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By | August 11, 2019

Potential customers are searching the web
for products and services that you offer. Every second of every day.
But…are they finding you OR your competitors? Search engines are a great source of traffic
that can provide your business with a lifetime supply or targeted leads AND loyal customers.
IF people can find you. Studies have shown that if your website is
not at least on the front page of the search engines you’ll hardly get any exposure for
your business…at all. But competition on Google for websites is
fierce and getting to the front page of the search engines today can be extremely expensive
and take months, if not years to accomplish. If you do it the old fashioned way…
There are 3 EASIER ways to get ranked on the search engines quickly IF you know what to
do. Those 3 ways to get ranked fast in the search
engines are Youtube Videos, Google Plus and Claiming Local Business Directories.
The quickest, most powerful way to rank your business is with a properly optimized Youtube
video. It’s your one way ticket to the front of the search engines in the shortest amount
of time possible. and for a lot less than you might think
Youtube is transforming the way we discover information via the web and processes over
3 Billion searches per month. 1 out of 2 People on the internet are consistently
using Youtube. Youtube is bigger than Bing, ASK, Aol and
Yahoo combined! And a well optimized business video (on a
Youtube channel with authority) can rank on the front page of the search engines in most
cases in just days, hours or sometimes even just minutes. depending on how competitive
your market is. Web Video has become cheaper and easier to
make thanks to the latest advancements in technology and is set to claim 90% of all
web traffic in 2015. People consume web video today from the comfort
of their own home with a tablet, laptop, desktop computer or on the go with their smart phone.
There has never been, nor will there ever be a better time for you to tap into web video
and tap into a brand new supply of qualified leads and customers for your business.
The Next way to get your business ranked on the front page of the search engine is by
having a well optimized Google Plus page. While Facebook Fan pages used to be all the
rage, Google Plus has taken over as the preferred way for local businesses to find new customers
looking for their products and services. However, Google plus can be complicated to
set up and the average business owner doesn’t understand the power of Google Plus reviews
and/or posting to their Google Plus page. Furthermore, having your listing look attractive
once someone finds your business on Google Plus is equally as important. Your business
needs a good looking Cover page and profile image to make a good impression for first
time visitors. Getting your business ranked on a Google Plus
page in your local market is THE best way to get into the top 3 positions on the coveted
Google search engine. And finally, claiming local business directory
listings play an important role for a small business for several reasons.
1. People use other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo or ASK and they also utilize Yelp,
Foursquare, Angies List, City Search and the list goes on and on. If your business isn’t
listed on these directory listings and your competitors are well…you know the rest of
the story. 2. Claiming local business directories will
also help your website build necessary links to boost your rankings online. Links from
local directory sites are like popularity votes to the search engines and the more “votes”
you have, the more popular you seem to be for them. In other words, you’ll rank higher
with more links. Studies have consistently shown that the websites that have the highest
number of back links to their site will rank higher than their competition. This is a fact
that all search engine marketers know, and focus their primary efforts on immediately.

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