Affiliate Marketing SEO for Beginners

By | August 6, 2019

hi everyone Rachel Lesley here and I am
so excited for this video I have Marcus Campbell on here he’s an expert
affiliate marketer expert youtuber he gets tons of traffic leads and sales to
his affiliate marketing offers because of his YouTube channel and he does
organic search engine optimization on his videos so he gets more traffic that
way so I’m gonna interview Marcus and ask him some of the tough questions and
some realistic tips for all of us to grow our YouTube channels and get more
traffic leads and sales so Marcus thanks so much for building this with me and
could you tell us a little bit about your story your background how you got
to where you are sure hey guys I am Marcus and Rachel thanks for having me I
started back in 1999 when the internet was just a wee little lad and I started
with an SEO company actually about sites for companies and my brother worked for
a cigar company at the time and they were selling all these cigars and they
were like hey we need to have a website everyone’s got a website and he’s like
hey my brother does website so I started doing a website for him and I bought the
website out and I noticed that this thing started ranking on the search
engines for free cigars cigars different brands of cigars different types of
cigars and they were getting traffic every day and they’re getting like 40
leads a day and they were getting sales every day and so I was like wow okay
cool so you guys want the SEO package right and they’re like yes we do and I’m
like okay here we go and so I realized hey check this out
this is pretty cool I get him ranked and they get traffic and so I started going
to like limousine companies and magic companies and different companies in the
local area and ranking him on the search engines which in 1999 and 2000 2003 was
a lot different a lot of people think it was easier but it was actually kind of
harder because you have to build everything from scratch you had to have
the Google come figure out where you were we actually started before Google
was even big and you know you had you had to get submitted to the search
engines it’s not like today where it’s like instant I started doing that in
about 2004 2003 2004 one of my clients for the SEO stuff was Frank Kern a lot
of people have heard of him and he comes in and he’s like dude I got
this book about making parrots talk and I’m like dude I can rank it right and he
was buying traffic at that time and we started ranking it and got to talking
about family and everything and he’s like dude your traffic is converting
better than paid traffic I was like okay cool yeah I mean I knew that but you’re
happy I’m happy and he said to me he’s like dude Marcus if you can do this why
don’t you just rank a bunch of words and point him to affiliate offers and at
that time you know I did a little bit with affiliate marketing I had like a
hosting affiliate back when they paid like ten dollars now it’s like 300
hundred to three hundred and I did a little bit I dabbled in Clickbank stuff
like that you know it was pretty cool and so I started getting this traffic
and I was like boom here we go we can get ranked we figured out how to get
Google to pick us up in like 24 hours and we’d stay up all night I’ll be like
okay we’re gonna rank this and boom we’d pop up for like dental insurance and be
like well we’re making like you know twelve hundred three thousand dollars a
day off this one ranking and I started doing that for quite some time
got into pay-per-click with affiliate offers started running offers like
toolbar offers paper lead offers things like that and I mean it took off like
crazy we did really big when myspace was big we had a site that did myspace
layouts and backgrounds I don’t know do you remember that music I’ll bet you
probably got annoyed with my ad ours was the big ad that was on the myspace music
page that said make your myspace music player right and it had all these little
music players that they could choose and they put them on the page and I got paid
three bucks so thank you for three dollars and you know we would rake those
in it and it worked really well then I got into pay-per-click which was good
because it taught me hey you know what even though your traffic’s free you’re
wasting a lot of money if you’re not really focusing on converting every
visitor and now I would say I got big into YouTube really big last year before
that I just used it as a video upload site because I was like okay maybe
people watch my stuff but yeah at the beginning of
last year we had like 7000 subscribers or something and we’re growing I mean I
could do a lot better I think we’re at like 31 and some change might be 32 like
how many per day do you think very subscribing it depends on the day some
days we’ll get 500 some days we’ll get 25 so 9 I’ll get like 5 he is to tell
them to subscribe yes like right up front be like hey this is what I’m gonna
teach you and I want you to subscribe right now click the little bell boom
once I started doing that it just skyrocketed yeah I’ve been doing that a
free litecoin giveaway free $10 for the best comment but you also got to
subscribe to the channel so it makes it kind of fun yeah so I’ve been doing
contests a little bit yeah so the how many videos do you put out a week um
well we do a livestream a week we added a new one so we’re gonna be doing two
right now we have a Wednesday and a Friday and then I try to do two to three
videos a week I’d like to do more but you know sometimes you decide like what
topic to do like like top keywords keywords okay 100% keywords yeah I’ll
find what’s trending what’s working and then I’ll latch on to it so like I have
