7 Tips for Improving Your Local SEO

By | September 3, 2019

Hey y’all. welcome to another WordPress
Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton and today’s topic
is all about local SEO. If you’re familiar with our channel, you
know that every single Wednesday we’re releasing some sort of video like this,
that’s gonna help you with your online marketing and we focus on the
world of WordPress. So, today I’m gonna give you 7 tips to
help you (actually today) go to your website and improve certain specific key
elements that Google, and Yahoo and Bing are looking for, in order to help
you outrank your competition. 7 specific things and stick around until
the end of the video; because, I’m gonna give you a link to a PDF file where you
can download a full complete check list of a lot of stuff that you can check off
your website and be sure that those key things are in place, so that you
are outranking your competition. What’s the very first thing you need to be
doing in order to make sure that Google loves your website and to improve your
ranking for Search Engine Optimization? Believe it or not, the very first thing I’m
gonna suggest to you is responsive design. So that, when someone comes to your
website on a cell phone they’re able to see everything clearly
without any zooming options. Your menu is very clear for them to be
able to open and close easily. So, responsive design is going to be
an absolute must-have when it comes to your local SEO. One of the easiest way for you to check
and see obviously, is just to get on your phone
and look up your website and if you don’t have to zoom in,
then you’re probably responsive. Another easy way is to do a
Google Mobile-Friendly Test. I’ll put the link to this in the
description box below. Or you can simply Google
Mobile-Friendly Test. You’ll be able to just come here and type
in your web address and it will do a quick analysis of your website
and tell you whether or not you pass. If your website is in fact mobile friendly
or if it is not. Awesome, WebTegrity’s is mobile friendly. It will give you a cool little screenshot of how
it looks. So, again, I’ll put the link to that one in
the description box below. That’s #1! Ready for this? Alright, #2 The next thing you need to be doing, and
this is a huge one. This is one that you could go today and
make a change and it could ultimately make a ranking difference,
today, right now. Your page title must include your city
location. So, if you have store that people come to
or if you have a service that is location centric. Meaning, that if you are a roofing
company and you only service your city. You only provide roofs to residential and
commercial people in your city, then you are location driven. Your city location must be included with
that key term that you’re going after. So, if you’re a roofer and you’re going
after “roofing services” or “new roof”, then you want to have your city right
in front of it. So, for ours, I’ll show you this. For WebTegrity, it’s “San Antonio
Web Design: WordPress Web Design” That is our page title. That is our
homepage, page title for WebTegrity’s website. So, what you want to do is definitely
have your key phrase in there. Ours is “WordPress Web Design”; but,
you also want to have your city location. Even though, our company is actually
international, it doesn’t matter. If we can dominate San Antonio because we
live in such a large city, that’s gonna be good enough for us
and so, really (initially) that’s what we’re focused on. Location driven “San Antonio”. So, you do that inside your page
titles. If you’re not sure what that is and it’s
sounding a little foreign to you, be sure to check out a plugin called
Yoast. Y-O-A-S-T and I’ve done a whole series on that. I’ll put a link to that playlist in the
description box below. Check out that plugin. It’s a free
plugin from WordPress that will help you overwrite those page titles
so that you’re sure to be able to put in your key city. It’s super important that they’re inside
your header tags and your page titles. You want to sprinkle in your location,
down that page. So, let’s say that you have multiple
locations. How do you do that? Another awesome thing that you do and
the third tip I want to give you is a unique landing page. Either per
service that you have or per location. Or perhaps even a combination of both. So, let me explain that one briefly. Obviously if you have multiple services,
what you should not do is a page that just says “services” and just bullet
point lists each thing that you have. That doesn’t give Google enough substance
to sink it’s teeth into and really want to present to people searching. What you want to do is have a major
landing page that talks about each and and every service. So, for ours we would have a major
service, specifically for “Search Engine Optimization Services”. We would have a major landing page on our
website, specifically for “WordPress Web Development”. That’s the way that works. If you have multiple locations, I’ll show
you an example here. We’ve got a company up in Canada that has
multiple locations and what they do is on their “Contact” page, they have listed
out different sales reps that rep different areas of a very vast territory
that this company sells window shades to. So, let’s say we wanna connect with
Nicole. Nicole has her own landing page. She’s
