A Day in the life of an SEO Specialist

By | January 20, 2020

Hi, I’m Amri Currently i’m working as an SEO specialist at Shopee Indonesia. Yeah, I go to office by ojol (ojek online) everyday. Sometimes by MRT. I deliberately do not use my own vehicle, because I do not like traffic jam and don’t want to add more congestion in Jakarta. Aseek Never expected that I will be working in Jakarta. But fate said otherwise. Now even having a career in Jakarta. Arriving at the office, don’t forget to tap your attendance. Morning. It’s time to work. In essence, the job of a SEO specialist is to optimize the website so that it can appear on the first page of Google when someone types a keyword that is relevant to the website’s content. And increase traffic organically. Although, practically not that easy. Sometimes we also need time to be alone. maybe the atmosphere is rather noisy. Find more quiet place. When doing our daily tasks. Since today is Friday, then I attend for Friday prayer (Jummah) first. Even though we are busy working, but don’t forget to the Creator. Because we die without carrying property. Moral value Time for lunch. At Shopee, we can have lunch and dinner. Snacks are also widely available. Hi everyone, Do you guys know the other name of this vegetables? Sayur lodeh (vegetables in coconut milk) Nope. The other name is Kamu kan? (You, right?) You, right? You, right? What did you mean? It’s mean that, Lo deh? (lo=kamu=you) Not funny dude! Incidentally, today there is ShopeeFest 2020, a kind of annual meeting for all shopee employees. We can play games as much as we want, there is a business update from CEO and directors, and the most awaited, music concert. If you know this song, please sing. But just singing in your heart. worried your voice is out of tune. Enough, don’t get too long, it will get copyright. Yeah, that’s the day in the life of SEO specialist. I purposely showed you the fun things only. Let you want to change division or even want to resign. Joking hehe But if you want to apply, please do. Shopee is hiring. If you want to know more about SEO, Please write your questions in the comments. So that I can make the QnA video. And don’t forget

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