a list I left it on my patio but you know I look at like SEO 2018 big term
that’s one that’s coming up that I’ll make a video on so it works really good
so let’s say someone they click on your video and they watch the video how do
you turn that into how do you get them off YouTube and onto your site first you
want to get them to subscribe a lot of people don’t realize this but your
social media accounts are like little lists right so like I have people and I
just started Instagram but it’s actually been really cool I think that’s how we
met yeah you commented on something and I was like wow cool I got like you know
200 people on there and someone said something and what’s pretty interesting say you watched my videos before so I’ve
seen you on YouTube now we’re connected right it’s all integrated in an online
community when people don’t realize that I mean I’m sitting there with like less
than 500 people on my Instagram and people are like oh you’re a dumbass with
500 people and I’m like well it’s gonna grow and the monetization of the 500
people I mean imagine if we do work together and it makes you know a hundred
thousand dollars or something which isn’t uncommon in this you know space
it’s not uncommon and it’s like okay well if I could do that with 500
subscribers what could I do with 600 or 6,000 or whatever and like I was saying
the YouTube subscribers are like a list right so I have my mailing list and I
email them stuff very important got to have it I got my youtube I come out with
a new video boom it goes out to all my subs right it’s just like an open rate
do a live stream do it goes out there they tell them about it they come to the
live stream it’s just like a list now one of the other things is I gotta get
them off of YouTube and into my physical list because that’s something that I own
now which is very important you got to own your audience you got to control
your audience if you don’t you’re not doing it right but you got to get that
going and what I do I I take them from my video and I’ll give them something so
like this video is going to be lots of value and we’re gonna go through we’re
gonna hammer out SEO you’re gonna grind me on the tough stuff you’re gonna say
hey you answer this do this do this and people are gonna be like whoa that’s
awesome and they’re gonna try to take notes and at the end I’ll be like hey
guys check it out if you go to my site you know whatever then you can get these
notes right and I’ll actually do that as a test I wrote it up there affiliate slash Rachel and I put the misspelling I put the capital and
everything because people will spell it wrong yeah and they will capitalize and
so what I do is I put the the notes there I can have someone to transcribe
this I can have my writer make notes on it with cool little pictures and then
it’s like hey you want the notes from this video
Marcus’s notes that he thinks you should have that are important then go there
and download them and the key word is download people love to download things
I don’t know why but they do so you say you want to download the PDF of my notes
go over to I actually bought the domain download my notes so that they can go
download the notes and and that seems to be pretty good we’re getting a good
stream of leads on that every single day so on most of your videos are you trying
to send them to that one opt-in page or do you put other affiliate links in your
video descriptions I never ever put an affiliate link in my description the
reason is is because years ago I learned that when you drive traffic to an
affiliate link even if it’s a redirect what’s gonna happen is the search
engines will pick up your affiliate link and if that guy ever decides he doesn’t
want to pay you if he ever decides he doesn’t want to do an affiliate he goes
out of business your host right so what I do is I try to get them to opt-in so I
would say hey guys you know what if you want a list of the tools that I used in
this video go to my site and I’ll make a custom opt-in page takes about four
seconds to do and then boom they opt-in and then I take them to that one
giveaway they’re on my list they’re now going on my live streams everything
that’s a great idea to make sure that it’s not even if you mask your links
like I don’t ever put raw affiliate links places but I’ll still mask them
with clickmagick so I can track but then I’ll still put like two magic see now
click magic is your buffer yeah now your your links are gonna get ranked through
click magic if for whatever reason you decide you don’t want to use it or they
go out of business or whatever you just did all this work yeah promoting click
magic is that that’s essentially what you’re doing so what I do is I use
internal linking and we actually have a software that we built that weren’t runs
on the WordPress platform it’s like a one-click boom there it is you put your
legs and you can make the links you know Rachel Leslie comm slash hosting Rachel
Wesley comm slash you know exactly and then boom it’s really easy to remember
and your Alexa rank goes up which makes the search engines go hey she’s pretty
cool we should start pushing their stuff to the top ok well that’s an action item
for me is to go through my descriptions and start driving traffic to opt-in form
so I could be building my list and pick selling people and that will
help with the retargeting hate ads exactly so like for instance what are
some of the videos you’ve made this past week for your channel what’s the past
week we did a video that I tested which is actually pretty interesting I had
someone come on our new thing which is called fix my business Fridays and what
I do is I take someone who has a business this week it was someone with a
