Acryl gießen(418) Testen von Pebeo Medium! (Untertitel)😉👍

By | March 8, 2020

Hello everyone, hello friends I have to apologize first, I don’t have that much time right now that means I cannot answer all comments I’m still looking forward to your comments only that you know Not that you think I suddenly stop answering or stop answering but it is getting more and more and have to translate it and so on. All right then what i want to do today with this pebeo just test it how that works and reacts then show briefly like a man it mixes up, or rather how I mix it up I tried it like this and then let yourself be surprised and then we start. So see you soon ok, friends I touched here Bright aqua green by Liquitex that’s a nice bright green Then Sienna branded brown and this phyrene red. They are all from Amsterdam and white too from Amsterdam, ok I haven’t figured it out because of how that works with the cell activator. That it activates I assume that the white too partly gets cell formation what I’ve touched here 50% of this Pebeo and 50% vinyl adhesive and also Acryk White and that’s actually the case good without having to make water pure and since I don’t know whether it works or not, I make a drop out of fun Silicon 300 pure in terms of viscosity now I will show you briefly how I touch it I also have Royal blue also from Amsterdam that is the Expert series, is opaque you need a little more color here come on the pebeo first a shot that’s supposed to dry off brilliantly, I’m curious now we have such a consistency so very thick that’s why I put a shot in, a good one Another advantage over the vinyl adhesive is the colors so the hue remains. They don’t brighten you see it’s still thick that’s why I’m giving but only a small shot of water that’s how I do it now. You see it’s going well. I intentionally leave it a little thicker I have the feeling that if you put too much water in it, it does but the pigments run a bit. I noticed it in the white I’ve already tried it. I don’t know if I show it before or after OK I’ll have a look. the others are too is a bit thinner maybe some more water yes it is going quite well now ok, so i touched the colors I’m going to take you down to the picture as I said, I have 50% vinyl adhesive and 50% pebeo I want to test it similar to this Bloom or Chelee technique. I have not made it yet good is not that important to me either, but I always try to do something myself and try it out I’m not one who likes to read from others, laugh ok, i will bring you up ok, I’m back and I haven’t forgotten any gloves either which often happens to me well, as I said, I have a drop here Pure silicone. I’m still wondering if I’m in the white put something in but I leave it. White doesn’t react to silicone anyway don’t put silicone in here in the colors so, the white must not be confused. That is the 50-50 Vinyl glue and pebeo without water. Leave something else I don’t know if there are any cells because I don’t have silicone in the white we’ll just have a look I try to blow it now, to blow it out then let’s see make brown on top again. Because the brown swallowed it last time and some more white OK I leave it that way the colors aside I’m really thinking whether I blow it with the hair dryer and not with my mouth is too tiring for me let’s do that we just test it so a normal household hair dryer now you can see what happens to the white, namely nothing it’s always funny and I don’t like it either we have almost enough red again so, briefly heat up if something happens ok, so there are no cells then we do one i let that run away. I do not like it but it brings beautiful colors, I have to say now we see that we can get it down. I just want to close it the blanket let’s speed up what we see here at points are just air bubbles come on yes well, not that bad yes only air bubbles I actually like it not, laugh let’s do it differently ups, we can also test right away what happens to silicone. in white I don’t need anything where I now do in white too I say two drops actually in all colors nice to know what happens oh oh oh ohh what am I seeing right now? that can also come from the white where I put the silicone in but not much else happens there yes that will be of the white, ok no problem I just do it again now i don’t need that much anymore a dash of white in between so let’s try that again with the hair dryer well, now of course the silicone works, of course and nice little cells I am currently considering whether I fill everything up or whether I do leave it that way yes crazy what small cells come out of it hmhm I don’t really like the brown I don’t like the brown at all pay attention, I’ll take now of this white where I don’t drip. This is not good where I have a drop of silicone in it too bad it dripped here OK well that fits still too much brown. I do not know OK I don’t quite like it yet let it run out a bit we keep a bit have I dripped again? I thought to myself the white border is a little too wide for me so, yes I also find a little too much white I’ll try it there still over here OK what fascinates me are the small cells there is almost too much confusion for me I’m thinking about what you can do there Watch out when it’s our turn again gives a longer video laugh but mix it briefly once through you can see it here here i do I’ll let it run out afterwards so let’s heat it up a bit now we have a very colorful picture but I think so that fits. As I said with the white I have some difficulties I don’t like it that way but what I find fascinating are the small cells that arise here I find that fascinating about the Pebeo OK yes you just have to work your way into the new media know how they work, know how they react and therefore you can also design pictures I’ve now found out that it makes nice little cells, but is another work ok, i let it sit for 10 minutes and then I show it up close see you soon so friends i am back again I still have residual paint you have now seen what you can do or not it looks pretty good. the small cells are really good you can see it here but I absolutely don’t like the picture and now I’m going to make a normal flip cup over it as I said it is a little thicker then the color is gone too yes as with everything you have to get used to it first. I can only repeat it one more time maybe I left the colors a little too thick? I believe in a little more water is good for that too come i also take the other white where i mixed, no matter now empty all the colors I think a little thinner so a little thinner then it works better so do we still have some white? for below OK naughty as we are A little bit of fun is always good ah it’s already running. Look then we tested it now so sticking and doing it bad now we can pull that apart nicely I have a bobble in there he’s going away now I don’t like this page but now look what we have here beautiful made oh, it falls right down to me but for beautiful cells I must say I don’t want to heat that much anymore but I want to see what happens OK so you can bring out really small cells if you leave it a little thicker like I did but at least sees that now so I find better cool, ok long story short let it take effect for a moment and then I’ll finally show you up close, laugh. See you soon so friends i hope you are still there? today we tried a lot yes either you have fast forward or looked at it all OK so I think it’s really cool now as I said I heated up a bit more because I wanted to see however it reacts and because of that some cells came but you get other cells like with the vinyl glue especially these little ones and I think so too I have to say so. It is more stable that got cool with this too one, two, four, five points so they remain steadfast. I also left it a little thicker the color we’ll see when it’s dry a white net OK So then I hope you could take something with you learned something from it what you do or what you don’t do or just try it yourself as I said, I always like to test and try but I think it’s cool the red comes out a little brighter here it may be better to see that way you can take beautiful pictures with the Pebeo all right then I hope you enjoyed it, brought something, you persevered so now briefly dried the picture so you see it really has one plastic-like layer you see, not much has changed a nice advantage that it stays that way here again these red ones as I said you see it better OK Good see you next time. I wish you something Bye, bye

