Adam Savage’s Nailer and Stapler Storage Rack

By | March 12, 2020

Adam Savage here in the cave for tested
with a build that I did over the weekend. I sometimes feel guilty when I come in
on a Saturday or Sunday and do a build to satisfy myself and don’t film it. I
feel like I’m leaving money on the table I don’t mean real money, I mean
narrative money. Storytelling money. Over the past couple of years I’ve been
talking on Tested about how I’ve been getting more serious about carpentry and
getting more serious about carpentry has meant that I’ve fallen in love with some
of the finer staplers that the world has to offer like a 22-gauge stapler. This
thing is so beautiful and I’ve always used a T-50 stapler but only recently
did I find out there’s a pneumatic version of this. Holy hell it has changed
my life. And then I looked and realized I had like seven or eight staplers and
they were just kind of sitting on this shelf among all my other cordless tools.
And they’re mostly pneumatic: some of them are cordless, some of them are
corded. It was a mess and this is one of the things I do in the shop. I wait until
I see a backlog of something or a category of interest that requires more
readily accessible set of tools. That’s exactly what it is. And in this case I
realized that my weekend build was going to be a rack to hold all of my staplers
in one location when they’re staples and nails so that I could do my woodworking
more intuitively and here it is the build was a little less straightforward
that you would think for such a simple object Oh before I get started this is
the t-50 pneumatic stapler this replaces this and I am so happy about it I once
built a padded cell I had no money so I did the stitching of
the padding without even canvas we just had one inch white foam and I did the
stitching with a staple gun days and days of stapling in this room that got
quieter and quieter as I covered all six surfaces in white foam and my hand my
arm was like it looked like a Tour de France cyclists leg by the end of this
project it was disgusting it’s like like cat like Ted’s whoa yeah
like that anyway I’m very happy about this so let’s take a look at the
structure of this it’s pretty straightforward we’ve got three big
staplers in the top two nail guns and a actually all three nail guns on the top
staplers here in the middle some other cordless tools down below because I saw
that I could take care of some of that storage without too much difficulty and
it would still be near all the other hand tools to build this I used some
really nice half inch ply for the four or for the five shelf surfaces but I
mounted it using this inexpensive MDF medium density fiberboard I stapled from
the side and glued everything so that it would have real cohesion and I cut out
these little notches for the shelf dividers I’m a really big fan of that
kind of shelf divider it makes your build a little easier and I don’t like
making things permanent I like them to be adjustable if I can so you’ll notice
this is a thing I like to do in my builds is removable shelf dividers now I
did this mapping out right I laid all these staplers out on a workbench and I
kind of made some measurements and then I figured out I mapped out these five
pieces of half inch ply right this top one had these two notches and that
matched these two notches but then this piece isn’t the same as this because
it’s got these four notches underneath they match these but then this has these
two notches underneath that right it’s a little bit like a puzzle once I had this
all mapped out I cut out my five pieces of half inch ply and then I set my table
saw to a depth and I date oh did I I could have used a dado blade I mostly
just fed it through my mostly no and completely I fed it through using the
standard width of the table saw blade and moving the fence about an eighth of
an inch just slightly less than the width of the blade each time and
eventually cutting out those notches and then the nice thing about that is you
can do the two facing surfaces at the same time and then you know they all
match when I was finished with all five of
these pieces right it’s a very simple build it’s really really straightforward
there’s five six seven eight pieces of wood there’s not much you could do to
screw it up but I found a way once I had all these
pieces I set them out here and I used my table saw a nice flat table to start to
assemble them I symbol them I glued them I stapled them it’s a nice rigid
structure I loaded up okay now it’s time for me to put in the wheels I had these
nice locking casters that I picked up on eBay a few months ago I attached to them
and then I put the finished project on the floor and it’s time to go get all
the staplers and the hand tools and put them in here and that’s like the most
fun part of a project that is like it’s like the weathering right yeah I’ve
always said weathering is my favorite part of like a prop well of a shop tool
my shop tool or shop storage system loading it it’s like it’s deeply
pleasurable experience so I pick up a stapler I put it where it can go and I
pick up one of the nailers and I’m standing there looking at the cart and I
realize the nailer I’m holding in my hand doesn’t fit anywhere in the cart so
what the hell happened what did I what did I do wrong it’s a classic mistake this shelf has
four levels one two three four and you could describe each of those numbers of
value which would be that distance that’s distance one that’s distance –
that’s distance three that’s distance 4 what I did was I carefully put this
together where that was distance for that was
distance 3 that was distance to and that was distance 1 so the dividers were
correct but the heights were all wrong thus I could fit exactly like 2 tools in
this entire shelf and then I realized oh crap I was shooting this all the time
lapses on my phone I felt so productive and I thought this is a really easy
build we’ll just get it done and be back home by dinnertime and just as I thought
I was done just at that last moment I realize I had to take the whole thing
apart and put it back together again so I set up one last time lapse and film
myself going through the ignominy it only took about 25 minutes but even
though it only took 25 minutes just know you can actually see me in one part of
the video like grab my head like it’s such a grind to push through it’s never
gonna take as long as you think it is it never takes as long as I am afraid it’s
going to and it’s never as bad as I think it’s going to be nonetheless
girding my loins to take the energy to go do the thing I thought I was done
with one more time it’s rough it takes a little bit out of you but thirty minutes later I put it back
together correctly re stapled it reglued it put it all the dividers put in all
the tools and put my staples and nails bin right on top this is where it
belongs this this is totally hyper useful to me now and I’m excited about
what it means for my carpentry it’s not quite done I will say it’s not quite
done I do plan to have better storage for staples and nails and it may be that
I actually put a little drawer at the top of each one of these for the staples
and nails that ascribe to that specific tool
I haven’t yet decided but that would be pretty cool cuz then you could pull the
whole drawer drawer comes with you the trick is you’ve got to have all the
sizes available I still haven’t fully worked it out in my head but I will
thanks for watching a hundred percent of whatever you just watched that’s awesome
we get to add that to our completion rate you deserve something you deserve a
t-shirt for all your hard work follow the link below and buy yourself a
tested official t-shirt