fashion business and she wanted to boost up her stuff and I was like hey you know
what I can teach her the same stuff that I know about marketing cuz it works
whether you’re selling dogs or fashion or cats or make money online or it works
for everything it’s all the same and so I was like ok let’s start ranking for
promote my fashion business promote my fashion business with social media
promote my fashion site with social media so that was one we did all of our
live streams are targeted for a keyword that I want to rank for and the keyword
is very very selected based on one the Google AdWords tool you can I want to
show up in search I want people to find me too it’s based on other videos that
are getting traction right so if there’s another video that was up three months
ago and it was like hey you know how to rank in Yahoo or MSN then I’m gonna I’m
gonna do that I’m gonna be like okay let’s let’s do that and then what I do
is I try to provide as much value as possible for that
okay so I’ll provide the value for like the fashion industry and my goal is hey
I want these people to be like holy crap Marcus knows what he’s talking about I
need to hire him to you know do our fashion business or whatever or the SEO
guys for if they want to rank on Yahoo or Google or MSN right I want to be like
hey here’s how to do it for this exact thing next here’s a step you take
because 9 times out of 10 people aren’t going to do it they just want to push a
button to have it done so yeah so if so I know like a lot of my peeps in my
audience in my group they say well Rachel I don’t know what to make a video
about and I say well go see what other people are making videos about go see
what I made a video about but really what’s like the proper way that we would
get started finally show you so what I do is I use
the Google AdWords tool and I’ll try to find a pen that works I think this one I
had a couple of them this one should work on a whiteboard or blackboard well
I had a chalkboard but everyone on YouTube was like this sound is terrible
yeah I was like ok we got this so we redid it with like a black whiteboard
thing but yeah it’s it’s been cool the only thing is glaring is kind of
annoying but it doesn’t seem too bad but yeah what I do is I always start with
the AdWords tool okay so the Google AdWords tool is like the Holy Grail why
is this the Holy Grail because this is stuff people search for on a consistent
basis right so what I want to do is I want to go and I want to look up my
niche and I want to dissect it so let’s say I am in to make money online niche
ok so a lot of people are like I want to promote make money online yeah go out
there and you’re like well I’m gonna make a video on make money online and
you’re like here’s how to make money online and they put it out there and
they get two views yeah and they’re like why did I get two views everyone
searches for make money online well I want you to think about this for a
minute when someone searches make money online they got their arms crossed and
they think you’re a scam and they’re like this is a bunch of BS I don’t want
to listen to this person he looks like a weirdo and he’s got an ugly shirt and I
don’t want to buy anything that’s how they think yeah I know cuz I’ve bought
thousands of clicks in this market so we could either go for this guy
or we could dissect everything in our market for example one of my highest
viewed videos on both of my accounts is a video about Adsense okay so I came out
I was like well this guy wants to make money online a guy searching for Adsense
this guy he has a website probably or he at least knows about making money online
he wants to put ads on his site boom I could help that guy right I’ve made
hundreds of thousands of dollars with Adsense I can help him out so I make a
video I say here’s three things that you can do on your Adsense channel boom do
this this and this if you want to learn more about how to make money with your
site go check us out at whatever yeah yes more specific what kinds of things
would people be searching for to find that video Adsense so we we go to the
AdWords tool okay and this is what I call the glossary method okay the
glossary method glossary okay and I spelled that wrong but that’s cool the
glossary method is where do you take your niche okay whether it’s make money
online whether it’s mortgages now in our niche we speak our terms right I could
say PPC and you don’t look at me like I’m a nut case I can say opt in and
you’re like I know what an opt-in is I could say squeeze page you know what a
squeeze page is right so all these things are in the glossary like
mortgages right mortgages qualification get to income ratio application process
all this stuff right it’s all related to it they all want this stuff they just
don’t know it yet and my goal is to find people who want what I have to offer but
don’t know it yet okay the guy looking up at cents he’s thinking how do I make
a couple extra coins okay I can also go for opt-in page okay one of my biggest
videos also is how to put ads on WordPress how to make an opt-in page on
WordPress how to make an opt-in page in HTML how to make an opt-in page for
Aweber and all of these things are things that people look up on a daily
basis some of them you know 20 times a day some of them 3000 times a day some
of them you know off-the-charts times a day and if we start to build with this
right how much easier is it if we were to go to YouTube right now and we look
up make money online versus opt in page WordPress right you’re gonna have 10
bazillion videos for make money online for opt-in page WordPress isolated in
quotes which is how we want to rank the quotes are going to tell us the
