8 Tips to Increase SEO With Pinterest

By | November 2, 2019

Hi I’m Elora Murray and welcome to Fusion
360 Studios home of the Fusion 360 News Network. Here at our studio we love giving people tips
when it comes to SEO. So here are a couple of tips on how to increase SEO with Pinterest.
First, make sure you set your privacy settings to allow search engines to display your Pinterest
in search results. Next, verify your website. Doing this will boost visibility, engagement
and SEO.Also, place the “pin it” button on all your content on your website. This
allows you to get more milage out of your content.In addition, do your keyword research
and use keywords in all boards, descriptions and alt text.You’ll also want to pin taller
images. Compared to average-size images, taller images get more repin’s.Also, don’t just
pin your own content. Pin high-quality content that fits your target audience.Another tip
is to use hashtags sparingly, stick to three or less. Finally, use Pinterest regularly.
If you are consistently sharing unique content, your engagement levels will increase. Those
are all of our SEO tips for you today.Once again, I’m Elora Murray and thanks for joining us at the Fusion 360 News Network. Have a great day.

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