Advice for Improving YouTube Audience Growth

By | August 21, 2019

What advice would you
give the average YouTuber out there who’s just really
looking to go and improve and do better? Just general suggestions
would you give to that person. You know, nowadays
still collaborations do a lot of benefit
to your channel because you crossover audiences. But, another thing too is
keep creating the content that you want to create,
and if after a while you get tired of it and you
feel like it’s not really progressing you forward,
then change it up. Try something else. But don’t ever talk
yourself out of it. If you believe in one particular
project that you’re doing, keep doing it and
doing it and doing it. And eventually, someone’s
going to start watching and then another person is. Then, it’ll just
go up from there. Don’t give it. Keep at it. I’ve been doing it for
almost three years now, and you just got to
keep grinding it out. I think persistence pays off. Try not to go down
too many facets of different styles of content. I think a lot of people
have that problem where they try to do a vlog
and in the next video, we’ll see a comedy video. And then the next video they
do, maybe be about make-up. You got to stick
with a certain niche and so when people
subscribe to you, they expect the next video to
be very similar to that one. Otherwise, Oh, this wasn’t
what I subscribed for. I think it’s actually cool
to experiment starting out, but if people
subscribe to a channel because it’s doing music
parody videos, and then all of a sudden, you start
uploading book reviews, people are going to be
like, what’s going on? If someone’s just starting out,
they should create a channel and honestly do whatever. Because at that level,
you can experiment. You can just get out there. I think the biggest thing
is to find your voice. There’s obviously a lot of
creators in New Orleans coming up every single
day, so I think you have to find a unique voice
that makes you stand out that make the
person remember you. As you know, being on YouTube,
sometimes the subscriber feed doesn’t work. Sometimes you have different
changes and things like that. And that’s going to happen. That’s par for the
course, but I think if people remember you and
remember to come back to you, you can gain the
audience that can know to keep watching
without worrying about those specific ways
of doing it all the time. You know, just have
fun and be yourself. I see so many
people out there who we are trying to be
a character or trying to like things that
they’re not into. And I think the most
important thing is really just know what you like,
and talk about that. Because there’s a huge
variety of people out there who want to see that. Keeping the videos short
and engaging and quick. There’s some people who you
could go out there and watch 20 minutes of them
and they’re engaging. I certainly am not. If I’m saying something more
than a couple of sentences long, you know I’m
sure people’s interest. So really make sure you
cut out all the stuff that doesn’t have to be
in the video and just make it really quick,
punchy, and engaging. Viewers, they want engagement. They want to ask you
questions and they want to participate
in a community, and if you have
participation, you definitely should be responding to as
many questions as possible. Go out there and really study
what you’re trying to rank for or what you’re looking for. And then look at those videos
are successful and then try to make your videos– no, and
I’m not saying exactly like it, but use those successful
tips that they’ve used to get there in your
own videos to help grow. Look at how other people have
been successful in the past and really find out what it took
to get them to where they are. And also, really
do what you love. Because no matter
how far you go, if you don’t really like what
you’re doing, at some point, you’ll get discouraged. And the whole operation
will fall to pieces. So if you really love
what you’re doing, find a way to make that work. Going to events like
this, meeting people, interacting on Twitter–
things like that. Just connecting
with other people because as it’s growing,
as it’s becoming just this massive
entity, there’s this need to know
people in a way. And it’s also a really
great way to make friends. Some of my best friends I’ve
made though this website. It’s meeting people. It’s creating things with people
who are like-minded with you. That’s actually how I
found out about it– because you did it a
collaboration with Ashley. And my wife and I saw
her, we’re like, oh, should I check out his channel? Find people that you
love, and find a way to connect with them. But also, don’t
aim way too high. Go for someone
more intermediate. So if you see someone that
you love with 17,000, 18,000 subscribers, they’re more
acceptable than the really big people. So try to connect with
those people, and that way we’ll be on a slope upward
versus going way, way too high, and they’re like, I
can’t answer that. Too many people. Make videos that
you want to watch, not that your audience
necessarily wants to watch. Because if you’re not making
videos that you enjoy, it really shows. Maybe making a prank might get
you a lot of views on YouTube, but if you’re not
good at doing that or you don’t like making
those types of videos, you’re just doing
it for the views, your audience will tell that
you’re not really fully into it and it’s not worth it. Shoot everyday and
shoot you constantly. Honestly, that’s
what you have to do. I’ve had three channels,
and the first two– nothing happened with them. So it’s not going to
happen right away, but I was constantly shooting
and learning from it. And then I established
myself from that. Love to hear from you
guys in the comments below about what
advice you would have for the average
YouTuber out there who’s just looking to
grow their audience and build their channel. Leave those below
and subscribe if this is your first time here. Every week, we just
do stuff like this to help you guys as creators,
help you spread your message, and master this
platform called YouTube. So thanks for
hanging out with us. Subscribe. And I will see you
guys again tomorrow. Bye.