100 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s Nailer and Stapler Storage Rack

  1. Adam Savage’s Tested Post author

    Find our new t-shirts and merch here!

  2. Norsken Torsken Post author

    Is there a reason as to why when Adam is explaining something about his builds, you cut away to something else? For example, is this video when Adam was talking about the self dividers, you cut to when he was measuring the wood instead.This is really annoying, and it happends in most of the videos.

  3. Gad Reem Post author

    even simple things can go wrong, we all are human beings, it just encurage me to continue creating, nice job Adam. Thanks

  4. adelmo worytko Post author

    I like how during the timelapses he seems to just glide along the floor stop motion style

  5. Silvio Silva Post author

    Thanks for letting us know you're human too, and mess up just like us.
    I'm currently attending a training program to build some components for some European Aircraft manufacturer, and it's all new to me. I have zero experience with this.

    And that scares me. Today, in class, I was felling way over my head, like I'm biting more than I can chew.
    But seeing you, Adam, one of today's Greatest Renaissance Men, confessing you fail just like that rest of us gave me hope.
    Thank you! Really, really thank you!

  6. oWAR1OCKo Post author

    I have to give a like to this just for the Akira reference.

  7. Ashlar Darned Post author

    Please don't feel guilty about these kinds of projects for yourself! You still filmed a time lapse, which combined with the narrative, provided a wonderful video that was just as entertaining! It's a trade off. In your usual format you bring the audience along live for the twists and turns of a build, and it's a very raw live view of your thoughts and process. The format for this build provides a wonderful concise story because you're describing things that have already happened, allowing you to describe the process from an observers perspective. One of the things unique to this format is it allows you to reflect and describe your feelings, which sometimes gets lost in a live filmed format. I like this format. Thank you!

  8. Andrew Beck Post author

    70% of the stuff Adam does is for the shop itself, and the rest is actually making stuff

  9. Daniel Taber Post author

    "It's like Ted's Woah"

    Um, your CC didn't recognize "Tetsuo", there

  10. Sarah Hafley Post author

    I know this feeling deeply in my soul. Every prototype garment I have made, I have put one sleeve (or the equivalent) on backwards. So disheartening.

