A Chef Reviews Crowd Funded Kitchen Gadgets

By | February 21, 2020

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  1. CreepingButtercup Post author

    I was cooking from the Packs App for the first time a couple days ago. As the curry simmered I calmly began cleaning the kitchen. I have NEVER calmly done anything while cooking, certainly not clean! I typically just stare at pots in panic waiting to see what I screw up, how did you fix me? My lovely Sorted Chefs are MAGIC! And it was delicious. Thank you for the amazing cooking help, can’t wait to make another recipe!

  2. anna strömbom Post author

    Could you maybe do a challenge where you include finding the ingredients and all the washing up in the time?

  3. David Jones Post author

    The cutlery is something I could see putting in my lunchbox but I still aint pay more than $15

  4. Flociety Post author

    $52 USD for a metal utensil set!? The genuine stainless steel US military mess kit, canteen cup, and utensil set I've been using for camping I bought for less than that. It's maybe not as pretty looking, but far more versatile. I understand the idea behind it, but that's way too much for a spoon, fork, and knife.

  5. Kimky Post author

    Not to be that person..but..also ofc being that person.. is that fake grapes in the fridge? Or as it always been plastic stuff in there and I never noticed it until now..

  6. Phazz Post author

    I have no idea how that prepdeck thing got so many backers and costs so much money.

    It's essentially just a bunch of containers. Stuff that you already have in a normal kitchen, just not usually stackable. Not that you'd need it to be stackable, unless you're trying to cook in a space that's too small. In which case you don't have the space to place this monstrosity anywhere, either.

    Honestly, that price was incredibly insulting. It doesn't make cleaning up any easier, it doesn't make for more organized cooking, it's literally just a waste of money, space and effort.

    Surprised that James sort of glossed over that price quickly, but then remarked the cutlery as "pricey". Cutlery that is literally made for camping purposes and is a fantastically space-efficient set you'd probably not need to replace quickly, other than the cheap plastic boxes that look like they'll crack after the third use.

  7. Ouchmydragonballz Post author

    This is a great show, love the content. You have several great hosts and a scot in need of a vacation.

  8. Nicole Lavigne Post author

    Prepdeck = way to expensive. It seems like a lot to use as you are cooking. I can just use bowls or plates to hold the ingredients, though yes it fits together nicely. To me it looks more like something you would use to do your prep ahead of time and store till you’re ready to cook later rather than to use right away/as you’re cooking.

  9. Jaden Drury Post author

    I'm always amazed by the editing of these videos and how it always seems to be getting better. So much attention seems to be taken in making wonderfully edited videos and even the captions are always fantastically done, a detail that many like to gloss over. So shoutout to all of the editors that worked on this video

  10. Gemilang Bayu Ragil Saputra Post author

    2:51 thats a nice hidden f u gesture right there

  11. Jsweizston Post author

    You guys need to see if you can replicate (some) of these Kickstarter items and how much you come in under the original backer price. There's no way all of those tupperware containers should be over 100 dollars let alone 50 dollars.

  12. Angela Chow Post author

    A company named Cookingpal is going to launch a smart cooking system called Julia by the end of 2020. I think they are doing something similar to the Sorted packs app with an additional cooking machine that automates most of the cooking for you (it even has a kneading function! I'm curious how it works in practice). Maybe a review for it when it comes out would be nice? The price tag is $1000 USD though, the price of technology!

  13. Bella DiMambro Post author

    Good job Barry with your science! Don't let Jamie bully you!

  14. Nona Mackenzie Post author

    I feel like for that tea gadget, at that price, you'd kind of expect it to come out looking like a Balmuda product.
    and as for the work station, I think I'd prefer a cutting board with a reservoir at one end to push all my discarded bits into that I can just dump out all at once? Because my biggest issue when I'm cooking is that things fall off my cutting board and then I have to clean my counters. My kitchen is also a galley kitchen in a house from the 1920's so the only places to put garbage receptacles are far from the work surfaces, so in the transportation, things fall on the ground, which is a hassle now that I don't have a dog to eat the things that I've dropped and my rabbit won't come into the kitchen because she doesn't like the floor there(and therefore also won't pick up after me).

  15. Ruth Rankin Post author

    This was a fun concept. But, I do miss Big Night In and the more recipe-focused stuff…is that more in the app now?

  16. not olaf Post author

    Not sure PrepDick is the best product name ever….
    Yes, yes, yes, I know it's really PrepDeck, but it's like naming your kid – try to make sure it's not going to automatically get made fun of.

