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By | August 22, 2019

hello youtubers, welcome to the Ras Gapet channel YouTube is still being discussed for now we will discuss about how to optimize youtube video SEO. SEO optimization techniques on YouTube videos, a lot of things that must be considered. for those of you who want your youtube video to be included in the top youtube search. should have followed a few points which I will explain in this video keep watching the video and don’t forget to subscribe, like & comment then how are the ways or SEO optimization techniques for youtube videos? please see this video to the end. the first is keyword research. keywords are a keyword for the visitor to be able to find videos that they later want to find but most of the beginner YouTubers only upload videos to their heart’s content without first researching keywords that are currently trending Keyword research is very useful in speeding up the indexing of your videos incorporated in other video files the more search options with these keywords, the more other related videos will be visited You can research keywords with the Google tool called Google Adwords. or you can also research keywords using google trends these features are tools that will facilitate your activities in researching the keywords that are most in demand or most sought after by others so it’s best if you will upload a video try to research the keyword first because chances are your video will be shown more opportunities the second is the youtube video title so that your YouTube video SEO techniques are more stable add an interesting video title but do not eliminate the keyword rules contained therein themes may not be lost in the title. hence the title is also an SEO optimization technique on youtube so this time you have to think about the title correctly put the keywords contained therein correctly the third edit the video to make it look interesting easy to understand and nice to watch. there are some cases, I saw news themed videos. in it has absolutely nothing to do with news indirectly video like that will be easily recognized by other visitors because the video title and contents in the video do not match the fourth for HD quality video and crystal clear sound. sometimes we often see videos that only provide 240px Do you know? the size of the video that much only makes visitors who watch it hurt eyes and in a short time they will leave your video It should be noted that YouTube also has a bounce rate same as Blog if a video’s bounce rate is high then the video is very difficult to rank first on the youtube search page this is very much unknown to the novice youtuber. because it is highly recommended for you to upload video and sound quality in it perfectly because this will have an impact on whether or not visitors who watch your videos besides bounce rate, youtube also has video retention This video retention is a percentage of return visits to your video this is also one of the youtube SEO points the more percentages that visit back, the more likely your video to occupy the first position when uploading name the video file with keywords This is also one of the SEO SEO optimization techniques that you should pay attention to when the video file is uploaded, we tend to use the default video file name that comes from the cellphone or memory card of a camera this is one of the wrong ways youtube displays files based on file names and sort them based on the points that are in the algorithm this automatically has a huge impact on the development of your video ranking pay attention before you upload videos to youtube the file or name of your video is changed as desired or as the title will be applied to your youtube video the sixth increase your youtube video promotion this is an important factor and role towards SEO of a youtube video the determining factor you can occupy the first position in the search YouTube SERP is a youtube viewers promotion purely come from youtube for this reason if you have an important video to preach, increase your youtube video promotion the purpose of promotion is to increase viewers if the audience of a video rises sharply then the video will immediately rank first because the youtube count is very different SEO counts on YouTube audiences are marked by visitors that increase every day this allows YouTube to recognize that the video is very viral for that purpose YouTube raises the position of your video SERP the seventh complete all components of YouTube well this also needs attention all components of YouTube you should pay attention to, This small thing has an extraordinary impact on the optimization of your YouTube video SEO complete your channel, about or about channel description channel name playlist, as well as your youtube channel profile and cover photo the eighth. increase likes, subscribe and comments this is a material consideration for your youtube video YouTube ranking factor is very determined by the number of likes subscribe, views and video comments this indicates that your video is very much in demand starting from feeling comforted feel helped some even feel that your YouTube video deserves an award well this is how YouTube recognizes the structure of the video to be displayed in the top search. like the example you’re watching youtube with a verified badge they will come out first when typed in the search field because of what? the url channel they have is trusted and demanded by many people well that’s why it’s not uncommon for those who are famous for sure the video always appears top search the ninth is a backlink I think backlinks don’t apply on YouTube because planting backlinks in any way, this only indicates the url reference to cause viewers because of that the backlink is not really considered YouTube video SEO Alright Youtuber’s those are the important points that you must do for youtube video SEO optimization if you pay attention to every inch hopefully your video can also be immediately famous and ranks first on the search page that’s our discussion this time don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment don’t forget to always watch videos from the gapet race channel provided for beginner YouTubers good luck monetized

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