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everyone welcome back I’m starting a new segment called startup toolkit this will be a compilation of tools I recently stumbled upon we have this group or this channel on our company slack called pulse where we share latest tools or tools that are not really that new but we just found them recently tools that can help you to grow your business I thought that it would be cool to have a dedicated segment where I share pretty cool tools that we just stumble upon rolled intro ok so before I start listening the tools I would love to encourage you guys to leave some of the tools that you stumble upon in the comment section I will use your recommendations within some of the next episodes so hopefully this will be a community effort and we’ll just create a way for us to exchange cool tools that can help us to grow our businesses okay so here’s 8 tools that can help you to grow your online business starting with Hunter dot IO so Hunter dot IO allows you to find individuals within specific companies so you can for example if I type run 24 comm yeah here’s our company and you can see that instantly they crunch the data from from all over the web and you can see that here’s our influencer marketing manager here’s our content manager here’s probably myself or make also probably mix which is our shoot chief revenue officer so you can type any company and you can see people responsible for a specific section so for example if we were to start a cooperation with kaptara yep compare you can see here 30 34 results and obviously they prevent you put 4 from seeing the full for email but if you sign up and if you if you use a proper account you can see them and make your communication much more personal because you will be engaging specific individuals rather than the copies you wouldn’t use the email like help at CARICOM or help at brand24 dot-com which is pretty generic and it’s hard to be you know very specific with whatever you want to achieve so pretty cool tool hunter dot i/o there are several tools that do more or less similar stuff some of them include voila norbert calm clear bead calm and protected lapse calm I’ll include the links in the description the majority of people that sign up for your product your service that contact you are gmail hotmail yahoo mails forever so people you have a little information about with clear peat or any of those other tools you can actually dig deeper and you can see what are who are those people who are contacting you and you can make your communication much more personalized which is obviously a good thing improves conversion another tool is called storm up and this is a product that helps you to make an existing websites editable so you can by plugging in a short JavaScript code you can easily start to edit your website just in any browser so obviously if you use CMS like WordPress it’s it’s it’s fairly easy to edit specific websites but if your website is not based on any CMS if this is like only static HTML by embedding storm up plug-in you can start to edit your website just on the go just super easy product super easy to implement pretty cool I found out about them on product hunt it’s it’s it’s pretty pretty pretty cool product so I mend you you guys checking this out next product a full story comm which is amazing analytics tool available out there if you watch this channel for a while you know I’m pretty excited about all sorts of analytics I know it sounds boring but it can actually change your business in a huge way in a very positive way I recommend you somewhere here will be an icon that promotes my other episode about analytics full story is like an analytics monster in a way it it offers you an option to track all the traffic on your website to create funnels that will help you to find weeks and weaknesses of your website it also has a component that records all sessions so you can so similar to hot jars so you can see what people actually do on your website you can see their sessions like recordings like somebody will be sitting behind their screen recording their screen with a camera so super cool a product very robust you have all of those features in one product all of these options to record sessions to create funnels to create new ways to communicate with customers in one single product a very cool very expensive as well which is it’s it’s not perfect okay so next tool called buy table comm so this is worked simplest Video Maker at least that what it says on the website but it’s pretty cool product for content managers so if you’d like to create a video that showcases your product or new features within your product it’s super easy to use this tool to just drag and drop click and create a cool video based on the text that you will provide and based on the stock footage that you will choose it’s pretty cool pretty cool companies use this product there are several products like this several similar products I I think I already mentioned in some of the previous episodes tool called lumen 5 which is another product that’s similar to two by table slide dot le / promo also offers this feature to create really stunning videos based on just text and choosing on a stock footage next tool use proof calm this is a product that allows you to leverage something called social proof so something that like a theory says that customers prefer to buy products that are used by other people that are you know checked and reviewed by other people so we want to be a part of a stronger community when I’m choosing my products when I’m choosing products for brently for for my work and for in 24 I typically choose products that are alive and that have a strong communities of customers so one thing is that that I can learn how to use this product from other customers not only from the company itself I can I can get some tips and tricks from probably even friends that are using this specific product however I just want to feel that I’m a you know I’m not alone in making this decision so social proof is very very strong you probably or you definitely saw how social proof are proofs are leveraged on sites like booking.com when whenever you get this small pop-up about some people looking through the same apartment you wanna rent or same hotel room or something or this is last room or the the room like this was booked and five minutes ago this creates also sense of urgency which is a powerful way to improve the conversion rates on your website so there is a tool called use proof calm which allows you to leverage this to allows you to show these pop-ups that will allow your customers to note that they are part of a greater community that within the last week two thousand people registered for your product or your service or five hundred people visited your website so it makes them feel that they are part of a larger community which is good thing for conversion rates and again it’s super easy to implement this the store is a only again a short JavaScript code you and that within your WordPress within your CMS with your website it’s literally five minutes both work one more thing I would like to mention is that as much as I love a use proof comm I really love to promote polish local products and there’s a there’s company called proof dot IO this is right now it’s only polish product but hopefully they will they will be launching a global version soon so there will be more competitors to use proof calm although at the moment for global business I would probably go with fuse proof comm the other product is still in beta version so but fingers crossed for polish team so hopefully they will create a viable competitor to use proof okay so next two tools are related to communication and creating presentations the first one is called drafts in’ and this is a way to create insure interactive presentations so just like a PDF and your voiceover so you can create presentations you can do at the demos for the customers this is similar to whether you know you could do that sort of the with with the Google hangout recording your your hangout and then putting this on you do but this product has much more features it’s probably way cooler so I recommend you guys give it a try another product that’s sort of similar also related to creating presentations but also communication it’s tool called groppler the drop lurk um again links will be in the description and this is a tool that also allows you to share your screen with coworkers with clients and leave specific tips and create voiceovers and just explain better what do you mean so it’s cool for the product team so if you if you have a product team and you have to explain what do you mean by your future how do you think the website should work those products come really handy if you do a presentation for your customer is also pretty pretty useful all right so the last tool is called rebranding calm it’s pretty much like Beth Lee calm although it can turn your own website your own domain into URL link shortener so this way you can use your own domain and you can have like for example if we use if we would use it at birth before we would get ready for calm slash marketing slash report slash we could easily create those this short custom links that will could link to specific parts of the web or would link to specific parts of our website so pretty useful for marketing the vision pretty useful for SEO purposes as well it’s based on Chrome extension fairly easy to implement pretty cool because that we can have links that have meanings that are meaningful because we can leave some specific keywords within the laying itself so people know what is behind link it’s it’s not so similar again typically but based on your own domain which is really cool alright that’s it thank you for watching if you have any feedback any thoughts any tools that you would like to share please leave them in the comment section I would love to share some of the tools that you guys use I would love for this to be somewhat a community effort and as usual if you liked the video please if the thumbs up and if you want to have an access to this this type of content if you really like what I’m trying to do here please subscribe see you guys said I guess that would be the best goodbye an English language Oh everyone welcome back okay Google tell another joke

