitely an important one that
you have complete control over, so we’ve got to make sure we’re making good use of it. Now of course there are keyword tools out
there that you can pay for that will go into your competition’s backend, scrape their keywords
and tell you what’s converting, but if you’re like me and you’re just starting out and you
don’t necessarily have the money to spend I’m going to show you a free way that you
can go and find the words that your customers are using to say about your or a similar product. All it’s going to cost you is a little elbow
grease. Let’s go to the computer and I’ll show you
what I mean. Oh hey guys, whatcha doing? Uh, nothing much here just checking out up
blog. So, seriously though. Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to go over to Amazon, and once
that pulls up, I apologize for my slow internet, I live in the middle of nowhere, but once
that pulls up, we’re going to go and search our competitiors or what we think we may want
to sell. So I’m just going to choose a product that
I’ve actually been researching lately. What is it called? Children’s saucer swing, I think that’s what
its called. These look really fun. Maybe when my son is a little older I’m going
to get him one. Yeah, one of these things. So this is also, like, Blue Island, that’s
not a brand I know, it’s something you would imagine, so Super Duper Spinner, it’s something
that you would imagine people are going to be pretty brand agnostic on this. As you see as you scroll through there’s no
overarching really big brand name that you’re going to be competing against, these are all
small businesses, private label sellers, et cetera. So we’re just going to pick one, well actually
we’re not going to pick one. What we’re going to do, is I’m going to come
up to my Jungle Scout chrome extension and I’m going to let it tell me what’s good. So as this loads, we’re going to look for
3 or 4 or more depending on how many reviews you have, different products that are similar
to ours, what we are going to be private labeling here in this made up example, and try and
look at their reviews. So, I don’t really have a science here on
what I’m going to be looking for, I just want to go ahead and search by estimated sales,
the other way, with the most at the top, and I want to look at a mix of estimated sales
and number of reviews because we want to look at something that is just going to give us
the biggest bang for our buck looking for something. So obviously estimated sales a month of 91,
that’s in the top good many of how many are out there, 499 reviews. Let’s make sure this is kind of the same thing
and it is so I’m going to go ahead and open this up in a new tab. And then let’s pull these ones too. 145 reviews, 360 sales but oh see, that’s
not what we’re looking for. So we’re going to throw that one out. The next one down, also not what we’re looking
for so let’s see here. How about this one, oh that’s a whole set. No, that’s not what we want. Here we go, Swinging Monkey, that’s what we
want, that only has 5 reivews. Or no, sorry, thats 5 stars, 58 reviews. Ok thats a good one. How about this one which is oddly listed in
Home & Kitchen, um you know what that might be finding us some different good keywords,
so we’re going to go with it. And while I’m waiting for those…. And I like to pull up Jungle Scout and use
it just because its going to help me see more quickly what is actually selling and then
where the reviews are so its just kind of faster than trying to do it through the Amazon
listing. If you don’t have Jungle Scout you can absolutely
just do it through the listing that’s totally fine. And also while this is finishing loading I’m
going to go ahead and pull up a google documents spreadsheet. Ok I am going to go ahead and name this Saucer
Swing Keywords. Say Saucer Swing five times fast. Ok guys, so here is what we are going to do. We’re going to take the words that our customers
are using and basically use it against them. But in a really good way. So we’re going to go and look at these reviews
on these products and see what words our customers use to describe these products, because they
are going to come up with things that I or you would not think of. So like I said, Saucer Swing, you already
see one here, spinner swing, tree swing, swing with friends, family swing. These are things that I probably would not
have come up with by myself, but I’m just going to go ahead and highlight them because
this person has already done the work to find those keywords. I’m just going to stick them in here and it’s
all going to be on that same line, I’m not really worried about that right now though,
its not something that we need to be super concerned with, the formatting. We’ll go through and deal with that later. So here you go, you see that this is a pretty
nice looking listing, they’ve got some bullets and a mix of upper and lower case stuff, so
we’re just going to go through and see what looks good first here in the listing. Because like I said this person has already
done the work to optimize. So we see that they say 40″ diameter. Ok, well your swing may not be 40 inches but
it does tell us that hey, we should include the diameter because that might be something
that people are searching for. And from here we are going to go down to our
customer reviews and we’re just going to see how people are choosing to describe these
products. So let’s see. Not being made out of netting. That may be important but that’s a really
long keyword and I don’t know if someone would actually search not being made out of netting
so we’ll go ahead and skip that one. OMG kind of fun for kids and adults. I kind of want one of these things, they look
really fun. But we’ve already go tree swing so I”m going
to skip it. Once your list starts to get really long you’re
not going to remember that’s why I’m putting it in the spreadsheet so we can sort later. Large swings, durable fabric. maybe a keyword that you would want somewhere
in there. Here’s one, so we’ve already got tree swing
but what about wooden tree swing, and then super spinner, 2 rope swing. Here’s a good one, solid mesh. You could definitely add that. Outdoor swing, we don’t have that one yet. Outdoor swing, copy and paste. Giant Tree Swing. So we don’t have giant yet. Ok so let’s move on to the next one. Now if you were doing this for you, you’d
go through them all, but I don’t think you want to watch me do that. And I’m just going to go in and type some
words that I keep seeing over and over again like swing, spin, swinging, spinning. Something I see a lot here about this one
in particular is the only thing negative was the assembly. Three or four of these reviews that I’ve read
already just on page one have talked about how hard it is to assemble. So maybe you have one that’s an easy to assemble,
so you say easy assembly or easy to assemble. Because if I was reading that, if I was going
to go buy one of these things and I kept seeing this over and over again, hard to assemble,
difficult to assemble, then I might go up and search saucer spinner swing easy assembly. Or already put together or something like
that because I don’t want to deal with something that is hard. Oh and this is one that I’ve seen a couple
of times, I don’t know why I’ve been glossing over it but I have, sensory swing. So for people that have sensory disorders
or maybe are on the autism spectrum, it looks like this is a product that is helping them
which is awesome and maybe something that you want to incorporate into your marketing
if you know, this applies for you. So I’m not going to go through the several
hundred reviews that these three items have and go on Amazon and pull out every single
keyword, I think that you get the point from what I’ve got here. There’s a lot of different ways that customers
are going to describe a product similar to what you’re selling and it’s really beneficial
if you take those exact words that they are already using and use those as keywords in
your back end. That’s going to help Amazon when somebody
goes in and searches wether they are searching outdoor swing, giant tree swing, spinning
swing, saucer swing these are all words that someone could use to describe a swing that
looks like this. So like I said, take these keywords that you
got for free, just takes a little elbow grease and use them in the backend of your listing,
use them in the copy for your listing, use them in your title, in your bullet points,
use them everywhere that you can because this is how your customer talks about your product. If you don’t have Jungle Scout already and
you want to use it to find products, validate products or use it like I did here which is
just a little bit different, but its a way to quickly compare sales and reviews over
the last 30 days, then you can go ahead and get that from the link below in the description
box. That is an affiliate link which would help
to support this site so thanks for being awesome. If you do have any questions for me about
what I did here leave them down in the comments below. I really just wanted to give you a way to
find some keywords without spending any money because you guys know that I’m all about the
bootstrapping. Hey thumbs up on the video if this was helpful
to you and I will talk to you next week. Take care!

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