AI-Powered SEO Explained

By | September 10, 2019

Hey, I’m Courtney! Today I’m gonna teach
you all about AI-powered SEO and how WordLift can help you boost your
organic traffic and make your website way smarter. Right now we’re living in
the dark ages of SEO: things are becoming way more complicated, search engines are
becoming smarter and organic opportunities, well, they’re shrinking too. And
let’s face it: the benefits of traditional SEO they’re shrinking too. As
Google moves from mobile-first to AI- first, it’s time for you to get onboard
and create that high ranking content. What we call Agentive SEO uses the power
of AI to do that heavy lifting of content optimization so that editors,
marketers, and business owners can focus their attention elsewhere. The difference
between traditional SEO and agentive SEO is kind of like the difference between a
vacuum cleaner and a Roomba. It’s a difference between manually building
link by link by link and letting AI do that for you.
Tools like WordLift and WooRank use natural language processing, knowledge
graphs, and machine learning to automate those super tedious SEO tasks, much like
a consultant would do. Organizing your content and building your own knowledge
graph doesn’t need to be intimidating: let these impressive technologies take
care of that for you! And this isn’t just a vague sales: pitch we helped one of our
clients improve their organic visibility by 61% and now they have more
than 1.3 million new users every month. So what are you waiting for? Start your
free trial right now and get ahead of your competition!

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