  17. Foxxie Lane Post author

    All the gadgets shown in this video are just fancier version of what are currently available in the market which are much cheaper. More expensive does not mean it is better

  18. Enrique DelSuave Post author

    isnt the first thing they show just using the basics of a reflux reaction using steam

  19. Heather McC Post author

    I am intrigued by the outlery… but I don’t carry a bag and don’t need anything else in my pockets.

  20. Jane Renee Post author

    the prep thing would be nice for my tiny kitchen. also to prep for the next day if time will be short for getting it all together. when i had a bigger kitchen i used a lot of bowls, something i picked up from watching kitchen shows. pre-measure and set out in order of use. with a small kitchen, memory issues, and easily stressed because of the 2, this would make my life so much easier. to bad it costs so much. time to dollar tree an alternative.

  21. KEPAKP Peterson Post author

    Please more Gagets! You have to try the portable crepe maker

  22. Rob Greenaway Post author

    Went and saw Jojo Rabbit the other day, and all through the movie I kept thinking I was watching a young Barry Taylor.

  23. A Fischer Post author

    We all want to see an hour-long "Pass it on". A minimal edited video of a pass it on video would be amazing!

  24. Christopher Lam Post author

    Hold up .. that sink in the back isn't plumbed?!! I feel lied to

  25. Emmy Gomez Post author

    No lie, I've already seen one of those qi aeristas at my local thrift store.

  26. Just A Dude Post author

    So, anyone looking at buying the Outlery… that stuff is basically a worse, bougie version of a century-old device known as a "hobo tool," or "camping tool" if you want to be PC about it.

    They can be had for under $10, with the really fancy-scmancy ones by brands like Ka-Bar running $20 at most. They all contain a (sharp) knife, fork, and spoon, plus some combination of bottle opener, can opener, and/or corkscrew, and most will have a way to separate the knife from the fork.

  27. Robert Jones Post author

    The price of that cutlery set is mental, you can get travel cutlery sets for less than a tenner that are really good quality.

  28. Vixey Teh Post author

    Already 76k when I hit like. 🙂
    I can't wait to see the new high tech kitchen being assembled!

    What will it look like?
    What gadgets will there be?
    Will it have a sassy Janice voice?

  29. Bound4Earth Post author

    All of the products are overpriced garbage. All of them already exist, except maybe the hipster carry in your pocket cutlery. But camping ones already exist for a fraction of the price and are made out of titanium so they do not corrode or have unnecessary coating like this set to flake off overtime and you do not have to screw together and no parts to lose and they only cost $30 and that is because they are made from titanium and not cheap steel as I imagine a kickshit hipster project like this Ouya level cutlery.

  30. Daniel Stewart Post author

    Dad joke for you

    The price of pie in Jamaica is $1.50 and the price of pie in the Bahamas is $2.40

    These are the pie-rates of the Caribbean

  31. Xzylophonics Post author

    Imagine paying £249 for some cheap plastic tuppawear on a shelf

  32. Supernova Kasprzak Post author

    This video was fantastic! Keep reviewing kitchen gadgets.

  33. nicholas white Post author

    i could see using the organizers for a night where i make subs or something like that, a meal where everyone wants something different

  34. Zero the Wanderer Post author

    I think the prep deck might be most useful for
    A: Loading up before going to a venue to make a meal on the spot, or
    B: Maybe you want a more elaborate breakfast tomorrow morning but don't wanna have to chop and prep everything then.
    Although you could just use a handful of divided plates and plastic wrap, or just whatever containers you have already, would lean more on the side of a presentation/meal on site. Still way too expensive.

  35. DarkAndDandy Post author

    Meh, I take issue with the way the Prep Deck was presented.
    You pretty much gave James a heap of ingredients that were already mise'd. Everything was already set up and organized on the cutting board, so all you did was give him an already prepped set of ingredients, made him chop them up, and instead of putting them back into the containers they arrived in, made him put them into ANOTHER set of organization bins, doubling the mess.

    That doesn't feel like how the deck was meant to be used.

    Not only that but you had the deck angled at a weird and awkward way that no one would ever use (I get it, you have to film it in a way that presents towards camera).

  36. Mark Lyne Post author

    I see that cooks prep station and think of all the additional washin up where ingredients can be easily segregated on the chopping board….plus less washing up? To be more organised in the kitchen doesn't mean forking out £270….wow I know many people who keep plastic take away boxes and use them plus way cheaper.

