7 simple seo tips for beginners in food and beverage

By | September 3, 2019

in this video I’m going to give you
seven simple search engine optimization tips for beginners a search engine
optimization or SEO is the first and arguably the most important step towards
making your website accessible through internet searches and I’m not just
talking about Google here this impact searches on social platforms and with
voice assistance as well search engine optimization is a portable
use of relevant keywords that get your website a higher placement in search
rankings on various search engines social media sites and in the answers
from voice assistance like Apple Siri Amazon Alexa and Google assistance
search engines have algorithms that decide where your page and your overall
website is going to rank the algorithms are updated often and websites that have
compelling content are well maintained loaded fast and then adhere to the
latest web standards always have a better chance of being placed higher in
search results so if you’re new to the SEO game I’m going to give you seven
simple ways in which you can use organic SEO effectively to add value to your
website in the eyes of the search engines using a unique name for your business
and domain it’s probably the smartest way to start off when you’re trying to
make sure that you’re going to show up in the search results the name you come
up with should also reflect the kind of products and services that you offer
it’s an added advantage if your business and website name is catchy and easy to
remember your websites home page and other category pages should have Rich
Snippets to ensure that people are introduced to featured products services
or any other useful information that you might have on your website but Gaea
what’s the rich snippet a rich snippet its programming code that can be added
to the existing HTML code on your website which in turn will allow search
engines to better understand what information is contained on each web
page on your site other pages on the website should also be well structured
to help them get higher rankings in the search engines your site’s page title
should be well described and they should speak about what one can expect on the
page pages should have descriptive metadata
inside the source code on the webpage to make the keyword a user searched on jump
out within the search engine results pages so that they can be found easier
meta page descriptions rarely impact where your page ranks in a search but
the description or part of it may be used by a third-party website to
describe the page on your site so the Meta Description should be truthful
descriptive and compelling it can have an impact on whether a person clicks on
the search results to go to your page because people are more likely to click
on a description that contains the keyword that they searched on number four website pages should be
linked very efficiently to each other within your website and with trustworthy
and authoritative pages outside your website to gain link popularity in the
search engines that’s kind of important links from between pages on your website
tell the search engines which pages you think are important on your site links
from other sites to your site tell the search engines that others think that
your website’s important ok now I get that my next suggestion can arguably go
both ways but here it goes anyway I recommend that your website focus on
minimizing graphic elements without compromising on the overall look and
appeal of your website this means keeping images to a minimum and text to
a maximum whenever it’s possible but Gio we like pretty pictures right good for
you but pretty pictures make your website load slowly and at least for now
search engines really don’t have any real clue about what your pictures have
in them search engines like text and we’re talking about search engines right
now not about you we’ll talk about you in another video it’s also helpful to dovetail your
social media marketing techniques with organic search techniques the combined
effect of this with internet marketing plan that is thorough can do wonders for
the website when it’s executed well as I continue to release more videos we’re
gonna get deep into social media optimization techniques as well and I’ll
talk to you about how those dovetail but just keep that in the back of your mind and lastly there’s cookie tracking pixel
tracking the robots.txt file wc3 code compliance spiral rather than
synchronizations autonomous ranking systems query streams database content
management systems and many more nerdy terms and phrases which are advanced
aspects that should be taken into consideration when optimizing website
for searches when you use write and optimized correctly these also go a long
way to help generating a strong online presence for your website now most of
the things that I mentioned here are handled by website designers developers
and search engine optimisation professionals that you can or hopefully
that you already have hired to manage your website functions from end to end
this is just a quick list of getting started items that you need to be aware
of and looking at on your website it’s no different than making sure that you
have fresh oil in your car that you’re changing out the filters you’re checking
your wiper blades and you’ve got good tires it’s that kind of stuff you don’t
just build a website and forget about it your competitors are working hard to
take market share away from you and the worst thing that you can do for
yourself is to not even put up a fight so please look at and make sure that
you’re tending to these basic SEO maintenance items on your website once
you have a handle on these and not a second sooner then we can talk about how
you can be the one who’s taking market share away from your competitors and
believe me it is much better to be the hunter and not the prey so if you like this video you should
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