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By | September 13, 2019

Advanced SEO 2019
Step by Step tutorial From beginning So friends in this video we will discuss about
SEO techniques to use in 2019 before starting take a look at my projects at which I use all these techniques and you can see how much traffic i’m gettin from my own SEO
work I’ve more than 3 years of experience So here you can see this one website getting daily 60,000 visitors per day and in this website it’s around 17000 – 18000 visitors per day and in this website the traffic is more than 40,000 visitors per
day and in this website the traffic is around 30,000 normally and one more website its having more than 1.50Lakh visitors per
day So, topics we will cover in this video are First we will cover The RankBrain algorithm I’ll make you understand
that how google ranking works so it will be easy to you to crack the ranking
algorithm and make your website rank on top 1-23 or fifth position. Next we will learn about CTR CTR is click through rate and we can say if
you get high CTR then you get high Ranking And the CTR is totally linked with RankBrain that I’ll make you understand in this video and next in this video we will discuss about Friends this is SEO 2019 tutorial so you have
to write best content or a comprehensive in depth content to get a high ranking because google changes its algorithm frequently so you have to be very unique on your own
way and next in this video we will discuss about how quality content and quality backlinks are the backbone so both will result a high ranking or top
ranking ok Also in this video we will discuss about how to rank your website in Google featured
snippet because all these things are linked with Google
search ranking algorithm ok to get high CTR So first we will discuss about RankBrain system
or rankbrain algorithm So friends you have to learn about the ranking
algorithms in 2018 that shakes all the website rankings This is your search page and that is a search
bar from where you can type any keyword and get
a number of results and then if you find a relevant result on
third number and you click on that and open that website and read the content about 3 minutes 3 min is the ideal time for Google to check
dwell time on webpage and after that a lot number of visitors click
on that third result then the CTR increases of third result and google shift the third result to first position but make sure visitors read content on your
webpage for a minimum of 3 minutes then google will swap the result of first
one to third one this is the working of RankBrain algorithm so friends high CTR is equals to high Ranking and also rankbrain works on first page because no visitors click on 2nd page or 3rd
page So now we will make you understand how you
will get high CTR and how to write a effective content that
ranks on 1st page and with the help of rankbrain algorithm you
will make it on top positions In-depth content is backbone in SEO 2019 It is core ranking algorithm technique a in-depth content is more than 1000 words In 1000 words you can give a best piece of
content with proper analysis and
cover maximum information about that topic here is a inverted pyramid for journalism Here in the first paragraph you have to give most critical information
about the topic and exact about the topic In first paragraph not to move away from the
topic. in second segment, your main content is there,
you should stick to the content and your category and in the third section give your related information about the topic but it should definitely related to the main
topic and I’ll also make you understand how to write the related content for third
section because this is also a important point to get first position ranking in third section, you’ve to add Qn/Ans we will discuss this related content in this
video so, how will you write comprehensive content
and in-depth content when writing, never use your main keyword
too frequently it will make spam your content So in the first four lines use your main keyword
one time and after 200 words use your main keyword
again and again 300 words. use your main keyword
again So this will not make keyword spamming in third part of comprehensive content writing use related content this will be the most important SEO 2019 topic because this will rank in Google featured
snippet and give your higher CTR and high ranking when
you search something in Google search then you will see first google featured snippet and below that you will find people also ask
tab with questions and answers you can choose questions from this box and write your own answer with full analysis so that your answer will rank in this questions
tab and also in featured snippet complete content writing tutorial 2019 link
in description rank content in featured snippet is also a challenge in SEO 2019 so you will learn this here in advanced SEO
tutorial and
this related ques and answer section will rank in people also ask tab or directly in Google features snippet if your content is upto the mark If your CTR is high in questions tab then
you will get in featured snippet In this way if your content have some quality
or strength then you can be awarded with features snippet ranking But sometimes, you write a best comprehensive
and you didn’t got ranking in top few pages due to heavy competition it is very common thing need not to worry about that because these days competition is pretty much
heavy so in that case backlinks will help you to rank top few pages and after that your rankbrain system starts so I will make you understand how to make backlinks like pro so you have to follow few techniques of SEO
2019 to get ranked and not to spam your website first thing is never go with paid links never buy links, only make natural links with your own hands so first we talk about guest posting also in 2018 after few ranking algorithms guest posting is not much beneficial make only 4-5 backlinks from guest posting
in a month so only such backlinks from guest posting
will be natural if you make more than google might spam you Also focus on category while guest posting Now create some forum backlinks forum backlinks are still beneficial but never visit forums one by one and spam them with
your links just make relevant form backlinks only 20-25 backlinks per month by not spamming just natural answering help people and get these backlinks Now create some profile backlinks this is one of the strong backlinks section
in SEO 2019 so make 30-40 profile backlinks per month also not make these backlinks at one time make them regularly like 2-3 profile backlinks daily and 1-2 forum backlinks daily and 1 guest posting backlinks a week that are more than enough and if you make backlinks like I said I can surely say that in two months your website will be on page 1 or 2 if your content is best you can also find complete backlinks tutorial on SEO 2019 from description link For SEO in 2019 it is a tip for you encourage your visitors to comment on your
articles or pages and you should also reply them and help them solving their problems then google will definitely boost your ranking.

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