7 Advanced Link Building Tactics That Skyrocket Rankings

By | November 2, 2019

– I’ve talked about link
building for many years. You all know that if you
want to rank on Google, you need to build links. But link building is hard, and everyone is already doing the same generic tactics like let
me post on your site, hey, I notice you linked
to my competitors, can you also link to me? A lot of that stuff doesn’t
work that well anymore, but you still need links,
what should you do? Well, you can’t buy them. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel. And today I’m going to share seven advanced link building tactics that’ll skyrocket your rankings. (soft music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel. And if you’re on YouTube,
click that alert notification, that way when I go live,
you’ll also get notified. The first tip I have for you
is run an industry survey. Contact people in your industry, CEOs, executives, thought leaders. Tell them you’re running a survey about a hot topic in your industry. Ask them the questions. Then from there, compile the results. Send them your findings and
ask them what they think. Now I want you to produce
really pretty graphs. You can go to places like Fiverr if you want to pay someone five bucks to produce the graphs for you, or you can just use tools like Canva or Infogram to produce the graphs. And then by uploading it, you’ll have this beautiful piece all with data from industry experts that a lot of people haven’t leveraged. And then when you release that, it should go viral because those people will be willing to share it and a lot of people will be willing to link back to it as well. Now when I do this, I go above and beyond. I don’t just interview these CEOs. I’ll do this for industry trends, like the state of digital marketing or the state of the internet or the state of the healthcare industry. When it’s around a big topic, you’ll find that when you
have these executives, more people are likely to read
it, share it, and link to it. The second tip I have for you, host a live event or a virtual summit. So pick a really cool and specific topic theme for your event. If you don’t have a niche, you’ll find that it won’t work well. Now you want to package it in a way that it makes it really interesting for people to attend. Offer PDF, action guides, templates, swipe files, transcripts, cheat sheets, all the stuff that people want to have. Give people the ability to ask their questions to the guests. Make sure you’re getting collaboration of speakers within the industry. Everyone should promote the event ‘because it helps them with publicity, and then within their speech they can also talk about
their product and service which then helps them generate
sales and revenue as well. And make sure you decide
on a format, right? Is it crash courses, interview, slideshow, presentations? Will it be Q and A? All this matters ‘because then you can let people know ahead of time. Now before you host your event, you want to start building relationships with influencers and
guests as I mentioned, comment on their social media profiles, subscribe to their email list, ask them to promote the event, have them speak. You should promote their speaking spot which helps them reach
out to all these people. And what you’ll find is when
you get a lot of influencers, they’ll promote it from their website which means they’ll link to it, they’ll tweet about, they’ll showcase it. And the more people you get to email, the more of audience you’ll
have attend the event. And where you build the
most amount of links is having a page dedicated
with all the recordings, the cheat sheets, PDFs, courses. All that stuff that people can download, make a really cool pretty landing page, email all the attendees. Not only will they share it, you’ll find that a lot
of them will link to it, and it’s a great way to build links. People are like oh my God, not only was the information great, they gave me cheat sheets
and step-by-step guides on how to implement everything
each speaker told me. The third link building tip I have for you is case studies and ego bait. Have you noticed that
when you pick a case study and you create something
that’s super detailed and it breaks down how someone
can do something step by step such as a case study on how someone improved their conversion
rates or traffic, but not just like, hey,
this company increased it, and we did some SEO and content marketing and social media marketing. Like people are like,
alright, that’s cool. I don’t learn anything from this. The more detailed you get, you’ll get more enterprise
companies linking to it. It doesn’t matter if you’re B2B, B2C. What I mean enterprise, I’m
talking about larger brands, they’re the ones with the
higher domain authority. So when they link, those links count more. Now you’ll find that if you
just release one case study, you won’t get too many links, but if you do five or 10 in an industry, that’s when it starts adding up. And I wouldn’t just do case studies for companies you work with. You can do teardowns of businesses. Like I can do a case study on how Airbnb grew from a startup to a multibillion-dollar company and dominated the hotel industry. I can do a case study
on how Delta Airlines turned around their business. I can do a case study on Microsoft on how they went from struggling, technically they weren’t
really ever struggling, but how they went from being flat to just starting to
grow like a rocket ship. So when you do all these case
studies on these companies, you’ll find that other big publications will start linking to you as well. And what you want to do is when you do case studies
on these big companies, look at all the reporters that are reviewing these
companies and writing about them, whether it’s The New York
Times or Business Insider. Reach out to all of them and reach out to specific reporters who are covering the topic, showcase the case studies, that way in the future
they can link to them. And that’s the easy simple way, but again it has to be
super detailed and thorough. The fourth tactic is leveraging maps. Maps are the new infographics. Glen Allsopp figured this out. People love to see how stuff is distributed throughout the world. A good example of this is there’s maps that show all the shipping containers that are in the ocean at the same time. Another example to figure out
how much people love maps is go to Google and search
intitle this map shows. There’s over 46,000 results. And there’s a lot of cool stuff that breaks down things like what powers the world, that breaks down gas and electricity, all the mines in the world. There’s so many different maps. People love linking to them
because they constantly change. Spend time promoting this kind of content, and if you can create
interactive maps on your site, you’ll do really well. New York Times once released
a map in the United States that shows where the one percentile live, and it breaks down in every single state how much you need to earn
to be in the one percentile. When you do stuff like that and put it on an interactive map, you’ll find that you
can get a ton of links. And that’s the new infographics. Infographics have been
out for a long time. People already know how to
read stuff in a visual way. It’s like, alright,
cool, that’s been done. But not too many people are creating maps that can be interactive. The fifth strategy is leveraging
the Moving Man method, and this tactic is by Brian Dean. You hear about a website in your industry, they have a ton of backlinks,
they’re rebranding, they’re migrating to a new domain name. Do a backlink analysis on their website. Find its most linked content pieces and create a better or
equivalent version of them. By the time your competitor
migrates to a new domain, hit up everyone who’s still
linking to the old outdated URL and let them know these
pages no longer exist. Tell them that you have a piece
that’s equivalent or better and suggest that they link back to you. It’s a great simple way to get backlinks. The sixth strategy, do a podcast tour. Search for podcasts that have had guests in the same industry as you. And if you’re like a
life coach for example, google podcast interviews
for Tony Robbins. If you’re a marketer,
google podcast interviews for people like Rand
Fishkin or Neil Patel. You’ll find a lot of
podcasts that host interviews with these people who serve
the same audience as you. Hit them up and offer to do an
interview on a specific topic that could be valuable to their audience. In this interview, offer a free resource that’s hosted on your website. All these podcasts, what they’ll end up doing is linking to that free resource in their show notes. And when you do a podcast tour, and you hit up 15, 20,
30 of these podcasters, and you get on a handful of them, all of them will link
back to your website. The seventh advanced way is to find unlinked
mentions of your brand. People who already mention
your brand, your name are likely to link to your website. Monitor your brand through Google Alerts, BuzzSumo, and SEMrush. Actively search for them on Google. Just use quotation marks in the search if your brand has more than one word. When you do this, you’ll see
everyone who’s mentioned you. A lot of those people won’t
be linking out to you. Reach out to them. Ask them to link out to you. Heck, if they link out
to you in a brand mention and you think that it’d be more relevant if they include a keyword, pitch them on it. You’ll find not only
that you’ll get a link, but you’ll get a link
with a richer anchor text which will help boost your rankings. So if you need help
with your link building, check out my ad agency,
Neil Patel Digital. Thank you for watching. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I’ll answer it. And of course like, share the video, tell other people about it.

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