actual competition on Google on YouTube everything it’s gonna isolate it for you
it’s called a phrase match or exact match that’s gonna come up with like
maybe two thousand videos right you want to compete in the big crowd of people
with the guy who’s got his arms crossed who thinks you’re a scam or do you want
to go to this guy and be like dude I’m gonna give you value based on what
you’re looking for and afterwards you’re gonna be like this Marcus guy’s awesome
I’m gonna subscribe I’m gonna check out his stuff I’m gonna buy something right
does that make sense yeah well where would people put often
page WordPress in the title of the video but then also in the description and the
keyword section yeah you would put it in your title right so I would do opt in
page WordPress full tutorial okay boom there we go
and then in my description I’d be like hey in this video Marcus it teaches you
an opt-in page for WordPress blah blah blah blah blah then I put it
into tags now a lot of people think that SEO has to do with the keywords being on
the content it doesn’t write what youtube is gonna look for specifically
is watch time okay this is why like if you start live streaming and people
watch you even if it’s like five people what they do is they look at your watch
time so I got people on my videos every week they stick around for 20 minutes 40
minutes sometimes two and a half hours and YouTube’s like everyone’s watching
that Marcus guy and they keep watching them that’s what they want they want you
to just have YouTube on all day every day and not stop that’s their goal they
want you to stay there look at it and so the watch time is gonna be key now the
way you do the watch time is by delivering on this okay if you deliver
on it if I make it 12 to 18 minute video which is my average right 12 to 18
minute video on opt-in pages and I deliver good stuff right I’m like hey
check this out we’re not just gonna teach you how to make the opt-in page
but we’re gonna teach you how to stop getting the industry-standard of 10%
opt-in rate I’m gonna show you how to get 60 okay
we’re also gonna show you this this and this and I’m gonna give you the tools
here’s how it works right and you tell them to subscribe at
the beginning you tell them to subscribe at the end you talk about the keyword
because Google actually translates your video and looks at the content to make
sure you know you’re not just what we call
keyword stuffing right you’re actually out there you’re actually providing
value and when people watch this they’re gonna say hey this is a guy to watch
this is a guy to remember let’s keep pushing his videos and then you’re gonna
look at one the search ok a lot of people look at search ok so the Google
or let’s say Yahoo or YouTube if I could talk right right the YouTube search is
where everyone thinks the traffic comes from and it’s really not ok it’s good
because sometimes it shows up in Google but most of your traffic is gonna come
from those related videos on the side right those little related videos that
come up here boom that’s where your traffic is going to come from so you
want to start to get involved you want to start to do value and you want to
start to target after things that are already working don’t copy just target
and do hopefully better all right does that make sense yeah yeah
I love that gosh I tried to live stream on YouTube before and I think I’m pretty
smart person but I just didn’t understand the tech I got some different
softwares and I tried to livestream and it was all blurry and stuff news what
are the options OBS studio is the one I use ok so what you get OBS studio is
just a hardware or software software it’s free so you get OBS studio you can
use a webcam I actually use my camcorder and then you get a microphone or
whatever just like we’re doing here it’s almost identical but it’s more robust so
you have a window that shows hey here’s where I’m you know editing and here’s
where it is live and then you just go live and if you want it to not be grainy
you just choose full HD ok and you let people know ahead of time that you’re
gonna go live you schedule it always and here’s a cool thing the webinar we did
last week or the live stream we did last week I scheduled it two days ahead of
time because I had another one on Wednesday so I only have two days to
schedule the next we actually ranked on YouTube before the stream even happened
there was like people waiting there like hey do you not want to check this out so
it’s really cool it’s awesome if you do this right this is a way to build an
entire business and YouTube I’ve done paid traffic I’ve done free traffic
I’ve done solo ads I’ve done pretty much everything banner ads the most
profitable traffic source by far hands down is YouTube even when I did paid
YouTube ads back in 2008 till about 2010 super profitable I mean ridiculously and
ads was what’s that because the traffic is so warm and you’re warning them up so
much um why I wouldn’t say cuz it’s warm because I base it on the amount of views
so like what I do is I look at views okay
and then I look at clicks to site so like if I was gonna upload this video
right what I would do is I’d have a domain okay we have the domain we go
through and then I’m gonna look at the views and I’m gonna look at how many
people came to my site right and then we’re like okay based on the views how
much did I make and then based on the clicks how much did I make okay on the
views alone I’m doing better than any other traffic method just hands-down not
even a question and they’re not even warm because they’re just views yeah so
yeah some of them are warm obviously my subscribers are for tracking purposes
