7 Fresh SEO Hacks That You Need To Try

By | February 14, 2020

Today, we’re going to talk about seven
fresh SEO hacks for 2020 and beyond. It’s a complicated world nowadays. Google is getting tougher and tougher. And Google actually recently, I remember
they changed the search results. Now it’s virtually impossible for
the naked eye to be able to tell the difference between an ad
versus a organic result. There’s favicons and like there’s like a
little ad text, so it’s really hard to see what’s different if you’re not really well
versed with kind of what Google is, what are some hacks to help you get
around kind of where Google is going? Cause the problem now is zero click
searches are actually above the majority of searches, right? So what that basically means is when you
land on a search result page, the majority of people are not going to click. They’re going to see the result right
there and just going to move on. So a lot of people are losing
traffic to their websites. So the first thing you can do to
combat that is, focused on on-serp SEO. Meaning if you have the rank zero results,
you have a featured snippet inside of the featured snippet. You can basically put in your brand. So like maybe you might search how to tie
a tie and it is in the rank zero search. Basically for that one you can say, okay,
you know, here’s step one, here’s step two, step three, visit how to tie
ties.com to learn more about it, whatever. Right? You’re basically branding yourself inside
of the search so people know what your brand is and they might come back to you
in the future cause that’s one of the – it’s not the best thing that you can
do, ideally you want that traffic coming to your site. Like you should tell them to visit, you can put a call to action, but you
should brand yourself at the very least that way on the, on the search result
page, you’re doing some SEO there to help you out. The other thing I’ll say that’s related to
the, kind of on the search result page or the SERP, I’m just going to call
it that, the SERP from now on. On the SERP, you can do FAQ snippets,
so FAQ` snippets, FAQ snippets. A good example of this might
be, you might search for. What is spaghetti or something like that. And then usually Google would give you,
you know, four additional boxes for quite similar questions that people have asked. You’re basically adding more content to
that page and you actually get a higher click through rate if you can do that. So you can just Google FAQ schema. And Matthew Woodward actually
has a good piece on this. He actually has a plugin that you can use
to do the FAQ schema, and you can do that for free. The other thing I’ll say is title
and meta description testing. So what you can basically do is you can
use Google search console and you’re testing titles and meta descriptions. So you can let’s say. I had, you know, top groceries for 2019,
which is the year before, and I changed the title to top groceries in 2020. Obviously the second one’s gonna get
a much higher click through rate. So that’s the idea. You write a more enticing title or
Metadescription and you get a higher click through rate, you’re going
to get more traffic, right? So you can use Google
search console to do that. Or we have a tool, uh,
you can use a click flow. You can just go to www.click flow.com and
learn more about how it can organize it for you. The other thing I’ll say is you want
to pay attention to your top content. Because what’s going to happen over time
is your top contents is actually going to lose traffic, so that’s
known as decaying content. If you look at your analytics, you look at
your Google search console, if one of your top pieces is losing, let’s say it’s
getting 100,000 visits a month and it drops to 20,000 so you’ve lost 80% of the
traffic, but a lot of people, they don’t actively monitor. The decay is going on. So we actually have a free
tool that you can use for this. You can go to click flow.com/content-decay
, or you can just monitor it yourself for free. It doesn’t matter what we do. Again, that’s a free tool that we have. So check it out if you want. The other thing I want to talk
about is going omni channel. Think about all the efforts that
you’re putting into SEO right now. A lot of back in the day, people would
just put everything into one basket. SEOs would and I’d see
their businesses burn. because you know, an algorithm shift might
happen and then these people would, would go from living in the penthouse to the
outhouse because they put everything into that. You want to make sure that you diversify
your efforts on nowadays, because it’s such a, all the attention
is being split nowadays. It’s not just Google, it’s
not just Facebook anymore. But it could be Pinterest. It could be Instagram, it could be
tik tok, it could be podcast, right? So think about how you can diversify. Sure. You can start with your blog
first, but then think about, okay. How can I parlay that content made me
make it into an ebook where I’m driving traffic, getting more opt ins for the
ebook, and then I’m collecting email lists and then driving more sales through email. You want to think about how you can
continue to expand your empire and not just stop at SEO because you don’t want
to be a one trick pony in today’s world because it’s very dangerous to do that. Now. The other thing I want to talk
about is product led growth. A good example of this is when Neil
Patel, my my podcast cohost, he acquired Ubersuggest bought it
for about $250,000 or so. It was a pretty decent tool. Well, he made it into a much better tool
and he’s given away most of it for free. You can do keyword research on it. You can do a lot on on that tool, but the
amazing thing is the brand, the brand is very strong for that tool. And then for such a strong free tool,
he’s getting a lot of links for it too. So he led with the product
and gave it away for free. And then now it’s getting a lot of links. A lot of people are
basically talking about it. so it’s good for branding as well. So Google still looks at brand. Like Eric Schmidt has also said in the
past, you know, the internet is basically, it’s a cess pool right now. So what you want to do is it’s eventually
the brands that race to the top. So you want to focus
on building that brand. and so that’s what Neil
did with Uber suggest. So product led growth. How can you make a product or a calculator
or a widget and make it stand out in your industry? And then from there. You’re going to collect more links, and
it’s a lot easier than saying, I’m going to reach out to people and to a lot of
people and, and do links editing your content to you and adding keywords
to it, upgrading your content. You gotta be doing that over time too. And that’s how you
combat the content decay. So we actually have a content editor,
again, inside of click flow, if you want to check that out, basically what you can
do using a tool, or you can even just do keyword research, but say, Hey. You should be adding, you know, maybe
these 10 keywords to your content. It’s very relevant and you just click on,
you can just add those keywords to the piece and then, you know, push it directly
to your website, and that’s going to help you grow your traffic, for longterm. So you want to have an entire suite. Nowadays, when you think about, when you
think about SEO, sure, you can do other things like review. You can do other things
like schema markup. I would also recommend,
translating your content as well. So now I know I’ve gone over seven hacks. Just making sure that you have a good, you
know, internal link structure too, people forget about breadcrumbs,
things like that. Like the SEO basics. You want to get that right? All right, so that is it for today. Let me know what hacks you think
I missed in the comments below. And don’t forget on YouTube, check
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4 thoughts on “7 Fresh SEO Hacks That You Need To Try

  1. Jaya Vishwakarma Post author

    Does updating content very often around 2 times a week if it's needed, will there be any kind of traffic or SEO issues?
    I hope you got my question

  2. Xadmagus Post author

    Okay but how do you update/edit video content?!? I can understand one can update/edit a blog post, but… a youtube video?

  3. Stefanie Taylor Post author

    Thanks Eric for some great new hacks. I knew Google would do that thing with hiding the Ads more and more as it's been on the cards for a while, but at least you have given us some ways around it. 🙂


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