  37. achanwahn Post author

    I have a plastic set similar to the cutlery that I purchased 5 yrs ago for $5. I love it. Keep it in my lunch box & take it to work or out of town. Metal would be nice, but I'm not sure $40 is worth it.

  38. abadatha Post author

    The only food related thing I've ever crowd funded was when a chef (I think it was David Chang) did the Searzall. Love that thing still.

  39. Zoe T Post author

    i never find a situation when ive been given plastic cutlery… only at like, a wedding party? and ive been to 2?

  40. NochSoEinKaddiFan Post author

    Something like the prepdeck prevents you from forming proper kitchen skills. If you can cook just about anything with a pan, a pot, a knife and a board, then you know that you are good at what you do. Branching out from there in terms of equipment will actually improve your capabilities and not clutter you life. My personal opinion.
    Furthermore I have the mepal cuttlery set (spoon, fork, knife, no assembly) in my backpack each and every day, it goes for less than 6 quid.

  41. Athena Tan Yi Min Post author

    Let's be honest here, at those price points everything is an indi-nono

  42. Auhida Chowdhury Post author

    That kitchen organizer is something people whither small/crowded kitchens or home cooks that dont have dozens of perfectly-sized bowls.

  43. Mike Thomassen Post author

    About the "Prepdeck".
    I work in a home with autistic children, and we've never had any particular succes having the children helping us with cooking. Until we started doing dishes from SortedFood, and we got a Prepdeck for each child. We (the adults) translates the SortedFood videos, minus swearwords of course, and the children now makes 50-75 % of the food each day! Some of them has even started getting ready BEFORE meeting time.
    So thanks to SortedFood for the inspiration, and to Prepdeck for this very helpful device 🙂

  44. Qunt Fuqr Post author

    £200 For some small plastic containers for you to put your food into between the chopping board and pan

  45. Allan Larson Post author

    Here is a challenge for you test gadgets that are made for the use of a person that only has the use of one hand. Using only one hand to operate these gadgets.

  46. Tim G Post author

    "If we get enough likes we will share a video with you guys."

    You would film and share the video regardless for the views alone, please dont shill for likes. You guys are great at what you do, please dont use tactics from those dumbass kids toy review channels it should be beneath you guys.

  47. Helli H. Post author

    I wouldn't want to have to assemble my cutlery before eating. I use the cutlery from the German military outdoors and at my workplace, it's the best cutlery to take with you in my opinion.

  48. Benjamin Wilson Post author


  49. I am Mongo Post author

    I keep a set of reusable plastic (yes, evil plastic!) cutlery designed for camping in my truck. $1.88 USD. I assume that is well short of £40?

  50. Lorysa Rossnagel Post author

    Here's another tea gadget to try! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bru-the-ultimate-tea-machine

  51. Leland Unruh Post author

    I can go to my local Goodwill and buy five Tupperware containers, an old cheese grater, some measuring spoons, and a milk crate to put it all in for $10. Checkmate, Prepdeck!

  52. jessica h Post author

    My mother has something similar to the tea maker but with hers the basket that holds the tea lowers into to water when ready and takes it out when done. It also has a clock/timer function so you can set it to start brewing for a specific time like when you wake up in the morning.

  53. CheshireKat Post author

    I'm not sure why I was recommended this since I'm not much of a cooker, although I'm trying to cook more and eat better. Maybe because I watch a lot of British shows on YouTube? Regardless, I'm not complaining.

  54. Kaeinlya Post author

    Prepdeck is gonna be most useful for people with very limited counter space. Once I've got a cutting board and a few ingredients out, that's most of my space gone and then I'm shoving stuff out of the way with my elbows.

  55. Ullunos Post author

    Prepdeck, $120, or, $10 for 10 plastic containers at the dollar store that keep you just as organized but without all of the random stacking and lids.

  56. Tyler Bartlett Post author

    Aight, if you want a prepdeck, I literally paused the video to prove this. (I'm using USD instead of pounds sterling because you lost the g-d war) The prepdeck is 299 USD, I'm counting 30 dollars for a full set of measuring cups and spoons, 9.99 for a set of graters that includes cheese, nutmeg, potato peeler, garlic, whatever, 5 bucks for a 3 set of cheap cutting flexible plastic boards that look as durable as that glorified piece of soggy plastic. 9 bucks or so for a set of "mealprep" tiny plastic containers or whatever. and 35 bucks for a mandolin just because I'm nice. that leaves you over 100-some odd dollars to actually buy a decent set of miniature drawers, or just a TOOLBOX to put your stuff in, and the rest you can spend on a knife to stab the scam artists who somehow managed to raise over a million pounds sterling.