you you look at in analytics you’d probably look in your YouTube analytics
a lot and what about did you tie it to Google Analytics I don’t use Google
Analytics I have a software on WordPress that I use it’s very simple and then I
can just go in at a glance and see this is what’s working this is what isn’t on
this one obviously you’re an affiliate so it goes through Infusionsoft which
tracks everything so yeah I am I see like in Tai Lopez’s videos when he
goes live he’s got the camcorder or what HD camera is whatever film live
streaming to YouTube and then he’s got something else live streaming to
Facebook and then he’s got something else live streaming to Instagram so he’s
getting all those platforms all at once personally I’ve just been doing live
streams to Facebook and in my Facebook group but I see the power of live
streaming to YouTube well that and and also Instagram the reason I like it and
I’ve only been active on it like two weeks and I’m like
snail when I get into something new but then when I get into it I go all the way
and with that right the cool thing about Instagram is you get them instantly
right it’s like boom I’m on everyone’s phone right now you’re at dinner you
know and now you’re you know dinner dates yelling at you because you’re
watching my video that’s what I want right I don’t want to get yelled at I
just want you to be watching it so that I have a chance to get you to buy stuff
you know are you doing the Instagram and YouTube at the same time I’ve done
YouTube and Facebook at the same time I have yet to try Instagram we’re probably
going to roll that out this week or next week did you have to use two separate
cameras you don’t have to the reason I like to and I think the reason other
people do is because they don’t want the duplicate content of the exact same
thing and that’s also another tip because like you’ll see the people who
do multiple platforms at the same time and instead of like on my YouTube I have
things going across the screen I got you know dropdowns I got sites going across
it all kinds of stuff that’s cool but I can’t have that on Instagram I
can’t have that on the others and obviously if I tried to multi stream
from one device for both this camera is going to shrink and look funny that’s
Instagram live streams are a long ways so they make me look taller which is
good because I’m not tall so well you know we can’t like go over everything
and become like freakin SEO affiliate marketing masters like you right on this
call what is some other quick tips you want to leave us with that we should
start taking action on today number one keywords everything okay so number one
is keyword okay if you get this right you win because I always tell people I’m
like how hard is it to rank in the top page of Google if there’s only nine
other people ranking you’re guaranteed a spot right guaranteed like nine people
at least be number ten yeah so what you want to do is you want to find a word
that relates to your stuff okay you can use the glossary method you can use our
trigger word method which is a great method that literally finds anything so
you find your keyword okay to deliver content
give good content okay then tell them what to do next okay very important so
one is the keyword and you want to look at this and you can literally do
everything people come to me they’re like what
should I write about what content should I make guys if you go to the AdWords
tool there’s tons right you just type in
opt-in and it’ll opt-in page this out to page that type in on WordPress or on
google or on MSN or on Facebook right now I want you to realize that you and
me and all the people watching this probably know a hundred times as the
average person I don’t type in opt-in page right maybe
back like in 2001 but I don’t type that in I don’t type in Adsense except to
find my video so we look at that we’re like hey I can teach them something even
if you’re brand new and all you know how to do is like get a hosting account
people don’t know how to get a hosting account and by the way the hosting
affiliate pays like a hundred bucks a pop we refer people all the time makes a
ton of money and again am I gonna rank for the word hosting no can i buy
traffic for the word hosting at fifteen dollars a click yeah
which is gonna make me lose money so what do I do what about like how to set
up a blog in an hour or how to make a blog or how to set up WordPress these
kind of things it’s like this guy wants to set up a blog he doesn’t know he
needs hosting ok so that’s again that principle of I want to find people who
want what I have that can benefit from it
but they don’t know they want it yet years ago a lot of people know one of my
stories was I was a alcoholic years ago and it was a big issue and after I got
out of treatment I went to my my search history and actually did a live stream
and I’m like let’s look at my search history let’s see if you could have
predicted this and sure enough the things I looked up you could have
predicted dudes gonna go to rehab and rehabs expensive right and so we look at
it and we’re like can you predict what’s going to happen I know someone looking a
bad sense eventually they’re gonna buy some make money product I know a guy
looking up an opt-in page eventually is gonna get a click funnel or they’re
gonna get one of our plugins or they’re gonna set up a site or they’re gonna get
Aweber I know these things are going to event
happen and when you look at this with search marketing it’s very important
because the key is the intent right what is the intent why are they searching for
what they’re searching for if you nail this on the head like I can look at it
and I can go to a company that is a an accident attorney right here in Florida
