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By | August 15, 2019

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: You’ve
polished your website—copy on point, the code is beautiful, you aren’t getting the
traffic you want at the rate you want. Sumo-lings, we know SEO takes time, but does
it have to? If you want to make SEO fun again and save
hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on courses, then you better stick around for
today’s product showcase. What’s happening? It’s your girl Chrystie from AppSumo and
today we’re going to talk about Alli AI, the world’s first artificial intelligence
for SEO and a tool that helps you build backlinks, optimize your site, scale your outreach, and
get more traffic fast. Before we jump into it, just a friendly reminder
to hit that SUBSCRIBE button so you never miss another deal! Alright, now let me show you how Alli AI works. To get started, enter your URL, and Alli AI
will scour your site for top keywords based on multiple metrics, like monthly search volume
and how valuable that traffic is. The Alli AI score is an estimate of how much
revenue a keyword will produce, so you’re guaranteed to get the most bang for your buck. Alli constantly tracks keywords, so you’re
always one click away from knowing your traffic and tracking changes over time. This next step takes a minute to complete,
but trust us, it’s well worth the wait. Alli analyzes data to come up with rankings
for your keywords, so you can pinpoint your highest priorities for potential revenue. Alli also ranks various tasks to edit your
code and SEO so your page ranks higher. On-Page Optimizations give suggestions for
text, like where to add keywords and meta tags. On-Site Tasks are issues that affect the entire
site, like issues with Javascript. Click on any of the tasks for a full breakdown
of what to do and how to do it. You can easily search through all your tasks
and check ‘em off as you go. Finally, Alli AI knows just how important
links are to SEO and created three different algorithms to find links for you. Alli gets you the top links in your niche,
digging through discussion sites like Reddit and Quora so you can join in on conversations
around your industry. Alli helps you do outreach like the PR pros
and build the same links as big brands by analyzing thousands of websites and delivering
the most common backlinks on the internet. Alli also scores the probability of you securing
that link, keeping you humble or, Sumo-lings, fanning your ego. WOW, Alli AI truly is your all-in-one SEO
command center. So if you’re ready to optimize your site,
get traffic fast, and get a step-by-step guide on how to do it, then you’re going to want
to check out Alli AI.

7 thoughts on “Alli AI Review on AppSumo

  1. wedoebe Post author

    This seems like a great tool to help with us with our SEO problem.

  2. Husni Ahamed Post author

    I always enjoy the end of appsumo product deal videos 😍😂 Kristi is awesome 🤣

  3. Sarabeth Flowers Lewis Post author

    Where do I get one of those taco shirts tho

  4. Bri B Post author

    seriously though, please let us know where you got that shirt LOL

  5. DigitalDan Post author

    I just checked their rankings…they seem to only rank in the top 10 for two keywords…and it's not even their name 🙂 In the last few months, they've been losing backlinks faster than they've been gaining them. Honestly, I'd expect and SEO company to have…uhmm….good SEO 🙂


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