All In One SEO Setting up Robots Text File and Disallowing WP Admin Part 4

By | August 27, 2019

hello this is WordPress in 60 seconds or
less using the all-in-one SEO Pro we want to
activate the robots text file and disallow the WP admin so we’re on the
future page for the all-in-one SEO Pro we’re gonna click activate over on the
left you’ll see that the robots text menu option becomes available we will click
on it and then we will see creating the robots text file we’re going to add in a
star for the user agent select blocked from the rule and I’ve already got this
on my clipboard we want to disallow the wp-admin so we’re gonna add that
rule I’m gonna click the add rule button and if we scroll back down you can see
that it’s added the rule down here to our robots file if we wanted to delete
that we could click the little red button there so this is the all-in-one
SEO Pro setting up the robots text file and disallowing the WP admin page

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