8 Fast SEO Tips for REALTORS

By | August 16, 2019

Do you want to hit the first page of a Google as a real estate agent. Do you think it’s possible. Stick around in this video I’m going
to show you a few quick tips in order to increase your chances of hitting that first page of Google. My name is Michael Montgomery with Rev real estate school and today we are talking about local FCO so search engine optimization locally. This is different from say like the national or global scale of FCO because what you are after as a real
estate agent is a small area you’re after an area so this is local FCO. Let’s jump into a few quick tips in order to help you rise to the first page of Google. Number one and this might seem obvious but if you do not have a Google my business account you need to get one right now. This is how Google will analyze you. And this is how they’re going
to showcase you to the world. They’ve actually been some studies
recently where people are less they’re not actually going to the Web site as
much as for locals class know as much as
they’re just landing on Google and they’re seeing your information
if that information is not congruent or not lined up or you do not have a profile to
showcase. Chances are Google will not put you towards the top of their search engine. So get a Google my business account. Simple easy and make sure that it is in line with what it says on your Web site. So this jumps into the next step. Citations citations are basically other Web sites that mention your Web site within your local area that have your name your address and your phone number. Knapp you could think of it like
Knapp. So it’s the name address and phone number is exactly the same as it sits on google my business. So what this is telling Google if
you have more of these citations and high quality citations it’s telling Google that you’re a
player in this local community. So with more of them. And the trick also being that it has
to line up exactly with what it is on Google my
business. You will start to rise next is on page SEO and keywords you need your website to be optimized for what it is that you’re
telling Google that you want to rank for. So there’s two things that you
really need to take into consideration when you’re
trying to rank for something. You need to take into consideration
the search engine and you also to take into
consideration the user you need the user experience to be really good so that people
come back and they stay on your Web site
for a longer period of time. Google Google tracks that but you also need to tell Google and tell the search engine how you
want to be ranked. And that’s where keyword research
comes in. So doing a lot of keyword research and what I would recommend
here a little pro tip is to avoid these generic keywords like your city and real estate that is hard to rank for. For what we call long tail keywords so adding more words in there. So you go your community or your city real estate and then geographic neighborhood or condos within a certain neighborhood. So what you’re doing is yes your
buyer pool is going from here or your viewer pool is going from
here to here. But there are isolated and they are looking for something
in particular you will see that what we do is we try to rank for our city Calgary and realtors. The reason being is people that are searching this have the search intent of trying to find a realtor. So instead of us trying to compete with that Calgary Real Estate Market or Calgary Real estate listings. Those are hard in that market to
compete with. We compete with Calgary realtors there’s lower search volume than Calgary listings. However the people that are landing on that are landing on that because they want to find a realtor. So with Google what you do want to shoot for is landing and what they call the Google Local pack. Google Local pack. What that is are usually three
listings when you type in a business that
Google will naturally show. What you will find on that is those listings will have Google my
business and they will have citations they
will be optimized for the keywords but they’ll have one other important
thing. That is reviews we know how important reviews are we know how challenging they are to get in the description below you will see exactly how I ask for reviews and what you can do is there’s a link below as well that you will take you to something that you
can send to clients and it will open up a reviews page
for them. Therefore you don’t necessarily have
to tell them how to go in and find Google my reviews and that sort of thing it’s just a
link they click on that link it goes right to your google my
business account with a spot open for them to provide you with a review you need to make it simple for your clients and for your past clients and your future clients everybody should review you and then as you get more reviews. And of course they have to be good
reviews. Then you’re telling Google look this is again a player. This is somebody who is doing good work. Therefore Google says I would like to put you out there for other
people to then enjoy your service as well. That is what it’s doing. The final stage of this is having links and then I would also put in social
media as a bonus. So links are other local businesses that link to your
business just like citations. It’s telling Google that you are a
local business and this is the service that you
offer. And these people trust you. Therefore Google trusts you. And then the reviews are also there. So what we’re doing in working our way up is we’re looking for trust. So we need to build links and we need to do so in an organic
way. Google doesn’t actually allow you to
go and buy them nor should you. But if you’re creating relationships with people within your community
that’s how great way where you can link
back to each other. And it helps both of your
businesses climb in Google. The bonus is social media. So if you don’t have your social
media accounts dialed in. Do that for the sake of SDL not because they will rank not because they could rank but not for that purpose. What you’re doing when you have
these social media accounts from an ACL perspective is you are telling the search
engines that you are a true business with the fake news and with the fake Web sites that are
out there. If you have very few social media accounts or you’re not as active on them. It can send a message to Google that
you might not be as in tune with what’s going on. So use your social media accounts
have them because they are messages to Google that you are a true
business and you’re not just some. Fly by night Web site or fake news website that has popped out of nowhere. So those are your tips for local seo as a real estate agent. Follow those and you will see yourself climb into
that local park on Google before you know it. Let me know in the comments below
how you have found Seo Do you do what
you SEO as a real estate agent. Let me know and if you found value in this
please consider subscribing. Thanks very much. We’ll see you on the next video.

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