56 thoughts on “Advice for Improving YouTube Audience Growth

  1. Domingo Post author

    Stick with it. Take a break if it gets too hard. Learn everyday, connect everyday

  2. GreyBadgerTV Post author

    make the best content you possibly can, that doesn't mean make feature film quality, just do the absolute best with what you have got to work with. Also try to upload regularly, but don't sacrifice quality for quantity… this is what I am trying to do at the moment. Fingers crossed eh 🙂
    awesome video and great help as always!

  3. SlowlistInYaFace Post author

    This was a great video as a very new YouTuber, i need all the help i can get

  4. Kevin M. Thomas Post author

    I think its a good message Tim. I agree persistence pays off and keeping consistent in your content or chapters of content.

  5. ghap4a Post author

    Awesome videos, i think i made one big mistake they mentioned 🙁

  6. Video Creators Post author

    A few experienced YouTube creators share their advice on how to improve and grow your YouTube channel.

    Thanks, @Joe Nation, @Chad Wild Clay, @Sean Cannell, @Andre Meadows, @Arturo Trejo, @Bart Miller, @Street Light, @Connor Manning, @Jason Urgo, @Devin Graham, and others!

  7. Suresh Kumar G Post author

    Content Calender + Engaging videos + Responding to comments. Cool video TIm, i like the background music..

  8. Video Creators Post author

    Yeah, taking a break can be very important. I try to work far enough ahead that I can afford to take a break and not miss my schedule. Far it's been working.

  9. Video Creators Post author

    Great advice, GreyBadgerTV! Consistency and quality are both important. I think what you mentioned about just doing the best with what you have is great. Too often we get camera envy and thing that better equipment will make our videos perform better, but that's rarely the case. Gotta learn with the tools we have and upgrade as we learn.

  10. Video Creators Post author

    Yes, consistency and persistence are both important. It's what separates the ones who will "make it" from the rest who aren't willing to work as hard.

  11. Video Creators Post author

    Yes, I was. This is the last one from VidCon, though, unfortunately. Thankful for everyone's advice and time there!

  12. Video Creators Post author

    Nice formula! I'd throw in something about discovery, too, because without it there's no comments, right? What kind of discovery works best for you?

  13. ghap4a Post author

    Oh, when we talk about art, i love animation, concept/illustrations. When i started in youtube i started with concept/illustration but then i started to do animation, and now my views started to go reallyyyyyyyyyy low. And now i going back again to do what i used to do. But it will take long time to get the same rhythm, besides that i took a break because i was ill. Now it is like starting from the beginning.

  14. Suresh Kumar G Post author

    Yeah Tim, Discovery is key to success for youtubers ! I am creating videos Keyword oriented for now , and ranking them on YouTube, Google and other search engines. These days I am testing more into content syndication so that it reaches more audiences . Just like Ronnie said in your previous videos "Work for Traffic at first + Get the tribe + Later video go viral automatically " Tim, have you used Triberr ? You should check out, some of my blogger friends who got reach like a million people.

  15. Video Creators Post author

    No, I haven't heard of Triberr. I'll have to check it out.

  16. Fab Jennie Post author

    Love what you do first and far most at the min. talk about something you know or want to know about. Get inspired by others as well to find you own style. That's how I started I was inspired by another youtuber and wanted to contribute to the youtube community.

  17. Video Creators Post author

    Very good advice! A lot of creators obsess over the numbers. To me, it seems like they find their validation in that, which is unfortunate. Analytics are helpful for helping us craft better content by understanding our audience better, but stats are not the end goal in and of themselves.

