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By | August 9, 2019

– You’re just starting out. You can’t afford paid advertising. SEO takes too long. What should you do? Hey, everyone. I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to share
with you seven advanced tactics that will get you free
traffic that converts. (gentle music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel, and if you’re on YouTube, also click on the alert notification. That way, when I go live
and release more content, you’ll get notified. The first strategy I have
for you is to post on Medium. You’re probably wondering, Medium, how is this advanced strategy? Well, let me break down a few things. First of all, Google doesn’t
penalize for duplicate content. So whatever you post on your site, you can post on other sites as well. But what I want you to do is not just take your whole
article and post it on Medium, I want you to post the first four, five paragraphs on Medium, have them, then Click to continue reading link, and that link goes back over to your site, and then when they land on your site, I want you to have a popup or a content upgrade which collects their email address. That way, when you
release more new content, you can send out a email to those people. They’ll continually keep
coming back to your site and that’ll help build
up your free traffic. But the key isn’t just to post
the whole article on Medium. It’s to post the first few paragraphs and get them to keep
coming back to your site. Without that, what you’ll find is you won’t get those email addresses, which then will make it hard to then get people back to your site or continue to get traffic. Now Medium, on the other hand, the reason I want you to post on Medium is even if you don’t have a big
following posting on Medium, it spreads throughout the
whole Medium community so you can pick up
visitors from their site, and because you have a Click to continue, assuming your article is amazing, you’ll get a lot of traffic to your site, and because you’re also collecting emails, you’ll notice that you can
keep getting traffic back as you publish more and more content. The second strategy I have for you is post full articles on LinkedIn. And, again, you’re probably thinking, Hey, posting full articles on LinkedIn? What’s the purpose of that? Well, we found that on LinkedIn, if you only post a few paragraphs, kind of like the strategy
that I told you on Medium, and tell people to go back to your site, it’s not as effective. It used to be years ago, but now people want to stay on LinkedIn and all these social sites
like Facebook, LinkedIn. They want to keep people on
their own social platforms. So what we tend to do now, and this works extremely well on LinkedIn, you post the whole article on LinkedIn, and then you create a cheat sheet. So the cheat sheet could be
seven ways to do x, y, and z, or here’s a, I don’t know, a cheat sheet that breaks down these
tactics in a visual way. Think of whatever you
can do in a visual way that makes it easier for people
to understand the content that you just published on LinkedIn and tell people at the end of the article that Hey, if you want the cheat sheet or if you want a step-by-step instructions on leveraging this, click here, and each of those tactics tips
will go back to your article. But we found that it
only works extremely well if you post visual content. So, if you’re giving tips
in your article on LinkedIn like seven ways to boost your traffic, and you end up breaking on tactic one, here’s how to use Pinterest search. If you then have a visual infographic and you’re linking to that
and it’s back on your site, it’s a great way to get
people back to your site because you can let them know on LinkedIn, and people will click too for that because they love visual ways that give them step-by-step instructions versus having to read just plain text. But, again, if you just use LinkedIn and post a few paragraphs to get them to go back to your site, it’s not as effective as it is with Medium because LinkedIn wants more
people to stay on their site. Medium may change out in
the future, but for now, with Medium you can do just
a handful of paragraphs and then get people to
go back to your site. The third tactic I have
for you to get free traffic is to be a guest on
other people’s podcast. Now, you probably are
like Hey, I’m a nobody, no one is going to have
me on their podcast. That’s wrong. You are someone. You know something that
other people don’t. You’re skilled at at least one thing. If you don’t believe me, ask
one of your closest friends. They’ll tell you what
your best skillset is. But I don’t want you to just hit people up and say Can I be a guest on your podcast? That doesn’t work too well. What I want you to do is hit people up and just get a quick quote for them, and this quote would be for article that you’re writing, a blog post. Let’s say you’re writing a blog post on dog food and this expert knows all
about nutrition for animals. Getting a quote saying Hey,
can I quote you in an article? I’ll link out to you. People will be like Yeah, sure. I want you to start doing that with people who are not only experts but
are experts that have podcasts. When you do that, you’ll notice that when you
get a handful of experts, they’ll notice on your site they’ll be featured with other experts, and then when you email them
being like Hey, so and so, just featured you on this article, you know, I put the quote
that you just gave me, feel free and share, a lot of them will end
up sharing your content. And then what I want you to do is go back to some of those
people a month or two later and ask them if you can be
featured on their podcast where you want to share
something that’s insightful. Someone will say no, someone
will say yes, and that’s okay. Or another simple thing you can do is you can just ask them to talk about your content on their podcast. So if you have some interesting data, if you have some interesting stats, that’s another way to
get on their podcast. They can reference it. They will send you more traffic for free. The other thing that I like doing too is when I’m leveraging
all these influencers quoting on one of my articles, even if I don’t get
featured on their podcast, I’ll end up hitting other people up who have podcast in the space and be like Yeah, I worked with so and so, look, they’re featured on my site here, I love what you’re doing, love to talk about certain