  57. Hannu Ala-Olla Post author

    The meal prep system looks like something that could work great if you're going someplace else to cook – say a barbecue. Just prep what you need and take the bag with you.

  58. Brian Smith Post author

    I could see the prepdeck used for storing ingredients for the next few days or the week to cook quicker. But containers for food storage have already existed… And the outlery looks like it would be nice for camping.

  59. Just Me Post author

    Outlery are liars. What a joke. That kind of portable cutlery exists in Asia for years.

  60. Jeanielynn Basdeo Post author

    In my opinion the Prepdeck: Meal Prep System doesn't feel like something you would find useful in the home. i think it would have a better benefit for say maybe a lunch area for an office environment, i think that would be a useful product. i really see something like that in that kind of environment which can be useful for staff, you can probably use the containers and add non perishable items inside.

  61. Robert Pruitt Post author

    Maybe y'all should get some chefs that'll actually use all the items as they're supposed to be used.

    Pretty sure that one item isn't made to be used sitting sideways, and TBH, because of the shit way he was using it, it looks like his knife skills are absolute shit.

    I mean he can't even get the chopped food into the containers right. Is he even a real chef? I've never seen a real chef have that hard of a time. I could do that before I turned 10.(mother was a chef, taught me starting age 4).

    It would keep your vids from being a waste of my time. Thumbs down.

  62. Nataniel Post author

    Lol outlery. I have a "titanium" spork with a bottle opener and a couple whench holes. Good enough for me. It was like 1$ from China. I can buy a fuckload of different camping cutlery and altoid boxes for 40£.

  63. Marc Baier Post author

    Doubt ill get an answer but do you or anyone reading this have a link to the outlery product? I'm US based and i do a fair amount of camping and would love a set to take with me.

  64. JessieLightyear Post author

    The Prep Deck seems like it would be great to chop up a bunch of veggies or something and then grab some throughout the week and put them in lunches and such. The boxes would need to be bigger for that though :/

  65. Lord Jock Post author

    The prep deck has to be a joke Only for those precious snowflakes who just have to have the latest gadgets .Whos going to do all the cleaning up ?

  66. Ashton Michael Post author

    The Outlery would be incredible for camping trips. It takes up so much space for everyone's mess kit. I'd love to see a plate/bowl/cup of the same style.

  67. Cathy Gonzales Post author

    Jamie you’re always so entertaining to me lol ALSO pluggy plug plug plug lol I don’t mind sorted abundance of plugs …. other people yes! But yours has a catchy song lol annoyance eviscerated

  68. Roberto Calzadilla Post author

    The prep station also has the benefit that you will be more likely to measure your food if it’s in standardized containers like that.

  69. Thomas Budde Post author

    i came here for the gadgets and will stay for your awesome accents <3

  70. dingdingdingdiiiiing Post author

    tea kettle – over engineered for what it does, redundant really
    prep deck – useless when preparing one meal, I mean, everyone has some bowls so what's the point of that, really
    cutlery – that IS actually a good idea, I can see uses for this, for instance if you prepare a meal you take with when going for work/school/trip, or you can keep a set in a car. I've bought cottage cheese for lunch a couple of times while on a trip and had to buy plastic spoons to eat it with. Is it worth 40 quid? No, not really. I'd pay 20 tops. If you pay 40, you REALLY have to have a use for it.

  71. TNinja0 Post author

    The Prepdeck might be for me, since I have a very very small kitchen. It's enough for one cutting board, and little storage space. I just borrow the sink by using a loose board I have around.

    But not for that price, lel.

    Chefs are already trained to have a clean working area, so they know their way anyway.

  72. Scarlet Rosetta Post author

    The…. cutlery….. it’s not exactly a new concept. I’ve owned something similar for over 6 years.

  73. extra0ordinary Post author

    Suggest: Make a dish going backwards (or in reverse) or when you mess with someone cooking for 5 min have them do things in reverse

  74. koert jansen Post author

    I would use the outlery anywhere were they want me to eat wit my hands. Because i don't like the mess of eating with my hands.

  75. pukeylukey199 Post author

    Anything crowd funded is shit otherwise it would sell it self.


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