  18. Conbrosations Post author

    GIRLS!… get lots and lots of girls!… LOOK A PHILLYD… he got meg, trisha and lea and sourcefed went through the roof!…. ok they are really awesome as a news channel too lol BUT GIRLS HELP ALOT

  19. Robert Bell Post author

    I do tech reviews on my channel and I have one video in particular that has done very well in comparison to the rest and I can't work out why it's done so much better. It's easy for you to see it as I haven't done too many vids yet.

  20. clibac Post author

    Do YouTube videos because you like them, not because you want views. You will only get furustrated . My videos barely get viewed at all, but I still make them because its fun!

  21. Gabe and Garrett Post author

    Have fun! Find a niche that already has monster views so you're not plowing new ground and put your own style on it. Crank it and spank it!

  22. Debt Free Dana ツ Post author

    GREAT dose if inspiration! I'd say outlast the others by never giving up. Do your own thing – but also INTERACT with your community. Never say no to a tag or collab offer if it fits within your niche. Living in a hole not only sets your channel back, it doesn't help your image.

  23. Chad Wild Clay Post author

    Awesome video Tim! I'm honored I got to be in the video with so many great YouTubers!

  24. Thomas Brown Post author

    Great Vid Tim. Great advice. One thing to add is to create a schedule so your audience knows to expect content from you on a consistent basis.

  25. Video Creators Post author

    Great advice, Thomas! Yes, consistency is crucial. Having predictable helps in so many different ways.

  26. Stewdippin : LET'S GET NERDY Post author

    Respond to comments! I know it sounds obvious by that was my first step in growing and engaging my audience.

  27. Video Creators Post author

    Kinda like I'm doing with your comment right here? haha Definitely good advice! Fostering that community and interaction is important.

  28. HavokTheAnarchist Post author

    Since we're trying to grow audiences, check out my channel and i'll check out/sub to everyone that replies

  29. Suresh Kumar G Post author

    Do check out and give a try. Sorry for the late reply tim.
    Have a great week

  30. koooolfire Post author

    @ Domingo0022IWAY Very good advice.

    I found your channel from this comment. Enjoyed vids I've watched so far.

    Will be watching more.
    Cheers For posting them.

  31. Domingo Post author

    I appreciate it my friend! Thanks a lot! I do new stuff every Friday and Sunday 🙂

  32. nery colon 1 Post author

    Great advice.Most of the advice I try to do but there one that I find hard and it is the days to put videos. I do them 2 to 3 times a week but I don't say when because taking care of the garden, trying to learn the ropes, my disability and house hold chores, it can get to be a lot of work. Even if I can't get out of bed I still invent something to do my videos. I'm going on 9 months and still trying to learn. Love your videos because I learn a lot. Thanks.

  33. Guess This Price! Post author

    Great video, Tim. I think this is one of your better ones because not only does it provide good, sound, solid advice (as all of your videos do), it provides a good dose of much needed ENCOURAGEMENT from other experienced, successful, real-world YouTubers for small creators like me who are struggling to get off the ground level with their channels. Thank you.

  34. OSW Review HD Post author

    Great vid. The visual quality is amazing. Sumptuous colours and resolutions. Keep at it and do what you love is perfect advice.

  35. ThisIsErdoS Post author

    I know Mark Kasimoff IRL.  He's such a loser.  I hope he doesn't find this comment, but oh well.

  36. lofdifferently Post author

    this was helpful as always tim I just want to add the importance of consistancy in terms of growth

  37. chelagurl Post author

    hi! Thank you for these videos! sO helpful. Question…Connor Manning said networking would be a great way to improve……events like the one you attended in this video…Does one need to be invited by YT to attend?

  38. Healing Crystal Post author

    Will you make a video on beauty videos? And how to succeed? I feel like I stand out from others because I'm a licensed Esthetician but it actually doesn't seem to matter lol

  39. TeChNiCaL GhOsT Post author

    so many good advices man!!!😄😄😄

  40. Mark Wilbur Post author

    Why do you add the annoying music to the videos? Is there a tactical reason for it or is it just something you actually like hearing?

  41. WCuD Post author

    good advice for us (New Creators). It is going to help us.

  42. Samuel Vlogs Post author

    That‘s some great advice!i will do my best


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