they’re in California very litigious right we have people who just like a
call for one one pain if you’re in an accident
so if I can go and say well what about a guy who is on his phone who’s like what
to do after an accident I make a little PDF that’s like hey first get the guy’s
driver’s license second do this third do this fourth go to my site and check out
this affiliate program or whatever to sue the hell out of whoever crashed here
or whatever it is does that make sense you can pick so many different niches I
know like for my audience right now at the moment end of February 2018 we’re we
are a lot of us are focused on visib make money online niche but there’s also
so many other niches you can do affiliate marketing for without knowing
too much about the industry but every new niche you get into you do have to do
some research yeah well it’s like the myspace one I I
never even had think I had a myspace page just to test it but that wasn’t my
thing I remember back then like they used the word pimp and a buddy of mine
was like no no no it doesn’t mean what you think it means cuz I’m like why
would they want to do that to their mice and I started using the word and they’re
like whoa hey check this out it’s cool so you know getting in the market
learning a little about them understanding what they’re going for and
even in the make money online niche there are so many keywords it’s not like
if you have info overload it is proof that there’s hundreds of thousands of
keywords people are looking up because you’re like okay I got info overload
about how to load a video to youtube how to make a zoom webinar how to make a
conversion how to make a sales page how to get people to buy things how do I
take credit cards online which by the way pays like four hundred dollars a
sign up how do I do a Shopify haddaway you know build a squeeze page and a
download page how do i do PayPal I mean literally endless and when you use
you will never again ask yourself what should I make a video on there’s so much
out there how much well so what are we gonna get if we go to that link there if
you go to Affiliate dude calm slash Rachel right now it’s my home page so
you’re gonna go there go opt-in if you like this video if you think you can
learn a few things put your name and email in check out our live streams
check out our videos check out everything we have there what I’ll do
after this video I’ll have it transcribed and stuff and I’ll actually
put the notes there for you as well okay so we’ll have the notes you can download
from this video I’ll also link to the keyword tools I’ll show you the trigger
word method you know will hook you up with some cool stuff and that is
affiliate slash Rachael cool well thanks so much
Marcus for coming on to my youtube channel I know I’ve been watching yours
for a while actually I told my SEO guy I was like you know that guy Marcus let’s
crush him let’s crush him you know so it’s like a good motivation continue to
grow my channel and take massive action like you do and remember like I was
telling someone else who has way more subscribers than me but again it’s not
about the subscribers it’s about what you’re making on very important he’s got
a lot of subscribers and you’re you’re my big competitor and I’m like we’re not
competitors if we collaborate because here’s the deal people are gonna watch
your stuff people are gonna watch my stuff people that watch my stuff will be
like hey I learned a lot from Marcus but you know the headset mic just doesn’t do
it for me I’m not gonna buy anything it’ll be like hey you know Rachel that
kind of makes sense to me they’ll buy your stuff through my affiliate link
they’ll buy mine through yours and it’s like hey why not get both sides of the
pie why not go into everything and when you realize that hey the whole world of
keywords is your oyster and all I have to do is find out what people search for
make it then find people to collab with and you’re good to go
but again watch time is very big so don’t be boring make good videos give
people the aha moment they want in the video right make them get something like
hopefully in this video you guys got keywords everything focus on the intent
that’s the aha moment run with it and then you know you take
the next step well I love it so you guys I subscribe to both of our channels and
you will see more content and Marcus I’m looking forward to you helping me
rank this video when I uploaded it all right sounds good thanks for having me you

6 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing SEO for Beginners

  1. Oli Ace Post author

    Hi Rachel, .Great video and the insight you have provided is awsome. I have been so inspired by so many people, you included which is why i have liked and subbed to your channel and has also encoraged me to work on my own YT channel to document my challenges and successes . I have taken MASSIVE action. So thank you.Stay blessed O.

  2. Andreia Lemos Post author

    Really loved this video especially the end. Really I think in every business is all about colaboration. There's no real competition, if you are yourself there's no way to compete because some people will identify with who they feel more comfortable. That's what I find awesome, actually everyone is always available to help and answer your questions!

  3. Sanjay Shinde Post author

    Thanks Rachel and Marcus. Keep up the good work.

  4. Rachel S. Lee Post author

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    Great video, awesome content. You both are so passionate about affiliate marketing you can certainly tell. Subscribed and binge-watching.


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