things that we’ve been doing in the industry and
discuss it on your podcast. And people would be much more receptive because they’ll see the other
influencers are on your site and they’re also sharing your content. The fourth strategy I have for you, and it’s a little bit
similar to the last one but it has a bit of a different twist, it’s expert roundups. I used to get so many
of these back in the day and I used to do it to
other people as well, and then people started doing it to me. And the cool part about expert
roundups is it doesn’t matter if you have one visitor
or a thousand visitors, when you do an expert roundup and you end up asking people
for input on one tactic, let’s say I did the expert roundup with all these other marketers and I say share your
number one Instagram hack. And they all list them out. They’re all willing to
share the content after, they’re all willing to push it, they’re all willing to publish it, they’re all willing to link to it, maybe not all, but a portion, and you’ll find that your
traffic just skyrockets. But here’s what’s interesting. Another twist to expert roundups is after you start doing
a few expert roundups, what I love doing is
creating ultimate list, the top 100 nutrition blogs,
the top 100 marketing blogs, whatever is in your space, and then create badges. You can go to Fiverr, pay
someone to create a badge like top 100 marketing
blog by x, y, and z. And you’ll also find that
people will start showcasing these on their site and
they’ll leave a link to you. This is much more effective when you do the expert roundups first because when you do the
expert roundups first, you’re already building rapport with some of these influential people who have popular blogs. So then when you do a
list of all the top blogs, you already have a relationship with them. They’re much more likely
to share the articles, put a badge on their site, drive traffic from their site back to yours on a consistent basis. The fifth strategy I like using is leveraging contests or giveaways. But the key isn’t just to do a giveaway and be like Hey, I’m
giving away these items, click here to apply, share
it on the social web. That doesn’t work as much versus when you get people to do certain things. For example, in contests and giveaways, you can do a point based system. So you can do you get five points for sharing this on Twitter, another five for sharing this on Facebook, another five entries or points for sharing this on Instagram, you get 20 points though
if you blog about it, and people can get all these
points by doing these things. You can even give them referral links and be like for every person that signs up to your referral link, you’ll also get five
extra entries or points. So by making it viral, that’s when contests and giveaways work. If you just do simple stuff like Like and Share This and Comment, doesn’t work as well. You need a point based system in which the more they do,
the more people they refer, the more entries they get,
and it’s just ever expanding. And then whoever randomly, right, you can do it with five people, 10 people, whatever it may be, just at random, whoever wins, they get x, y, and z prizes or services or whatever it may be. But the key is if you want the
most amount of free traffic, it has to be done in a way where the more they promote, the more people they get to sign up for these contests and giveaways, the more entries they receive. Another strategy I love using
is OnePress Social Locker. This is a plugin. Especially if you’re on
WordPress, you got to use it. What this does is you can lock
certain things on your site and people have to share the content to get access to content
upgrades or more content. You can make it pretty flexible. But the thing I love about this strategy is if someone’s already
reading our article and they’re 3/4 down and you’re
blocking certain things off and if they want to get that,
they got to share your content, or you have a ebook, they
got to share to get it. That’s a great tactic. A lot of people are like
Let me get a name and email. Well, most of the time when
you send out a email to people, it just goes into their Spam
folder or the other inbox. But, getting them to share
your content right away to get access to this bonus material, that’s a great strategy
to generate more traffic. And it’s consistent and it’s instant. And yeah, you’ll find that
a lot of people that share your content don’t have a
lot of Twitter followers, but when you get that volume of them sharing on Twitter or Facebook, a small portion will have a good following and they’ll add up and it’ll
create a snowball effect where more and more people
continually see your content. Last but not least, I want
you to repurpose your content through live video. You’re probably thinking, How am I going to get
traffic from live video? When someone’s watching a video, they’re more engaged than any other time. So if you take your text-based content, you take your content,
you’re releasing on podcast, if you’re not even doing any of those but you’re seeing content topics that are really popular out
there that you want to discuss and you create live videos,
and here’s the beautiful part: You can go live on Facebook,
YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, even LinkedIn all at the same time. So when you start going
live on all of these sites and you’re discussing different
tactics and strategies, and you tell people, Oh, if you want this, go to this url.com or
go to my site for this, or go to this site for that, people will start going
over to these sites. Not only can you get traffic but you can also pitch people on your products, your services, and you’ll also generate sales. It’s one of my favorite strategies because, again, you may not produce the highest amount of
traffic from this strategy, but the people who go through, they’re much more likely to convert because they’re super engaged than someone who just
reads it, tweet, and clicks versus somebody who’s watching
a seven-minute live video and then going and
heading over to your site. So, those are the
strategies that I love using to get free traffic. If you need more help
growing your traffic, check out my ad agency Neil Patel Digital. Thank you for watching. Make sure you share this video. Like it, subscribe to the channel. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll answer it.

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