Allocating Your Marketing Budget in 2019

By | September 7, 2019

Today, we’re going to be talking about initiatives
that your organization should be thinking about in the new year. Here’s a common thread that I’m seeing, not
only my own clients but other people that I’m talking to. And also a lot of other SEO consultants, what
their clients are talking about So what a lot of people are doing is they are focusing
on some core things. “What can we do to improve our brand? What can we do to improve our SEO? How can we build our brand in a way to where
we are coming out on top?” Some things that people are talking about
in Q1: Let’s say that your website has not undergone a facelift or a refresh in the last
three or four years. It’s probably time [to do so]. And the reason being, is most websites that
are business websites, they undergo some sort of reassessment of how people are using their
site — in other words, a realignment of the website with the way that the business is
working, meaning, taking advantage of revenue steams that have appeared in the last three
or four years. Making sure that the messaging is right on
the website, making sure that the design looks fresh and current, and things are mobile friendly. Making sure that the underlying technology
and the software and infrastructure is not going to fall apart. Definitely, what I see many people undergoing
right now, is they are building a platform for the future, meaning, investing in their
own business. It’s not just about sales over the phone. E-commerce is here to stay, it’s not going
away. Everybody wants to compete with Amazon, but
to do that, you’ve got to have a suitable platform where you are selling your products,
and you’re making it easy for your customers to check out. Or you are giving them information, and a
easy way to get a Request For Quote, or you are making it easy to set an appointment,
what have you. Whatever it is. You’re making it easier for your customers
to order from you, and for you to get revenue. The second thing that I see people doing is
a lot more people are investing in SEO. They’re investing in building out content
for their site,. They are bringing on marketing help, whether
that’s bringing on an outside consultant like myself, whether that’s hiring [full-time]
help, whether that’s doing things in-house, like making videos, writing blog posts, making
PDFs and resource pages. But they are investing in content in a way
that recognizes that SEO is built on content. Brands are built on digital content. The assets that you build for your website
are going to last for YEARS. Someone can call you on the phone, and you
can answer a question, but you could do that twenty times in a week. Why not just build a page that answers those
questions? The third thing that I see people investing
in is trade shows. So a lot of businesses I work with, they’re
in the manufacturing, the fabrication space, or some sort of building out of products. Going to trade shows is something that people
are doing. You know, the old ways still do work. You should do offline and online marketing. But that’s something that I see people doing,
is going to meet their customers where they can find them face to face. And I think that’s a wise investment. So there’s a common thread with this. In 2019, I see a lot of people they are investing
in their own business. They are investing in their future. They’re not just looking at everything as
a “How can I get sales today” situation. But they are building up awareness of their
brand. They are building up content that can be found
for years to come. They are investing in their website, and making
it a platform for them to do commerce, to make sales. Taking the pain out of making sales, and all
in all, just trying to improve their website and make it part of their overall strategy. And make it another member of their sales
team, and another member of their marketing team. My name is John Locke. My business is Lockedown Design and SEO. We help manufacturing and industrial firms
with SEO. If you have a SEO question that you’d like
to see us answer, go ahead and leave it in the comments below. We will answer it out in a future video for
you. If you’re getting value from this channel,
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