21 thoughts on “8 TOOLS YOU SHOULD TRY IN 2018

  1. Samuel Kmita Post author

    Nice video, I will test few tools in the future 🙂

    I used Hunter.io and this is a great tool! It has helped me many times to get contact with someone specific!

    I am also using our polish tool Appoint.ly to make fast and easy appointments 😉 Probably you know that tool, but maybe you can tell about appoint.ly in your next video 🙂

    Great work!

  2. Mateusz Zieliński Post author

    Bardzo ciekawe narzędzia. Korzystałem z huntly.io, polecam 🙂 Z pewnością przetestuję biteable. Jeśli szukasz inspiracji do następnych nagrań to osobiście chętnie posłuchałbym o narzędziach, które są pomocne w organizacji pracy działu marketingu. Czego Wy używacie w Brand24, żeby ogarniać projekty, zadania, kampanie itp., właśnie w dziale marketingu. Pozdrawiam.

  3. Paweł Scheffler Post author

    Z tooli do video polecam też VideoScribe – kapitalne, tanie narzędzie do tworzenia video typu "explain". 🙂 –> https://www.videoscribe.co/en/

  4. Trustisto Post author

    Jeśli chodzi o #socialproof to polecam też zerknąć na inne Polskie rozwiązanie https://trustisto.com/pl Mamy już bardzo fajnych klientów, ciekawe case study, szybko się rozwijamy.

  5. Sebastian Tekieli Post author

    https://youtu.be/doYE6wsN3k4?t=4m1s Ekpresja … !!!

  6. Igor Mróz Post author

    Michał – tak się kurcze zastanawiam, czy to jest nasza polska cecha, że się zastrzegamy "nic z tego nie mam, że polecam" – tak, jak piszesz w linkach pod filmem. Uderzyło mnie to, bo sam linkując/wspominając np. o Brand24, Nozbe, czy o szkoleniach z produktywności mojego znajomego podczas szkoleń, czuję jakieś wewnętrzne zobligowanie, żeby zaraz dodać "to są fajne produkty, ja je polecam bo są fajne i naprawdę nic z tego nie mam". Kind of weird 😀

    (treść – very useful)

  7. Krzysztof Kołacz Post author

    Dzięki Sadek za to, że dzielisz się wartością. Szanuję mocno i czekam na więcej!

  8. Luke Post author

    Jeśli chodzi o synonimy huntly, polecam również snov.io i contactout – obydwa sprawdzone. Kosztują PIENIĄDZE, ale działają 😉

  9. Dadok Post author

    Cześć Michał… Świetnym Film !!!
    W którymś innym filmie mówiłeś o narzędziu, które sprawdza maile i zbiera na temat jego informacje, czy sprawdzałeś to narzędzie, czy działa dobrze i jak się nazywa? 🙂

  10. Brella Assistant&Concierge Post author

    Hunter nie jest już tak użyteczny – LinkedIn zablokował możliwość korzystania z niego.

  11. Rebrandly Branded Short Links Post author

    Look at Rebrandly – https://www.rebrandly.com

  12. Grzegorz Jastrzębski Post author

    Dzięki Michał, z jakiego mikrofonu korzystasz? 😉

  13. Grzegorz Jastrzębski Post author

    Pracuję nad UXfeedback.us. Jak znajdziesz chwilkę na feedback to będę mega wdzięczny 😉

  14. Piotrek Kmita Post author

    My biggest discovery of last weeks – https://www.notion.so/ really THE BEST knowledge base tool which I found

  15. Piotr Gawlik Post author

    https://storm-up.com This website doesn't load anymore

  16. Mikołaj Paczkowski Post author

    Great tool set and fantastic english lesson. Thx Michał!!!


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