  11. StealthMounts Post author

    Love it Adam – some StealthMounts battery mounts would be the perfect addition to store the batteries for those DeWalt & Milwaukee tools –

  12. Reece Guisse Post author

    "Girding my loins to do the thing I already did…"
    Adam Savage discovering Spoon Theory. Welcome, Brother.

  13. mark taylor Post author

    Hmmm, well actually, for the low low price of a tested shirt I will rent you my body as advertising space. Throw in a silly mask and I'll wear that too. Ahahahaha. P.s tested is great.

  14. Connor Howlett Post author

    I cannot express how much I admire the density yet neatness of your workshop, there’s stuff everywhere, not an empty shelf. Yet none of it is out of place, I think it’s beautiful

  15. Braylor Casual Post author

    Very chill, at work we use HELLA nail guns n staplers and have racks like what you made

  16. John Patrick Post author

    You forgot Savage's First law: Failure is ALWAYS an option.

  17. LEAD BELLY Post author

    The moving Swiss Army knife in the background was cool

  18. John Waghorn Post author

    "To Error is human" and I am human, very human!

  19. Blake Richardson Post author

    Mistakes happen, I made a similar mistake when I was making a wooden frame for a vent that was being installed in my van. I mistakenly made cut the wood wrong so that the outter measurements of the frame were the inner measurements of the vent…..

  20. Sebastian Treloar Post author

    I really loved this style of video.
    Even though this was a simple project you told it in a stupid simple way and didn't over complicate it. That's an art in itself

  21. High Overlord Snarffie Beagle Post author

    running out of content I see, oh a thing to put stuff, how imaginative of you, how about you invent something to clean the shit and used needles all over the streets? oh nvm you're rich so you don't have to deal with that

  22. Nick Dancy Post author

    Adam says I'm sad I didn't film it next shot Adam shows film of it being made , OK its time lapse but still amused me

  23. tay13666 Post author

    I rarely have the energy to fix/rebuild it at that point.
    I usually have to call it a day, and come back at it again the next day.
    Gives me time to accept the problem, and resign myself to doing it again. Sometime I even come up with an improvement on the fixed version.

    (though, in an instance like this, with glue, I would definitely disassemble before the glue sets up)

  24. Make For Others Post author

    Ah man…frustratingly happens to all of us! Nice job sticking with it and finishing!

  25. Sam Powers Post author

    My Dewalt 18 gauge narrow crown stapler is one of my all time favorite tools. Thanks Adam!

  26. Flowmaster925 Post author

    ye is that fingernail gonna be black forver?

  27. Pat Kane Post author

    Love it!! You're human like the rest of us… i do enjoy watching you organize the cave☺☺

  28. Andy Johnson Post author

    Wyze cameras in your shop could be an easier weekend film crew than setting up a time lapse on your phone.

  29. Nathan Oberlander Post author

    “I don’t mean real money…”
    Oh really? How much is a subscription to tested again?

  30. William Glaser Post author

    I love how he likes the air what evers…. I have had a senco finish set for many years along with a framing air nailer. The finish pro sent includes a brand nailer, finish nailer and stapler in it which does crowns staples. I find that you can do a lot more with an air stapler than one would thing, I keep a hand full of sizes of braids, nails, staples and framing nails of all sizes. Makes life easy. Staples work great when you have the shelf that has the backing coming off, Or a dresser that has the back coming off or even need to repair a rail or 2 in them. Pretty much anyone can buy a fair air compressor from big box store or harbor freight for around 100 dollars and enough air tools to make a guy or gal happy for a few hundred bucks. Air tools can be as low as 10 dollars to as much as 100s. In some cases an all electric unit can be far better.

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    Adam, please do a 2020 shop tour, we want to see EVERYTHING and ANYTHING!

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    I love these “infrastructure” builds. Can’t get enough of them.

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    Watching this makes me so nostalgic for the original mythbusters

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    it was like tetsuo… well i sure hope it wasn't lol

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    This is why I call myself a Freestyle Carpenter. I always mess up and nothing I make ever turns out how I originally planned or designed.

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    Adam what about making holders on the side like a gun holster for the reciprocating saws so theres less cgance of you catching one when you walk by the stand

  37. RedHeadKevin Post author

    Why didn't you just flip the whole thing over? You put the casters on the wrong end. It looks like that nailgun would fit in the "bottom" row.