one of their sales reps. She has her own landing page that has
unique content on it. They’ve got her picture on it, with a
little bit of her bio on it. They have a unique phone number
on here, specifically for this territory (specifically for Nicole)
and they also have unique testimonies specifically to her and customers working
with her. One of the reasons why this is super
important is that you want a page on your website to have the page title
for this specific location or city that you’re working in. That you’re servicing;
but, that cannot have duplicate content. For instance, you can’t just make a
template for all your cities and then just go in and change the city name or
the phone number on each one. You have to have unique content on
each and every one of your major landing pages. I hope that makes sense. If not, get back to me on that and
we’ll talk about it. The next thing I want to talk about
(obviously) is social media. #4, you’ve gotta be using social media. Hands down if you’re not using that
you’re gonna struggle with your local outreach. So, you want to be sure that you’re active
over on FaceBook for sure, and be sure that you’re active on Instagram. It really depends on where your audience
is; but, social media is going to be a key tool in your local outreach. Google wants to see you doing it. Plus, your customers want to be able to
click on your social media icons and see that you’re active there and kind of
interact with you, first, before they fully trust you. One of the key resources you can do to
make sure that things are correct across social media is a tool called Moz Local. I’ll put a link to this in the descirption
box below. I’ll show you how to use it really quickly. If I type in our name “WebTegrity” and
I put in the zip code of our business and I say “Check My Business Listing”, It’s gonna do a quick search to find me and
see if I’m in their directory. I am in fact, in their directory. So, I’m gonna click on that link. What it’s doing right now, is it’s searching
across the board for all these different social media networks and
directory listings to see if I have a correct score inside of
all of these different social networks. So, right now I have an 88. So, there are some things I could do
to improve that. I could come here and see my incomplete
scores here and it will tell me, “Hey, over on Super Pages, you need to do this.” “Over on Yellow Pages, you need to do this.” It’s pretty cool that it will let me know that I
may have missed one completely. One I didn’t even know about. I need to go add my listing on there. So, check this out. Run your
business through this and it will help you have that consistency
across the board when it comes to your local listings. The other thing you want to be
doing while you’re doing these social media networks is reviews. So, over here on WebTegrity, you see that
we have 30 Google reviews. It is very important that you have your
customers review your company. Whether it’s here on Google Plus or on Yelp, or on Bing. You want to have those reviews happening. Even over on Facebook. That’s great too. I know that’s probably the easiest place for
people to go and review your company. #6 We’re gonna look at actually going out into
the community. This sounds pretty wild, I know. But, if you’re trying to reach your local
community, one of the best things you can do is get out into the community. Here at WebTegrity we teach
free classes for WordPress for our WordPress Meetup group. So, we’ve got all sorts of classes going
on monthly. So, we’re actually leaving our local business, (our brick and mortar) and going out into the community
and giving back and reaching that local community. Of course, the whole time we’ve got our
business cards with us We’re handing those out. We’re networking and asking people to
visit our website. All of that absolutely helps. The 7th thing I want to tell you about. #7 Is Google Analytics If you are not tracking your Google Analytics
(Right now, today) You will never know if all of this
stuff you’ve been doing is even working. Your phone might start to ring more; but,
you won’t necessarily know where those leads are coming from. Google Analytics is a free option for you
and it will tell you that your social media is working. It will tell you, “Hey, your Facebook
brought in 300 leads, this month and your Instagram only brought in 4.” Don’t be using Instagram anymore or reevaluate
how you are using Instagram. It will help you be accountable to
all the time you’re spending writing blog posts, adding fresh content,
putting new pictures and new products. It’s all gonna be important for you to
monitor and it’s inside of Google Analytics. Here is the free PDF that I promised you. It is actually from Moz Local. It is a full
check list. I’m gonna put the link to this in the
description box below, so you can go check it out. I really hope you do it. It’s super important
that you just read through each one of these things step-by-step and figure out how to improve
your website for local SEO. If you have quesitons further about this topic
(because, I now I went really quickly) Please put them in the comments
box below and I will get to them as soon as I can. I will see y’all next WordPress
Wednesday. Be sure to subscribe. Bye, y’all.

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