15 thoughts on “Acryl gießen(418) Testen von Pebeo Medium! (Untertitel)😉👍

  1. IAMOYO Creative Art Post author

    Sehr schönes Video. Teilweise hätte ich nicht gedacht, dass es noch was wird, aber das Endresultat ist wirklich schön geworden 🙂 Liebe Grüße <3

  2. IG Fine Art Post author

    Amazing colors combination…👏👍🙂😊🖼👌👌🖌🧑🏻‍🎨❤️

  3. Lyba Anisimova Post author

    Отлично! Скажите пожалуйста,а можно клей ПВА вместо винилового? И чем заменить пебео? Правильно написала))).

  4. Ulrike Renner Post author

    Hi. Wie trocknet ihr solche Bilder ? Lg

  5. Heidi Bourquin Post author

    Lieber timo dieses mal hast du wirklich viele viele zellen bekommen.eine frage was ist pepeo oder wie das heist ich habe keine ahnung vielleicht bin ich zu blöd oder zu alt.glg heidi ch.

  6. Wendy Meador Post author

    You saved it! I like the yellow light in the middle. ❤️

  7. Manuel Pinto Post author

    Trabalhou mais, mas valeu a pena. Parabéns, ficou um quadro muito bonito. Chau!

  8. Skovtrold Post author

    Dank'schee ond a scheener Gruaß ins Ländle :o)

  9. Seele der Welt Post author

    In der letzten Minute gerettet! Das Bild ist sehr schön geworden <3

  10. VERONICA RODRIGUEZ Post author

    Je trouve les cellules rouges particulièrement belles, elles me font penser aux grenades ( le fruit ) merci beaucoup 👍😘🥀🇫🇷🇪🇸

  11. VERONICA RODRIGUEZ Post author

    Je souhaite savoir si c'est toi qui actives, sur ta video, la possibilité des choix de la langue du sous-titrage, car tu es le seul qui me donne cette possibilité . Merci pour cette information 😘🇫🇷🇪🇸

  12. alex kraemer Post author

    Absolut geile Zellen.danke für das Video.weiter so

  13. Cheryl A Post author

    Thank you for filming for us.
    I am just happy seeing your latest masterpiece and getting to hear your voice you explain as you go along.
    It helps me pay closer attention and feel more appreciation. ❤

    I don't mind the lack of cells in first version.
    The colors and pattern are beautiful in last version.


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