AAYU PIHU KI KATTI | A Short Movie #Family #Comedy Brother vs Sister | Aayu and Pihu Show

By | February 27, 2020

No, get up Get up Aayu get up I sat on the swing first Aayu get down I sat here first But I saw it first So the swing is mine See sister, you were on the swing that day When? 20-25 days ago I was on the swing so long ago and I have come here after so long This swing is for small children not for old people I am old? Yes, so who are you? Grandfather I am small Aayu you come here daily That does not count I get so much home work Aayu please get up You get home work I do not Listen Aayu get up You go away Is your name written over it Yes Where is it? Show it to me It is written right where I am sitting So when I will get up, I will show it to you Why? Get up I am going to swing OK I am going Go, bye See, I got rid of my sister I love to swing on this swing Do you like it too? So then like this video surely And subscribe if you have not You subscribe button should look like this Mom see what he is doing She is back What happened? Look at Aayu mom What did he do? He is not letting me swing So you should wait a little I went to the park after so long but he goes daily So what happened? You are older, you should wait No you teach him You keep on getting each other names My work here is just to teach everyone Then he will come and start complaining Why would he complain he is having fun on the swing Mom So, he is here Think of the devil, and devil appears Teach sister a lesson Why me? What did I do? Am I talking to you? I am talking to my mom you only talk say You shut up What is your problem? Why do you take each others name? Sister is saying teach Aayu Aayu is saying teach sister He did not let me swing This was supposed to be my complain Copy cutter You were swinging Oh great Mom as soon as I sat on the swing sister came to trouble me So you could have swung Mom he was swinging No mom I did not You did swing No I did not Stop now You two sit here and argue I am going to go and swing You two made me angry Now go and swing You should go You only go, I do not want to to I am not talking to you me either I will not talk to you ever You two dropped all my clothes You two ruin all my work because of your argue Yes Mom your dear son dropped it Mom it happened by mistake and why do you keep on complaining about me always Yes I will do it what is your issue? I do have a problem I have a real big problem Yes so go solve your problem You do not know anything else other than complaining Mom come here Yes, coming Mom come here please Yes, coming No mom first come here Yes, I am coming No you will come here first Mom please come here first I told you to come here first Mom I am your sweet daughter please come here fast Mom your nice son is calling you please come here Mom See, If you love me you will come here first No you will come here first Mom if you go to sister’s room then I will not talk to you What am I saying? That is my room too I will only come there This is my room too, do you understand So 1 minute, 1 minute Mom come here Yes say Look at your sweet daughter mom where is she sitting? on my bed You tell her to get up Pihu get up Empty my whole bed from her stuff Oh So you want to get sister off and her stuff too yes Get up Pihu, go on your bed Sister go to your bed fast Why? This is my bed So first take out your clothes from my cupboard before that get your games out of my drawer I just have two So I also have only 2 jackets in your Altamira First you do it First you, First you take it out you, you wait a minute How much will you argue First make some dessert for me mom No, first make some spicy snacks for me No, dessert Something spicy Dessert, spicy Will you keep on arguing like this only I am getting irritated now I will make both the dishes You do whatever you want Go make it I will deal with sister here Oh So should we start Yes start What do you think? You will not let me sit on your bed What do you think you can complain about me to mom and you will be spared Here is your swing take it (screaming) Will you eat me? I do not eat bad things Am I bad? Yes What a mess have you two made? Mom sister started it first but it was Aayu’s idea You did not even let me sleep today You always keep on doing this all day Go and sit in your room Dad is about to come I will complain to him that you two are troubling me since morning First this then that This is your bed, you only sit I am going Oh What happened? Did we had an earthquake at our home? You should have seen your children earlier What were they doing at home They argue all day they do not have anything else to do all they do is argue They will be at peace only after they get to argue at least 3 times a day wait a minute, do not clean Do one thing, get a board game from inside Did you get it? take it sit Come let us play this game I will win today Both of you them are arguing and you want to play a game here You are scared that you will loose I am not scared of loosing I will win the queen I will only win from you You will have a lot of fun You are the one who always looses from me You are the one who always looses No you always loose you can see it for yourself today who is the real player here See, I am wining from the start You scored mine in 1st shot Whoever comes in my team has the first score already Someone come and help me win please Who will come to help you? You do not have your team member Pihu here So there is no need of calling her you loose from me no worries, I will win and show it Oh god You are going to loose you do not have your team member today OK I have the third one too you are cheating, I will not play What cheating? I am wining that means, I am cheating This is not the way you are scoring it all one after another You are not letting me have my turn Yes loose like this My team member is here Your team member is not here Pihu come you help me win So she is in your team My team member is also here Dad scored 3 and we do not even have one 3 yes, that too one after the other You were not with me and I do not know this game very well now my turn Now Pihu will score, but Team sits on the opposite sides So should we start again? OK But who will be in the team? Opposites are in the same team yes But these two will be a strong team They will make us loose it is OK Team member high five let us start team member high five team member high five What is this?? I will only win the queen oh and I will score the most yes Our team in number 1 He is expert in taking the queen and she is expert in scoring them all OK we will see You two are arguing so it will not be fun it is OK I will only score Aayu but our team is very strong Yes it is You two are not on good terms We will only win What is this? What is this? No, no but you two are not on speaking terms you stay like that no come on Let us start Let us see who wins OK, who will start then me Aayu will do it no sister First they will argue then Sister you start first Let us see who wins First break They have started wining already and you should not rely much on me 2nd score already Aayu win it I scored They are wining, do something You know I am not good see one after the another he keeps on scoring Aayu see score this Aayu score the queen come on Sister Yes we won He is an expert in scoring the queen and see her winnings here We only have 3 I did not even scored one No problem They will argue tomorrow then we will win No we will not Yes So do you fix a day for it? Did you see friends? Siblings always argue But they solve it in some time and become friends again and make everyone loose after that Yes sister and my team is number 1 See, these 2 won the game Do you do this too? You argue with your siblings and then when you become friends you become number 1 then like and share this video If you liked this video, please share it with all your siblings

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