  38. Matthew Wong Post author

    3:10 is that a swiss army knife clock??? Edit: At the top right

  39. StonehouseCinema Post author

    Did you ever get some of those plastic nails/stapes for temporary holding of CNC parts? I remember someone showed them to you in a maker-space once but I wasn’t sure if you ever found them.

  40. shipwrek Post author

    It's bad man. Your tools are hanging off and loose. The staples box on top is just kinda dropped there.
    Your angled standing hand tool carts would have been a much better option. This cart has you bending over to the floor and leaving tools with batteries close to a dirty floor. The angled tool carts could have drop-in areas for the longer tools at the bottom, more room for more tools, and include the consumables and hardware and left room on top for an attached consumables tray.

  41. Wildboy789789 Post author

    people underestimate glue… u can do anything with the right glue, superglue, PVA glue, epoxy resins… i mean i can stick your car to the garage and you wont get out even in 4wd lol

  42. NeonsStyle Post author

    Safety before efficiency. You didn't use the tool to push the wood through the saw! Only takes one mistake. My grandfather was an idiot, and lost 3 fingers to saws on 3 separate occasions. It only takes a second to pick it up and use it. Especially since it was within arms reach.

  43. Michael Jason Bourne Post author

    I need to do this. In my garage. Once I clean it or while I clean it LoL. No space to move any of my saws LoL 😂

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    I wish I could find a disc stationary sander like that someday. Craigslist in pittsburgh sucks.

  45. Blake Alexander Post author

    Learn to pronounce
    public shame or disgrace.

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    Next episode, "Custom built storage unit to organize my custom built storage units." I can't wait.

  47. Nurell Tapis Post author

    just here to like the video cause it's my childhood hero adam

  48. KoS Soc Post author

    Just color code the staples and nails to each tool that can fit that size. Like paint the inside bottom of the individual compartment and then wrap the handle of the matching tool with the same color duct tape. Should make things pretty simple. Always fun to see these kinds of simple videos!

  49. Ryoon S Post author

    2:56 is that a motorized swiss army knife clock or just a display piece in the top right of the screen? It intrigued me lol

  50. Declan Bartlett Post author

    What's that Swiss army multi tool that moves in the background

  51. Shawn Murphy Post author

    You should consider replacing your T50 with a reverse or inset handle tacker. There are good ones from DeWalt and Bostitch.

    The problem with a classic T50 is that the lever force pulls the contact edge of the stapler away from the surface, so you can only ise your grip strength (hence the beefy arm problem).
    Newer tackers fix that problem by changing the lever mechanism so that the contact edge stays still even if you push into it (i.e. use you body weight)

  52. Christian Rönn Post author

    Adam, I’m a bit curious to know why you went for pneumatic Senco nailer rather than a cordless electric one. There obviously has to be a reason 🙂

  53. Cody Joe Post author

    You ever have that moment where you go to put away the tool in your hand, and realize you didn’t make a spot for it because it was the one you were using and didn’t lay it out?

  54. skezus Post author

    Staple holder and pool table had the same issue–Adam made the entire project without measuring only to find out it was too small. Wonder how you could fix that issue so you wouldn't have to build it twice?

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    Doing the job out of steel with 100% welded seams. It is a 10 minute scream as you Chuck out your fancy boat anchor. Then head back to the steel yard.

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    Adam savage DOS stick in the box

  58. Aaron Nalder Post author

    What kind of staple/nail gun are you using to put this together? I don't know much about air guns and I'd like to make a similar storage shelf. Any tips on a good, all round nail gun?

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    I love these videos. Doesn't matter what Adam is doing in his shop, I find it interesting. I really need to start applying some of these organization techniques to my garage.

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    shame; because the content is usually awesome!

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    Lol I literally just went through this while creating a trailer for my channel. Thought I was done then realized I edited it in the wrong frame rate. 2 1/2 hours spent! I'll just caulk it up as a learning experience and will not be making that mistake again. Anyways keep up the great work sir. P.S. I remember seeing the mythbusters trailer when I was a kid and couldn't wait to see the show. I was not disappointed when I did.

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